RHOA Star, Porsha Stewart, Will No Longer Be A ‘Wife’, Kordell Stewart Files For Divorce


Looks like the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the blogs really got under their skin. Just a few weeks ago, Kordell Stewart was accused of being too controlling, and while Porsha continued to defend her husband and their marriage by saying, It’s okay to be submissive to your husband, there must have been some underlying tension because now, the former Pittsburgh Steeler has filed for divorce.

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According to TMZ, and the Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia, the 40-year-old NFL alum filed for divorce on March 22.

Stewart and Williams were married on May 21, 2011, they have no children together. Stewart has a son from a previous relationship.

Porsha wanted to have kids AND a career in charity work … but Kordell told her she had to choose.

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  1. Niecey:

    Wow…..he wasn't trying to make it work. If she didn't do as he wanted it is done. I'm sure watching herself on TV saw what everyone else saw…..run girl! Skip to court (no prenup)

  2. Sincerelyalana:

    This is a blessing for her and I hope she sees it. He was always trying to father her rather than be her loving and supportive husband. But she was supposed to be his loving and supportive wife? Their relationship bothered me for many reasons.

  3. Keith knicks:

    Well I am happy because THE DIVORCE has finalized her spot for Another season on Rhoa.

    Great PR stunt because everyone know she was going to get replaced like Marlo_n. Now she can really celebrate.
    She’s happy trust me any girl that started out as a vixen to international housewife could give two fuckerys about a divorce.

    Porsha can finally go to her living room & jump on her couch & turn up Beyoncé I been on…

  4. Teresa:

    That’s what happens when you go on reality tv bragging about your perfect life. He was controlling anyway, maybe now she can develop a mind of her own. Hope it all works out for her

  5. BoneQisha:

    Good..Now Kordell can be with his side-balls. I guess he was tired of that coochie crack. after all she wanted to do too much you now, like WORK have some kinda career.

  6. Amber:

    I'm normally not happy to hear about a couple breaking up, but I'm happy for Porsha. Hopefully she'll find some who treats her as their equal, unlike Kontrolling Kordell.

  7. jayde:

    Well… I really think that he should be more supportive than anything. If she wants to be Super Mom ( new mom and starting a career at the same damn time) …. ITS OK! Plus, her husband's opinion cant be the answer to everything

  8. Willie Nillie:

    He’s a CORN, she will be better off without him.

  9. Dinasty:

    Shut the front door! I didn't see this coming. I was waiting for a big blowout with everyone else on the reunion, and thought these two would stick thick as thieves.

    Judging by what's supposed to happen on the finale next week, Kordell is in the middle of some bullshit. Folks are getting thrown out. Drama ensues. Maybe this lead up to that. Maybe they've been split apart, but he couldn't file for the sake of the show airing. Now that everything's out the bag…

    I do feel bad for Porsha cause I can tell that she really loved him, and she really did try to be everything to and for him. She lost herself along the way.

  10. candigal88:

    They didn’t even seem compatible. They didn’t look like they would even like each other. I think she just married him for money & to be an Atlanta socialite. Why doesnt she get a younger more attractive man. Like my mom said beside Apollo none the housewifes husbands or boyfriend are even that cute.

  11. sia:

    It’s like Nene said: marriages are meant to compliment & enhance. It’s so, so true. With Porsha & Kordell it was definitely a one sided power struggle. Hopefully she can finally find the love she needs in her life. Maybe someone a lil younger as well?

  12. britchick91:

    While I hate to hear about couples divorcing .This couple did not mesh well at all

  13. Seats:

    Welp the minute I heard the submissive let your man rule talk I knew they weren't happy. Little did I know here comes divorce. I wish her the best and hopes she learns to love herself FIRST and completely before anyone else.

  14. ohthatcamille:

    Who didn’t see this divorce coming?

  15. Felicia:

    I think Porsha is a beautiful woman and will find the man of her drems but that soon to be ex-husband of hers, Juicy J Sr needs counseling on the difference between wife and mom.

  16. Felicia:

    I think Porsha is a beautiful woman and will find the man of her dreams but that soon to be ex-husband of hers, Juicy J Sr needs counseling on the difference between wife and mom.

