Photo Vid: So, Did You Ever Wanna See Ocho Cinco in a Sex Tape?

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What a great way to tell Evelyn Lozada Merry Christmas!

Chad Johnson can’t seem to stay out of the doghouse. Yesterday, a video was released showing him playing horsey to a light skinned, big booty girl with tattoos and then giving a few backshots. No telling whether or not this was pre or post marriage, but either or, Evelyn won’t be pleased.

After the break, check out the NOT SAFE FOR WORK VIDEO, and post your thoughts!

Updated: Evelyn responds.

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Thanks to @IWillSayItForU

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  1. Air-rih-kah:

    Is it me or do I see other people on that mirror???

  2. Drakes Hand:

    merry christmas, Evelyn. :D

  3. Hey You!:

    Link? I’m mobile.

  4. smiley:

    umm ok… i see people in the mirror.. or am i seeing ish, but any way bwahahaha! damn he cant catch a break, this fool got more sluts than Tiger…. maybe it is pre eve

  5. Nikole:

    Oh my, yeah it look like it was some dudes in the mirror. Anything to stay relevant.

  6. Eb:

    Terrell Owens won’t be pleased

  7. Arrielle:

    He is such a stunt queen. I see the people in rhe mirror too. Had to act like a butch queen’s first time in Drag trying to get some attention.

  8. misatisha:

    yeah there are other people in that room

  9. @SoLovely2020:

    I saw em too girl! Holdin cameras. tripods n' all! I guess he's makin hood p*rn now!

  10. @SoLovely2020:

    Was anybody else looking for his most recent Eve tatt or was it just me?

  11. grimyteddy:

    this gremlin cannot catch a break…

  12. britchick91:

    lmfao at the camera crew being in the mix. Is this woman by any chance a friend of Evelyn's? Wouldn't that be something ?

  13. Kay:

    he’s a ho ho hoe!!!

  14. Carmelle:

    was it meant for us to see the ppl in the mirror?

  15. Dinasty:


  16. Power3:


  17. datjerk:

    He used to be cute to me…..USED to be.

  18. Darelynn:

    This was shot 3 years ago guys

  19. EbonyLolita:

    According to his Twitter he said that film is 3/4 years ago. Evelyn claims she's aware of the vid & the girl in it is NOT a friend of hers. Honestly I see why they're BOTH together. They are both messy & sexually all ova the place. Evelyn can't throw rocks & neither can he. If it works for them, then let em be together. Hoes need love too & their stanking asses are married & I'm not so hey *Shrugs* It works for them.

  20. kwan:

    right better for them to worry each other than for them to be a burden to a good person lol

  21. shabookie:

    its in your stomach? negro plz.

  22. Dat jerk:

    not really, but id entertain it.

  23. NotAshamed:

    I won't lie and say I wouldn't switch positions with the girl in the video. I think Chad is a attention whore but he is HOT.

  24. Winter Solstice:


  25. Winter Solstice:

    That doesn't make the situation any better. This is just sad.

  26. Winter Solstice:

    Good Point

  27. Winter Solstice:

    And so is Chlamydia

  28. Questions&Answers:

    Ocho's Player Card is now permanently revoke! Man Law # 85

  29. meezy:

    Jealous of what?

  30. boonellla:


  31. Lola:

    Dudes gay as hell….and there's nothing wrong with that .. Come OUT already Chad!

  32. Marisa:

    Exactly that lie detector bullshit was just that Jen wasn't jealous of that sham for what she knew what we all knew and it blew up just as predicted. Evilyn claimed dude cheated and whooped her ass she just didn't want Jen proven right

  33. Marisa:

    Jia you wrong for this bwhahahaha, also the fuck Evilyn need to be mad about not with all her hoe shit out for all to see, anyways the bitch fuck Tami husband and called her a non factor to her face, so this tape could have been an hour before their sham wedding and she still shouldn't say shit. I read some gossip on another board that said Evilyn already moved back in with him.

  34. boonellla:


  35. NotAshamed:

    You comedy hunh?

  36. Sofia:

    Nasty as hell, chad dick gonna fall off one day. He and ass eater out there spreading STD and you think ppl gonna drink that ass water she pushin?

  37. tweety:

    well he did say if his football thing didn't work out he'd want to do porn..*kanye shrug*

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