  17. @_CheAmor_:

    He wanted a trophy wife, that was obvious to everyone, but, her.

  18. @_CheAmor_:

    She'll be divorced and remarried before Kenya.

  19. elle:

    Lol, I thought the same thing.

  20. kwan:

    CTFU… true but I'm actually starting to like Kenya the girl def. is business savy, and I do see this as a bit of Karma for Porsha even in the intro she claims to have a picture perfect life hmmm…

  21. kwan:

    Thank God it's kinda sad but I'm happy for Porsha as dimwitted as she is if she feels she can have a career,whatever career she feels she has, and take care of the kids he should have supported her. Hell his baby momma(s) do it that let us know he just wanted someone to control and be arm candy not a wife.

    So good for her this def. secures her spot for next season, she should throw a divorce party and just go buck wild!!!!

  22. Madame:

    I guess he 'let her' go, for real. :oT

  23. kwan:

    lol speaking of Kordell….Does anybody else listen to the Steve Harvey morning show and have ya'll heard the impression he does of Kordell, laaaawd I be rolling!!!!!

  24. WellDamn24:

    WTF? Divorced over charity work? Is she nuts?! Let me go find that man!

  25. WellDamn24:

    Man I will be his trophy! I have no patience for flagrant stupidity. It's not actually about the money, but about the contract of marriage. She knew what she was walking into when she married him but now she's getting brand new because she's on TV.

  26. Miss Jia:

    Well damn! Your name fits LOL SPEAK ON IT

  27. Miss Jia:

    SHADE lmao

  28. Obe1:

    Unless you got a dick, good luck…

  29. Anne:

    "none the housewifes husbands or boyfriend are even that cute." Have you seen Todd gurl bye

  30. Kia:

    Wtf does being attractive have to do w anything. Attraction is subjective. Im sure you’re ugly af to a few ppl. They’re married to these men. Not u or your mom smh.

  31. shade4days:

    well..Walter and Cordell can be with each other now. I think this situation is a blessing though….now she can take time to find herself..know herself…love herself. Then find a supportive man. I thought it was strange how she was scared to disagree with her husband and express herself. Thats unhealthy. Good luck Porsha.

  32. kwan:

    Well she kinda was already an Atlanta socialite and had money through her name….

  33. Mishey:

    " A career in charity work"………………………….is that some kind of inside joke. Is charity a career?

  34. Mishey:

    :(…………………….I like Kenya. I feel bad for her. But I always pull for the bad guy. Unless that bad guy is my enemy.

  35. @_CheAmor_:

    I don't know. She seems…dingy. She may not have known.lol

  36. @_CheAmor_:

    The only bad guys I pull for are in comics.lol

  37. @_CheAmor_:


  38. Mishey:

    Well the bad guys in shows like Real Housewives, comics and the not so dangerous bad guys, like your Kenyas. That's what I'm talking about. The misfits and misunderstoods, I guess. People that murder, rapists, ects I don't pull for them LOL, I just thought I'd clarify myself.

  39. Mishey:

    I don't see her divorce is Karma. But Porsha is messy. And I wonder how much of that found its way into her marriage.

  40. Mishey:


  41. WellDamn24:

    Lawd…you might be right about that.

  42. des:


  43. callme72:

    Yes it’s hilarious!!!

  44. shelly knight:

    i dont think he wanted it to work. he had no prenup, he knew he was screwed so he waited untill that rhoa check came in for porsha to file divorce, so he can say she go her own money so she dont need mine. he made shore not to get her pregnant again so he dont have to pay child support (made sure of that by saying" career or baby" and " i dont think you"re ready" he set this up. poor porsha

  45. guest:

    i am a fan of Porsha and she is a beautiful energetic woman, honey life goes on after the jerks leave. Good luck sister

  46. Pam:

    Cordell is so controlling! He wants to be her husband,her father, her boss – everything but, what he should be – a loving and supportive husband. He dismisses her and that would not be good for her in the long haul. She is beautiful and has confidence still right now but, trust, she is lucky he is divorcing her now and not years down the line AFTER he's destoyed her self-confidence and self-esteem!!!!!!

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