Ever Wanted to See Joe Budden Naked?

When I wake up the morning, the first thing that I’m usually thinking about is getting my breakfast shake together, what workout I’ll do later on, and taking my puppy out to piss.

I have never set foot out of my bed and said, Boy! It sure would be nice to see Joe Budden naked!

While perusing Sandra’s blog, that’s exactly what I got.

Joey seems to be in the news these days more for his antics on Twitter than anything else. The rapper (and his FINE ass girlfriend, Kaylin) are slated to appear on the new season of Love & Hip Hop. And that’s all I got….

You guys know that I keep shit really professional here. So I won’t post a naked pic of Joe Budden on my blog. Just know that it’s out there. Enjoy your day.

PS: Should you happen to find the picture anywhere but HERE, let me know what you think of it. Are we labeling him a grower or…..

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  1. Dana:

    dassit? oh….

  2. EliteNavi:

    Lmao po lil tink tink!!!!

  3. atiuqehc:

    A "BUD" den indeed….

  4. B:

    Awww look at the baby..

  5. Kay:

    Lmao….. pure comedy!!!!

  6. Elle:

    But…where’s the rest of it?

  7. EliteNavi:

    Lmao @ B!!! But…..the fact that he looks semi hard tho……….

  8. Nikole:

    Okay and where is the rest of it?!!

  9. Winter:

    I can’t judge him while he’s soft. The BIGGEST erect dack I’ve experienced was an embarrassingly small and chubby baby dack while soft.

  10. Whoa There:

    If this is truly him I wanna know why none of his exes destroyed his whole being by letting everyone know he’s packing a peanut. From what Esther, Somaya and Tahiry say he’s an asshole so me personally I would have pulled his card.

  11. MsMasseyifuNasty:

    Pahahahahaaaaaaaaa I for sure thought “He’s gotta big ego” like Beyonce but this? Like u said Jia maybe it grows when its erect. I mean, I sincerely hope so! O_O

  12. C...:


  13. Kina:

    Yall are some damn size queens. That does not look that small compared to other ones I have seen. That looks to be at least 7 or 8 inches when not soft.


    If he dont sit down with that little baby peter wacker…ctfu

  15. SteppdOnUrCorns:


  16. shade4days:

    Im a little disappointed. I feel like I just found out santa claus isnt real…I dunno…Im confused. I hope thats just him soft and not hard. Cus if it is hard….smh.

  17. Shae:

    Oh hes a grower all day. Which is fine with me, be big when it counts. But lets talk about his body. Damn Joe is fine. Half yall saying he small would try that in an instant!

  18. @DanayaMonroe:

    d'awww that's so unfortunate… hopefully he's a grower and not a show-er

  19. Nikki757:

    Was it cold as hell in the bathroom???????

  20. Kindra:

    I think he would be a good size when he's fully hard. I would think if he was horrible in bed that all of his exes would have said something.

  21. Vegas:


  22. MissMe:

    Joe is clearly not fully erect, I say dude is a grower… *side note* I read the headline and the first thing that popped out of my mouth was "Um, YES!"

  23. Carmelle:

    Well at least he doesn’t have an “elephants trunk”

  24. Beyanca:

    I remember watching an episode of him and Tahiry on youtube and he claimed he was going to sex her while she was sleep. Why Tahiry say its ok I won't feel anything. LMAO! All he said in response was "Tahiry" all defeated. It was from then on that I knew he wasn't packing nothing. I've had plenty of men who werent packing like Joey. I loved them so I would never talk about the size of their member. Thats what kids do.

  25. Beyanca:

    The fact that he is denying thats his dick shows that he isn't comfortable with the size and he knows its small.

  26. The voices made me do it:

    Grower. I think it gets better. Looks like a nice size to me here. I don’t want no damn baby’s leg stretching my shit out! LOL

  27. Beautydee:

    Dudes don’t take pics while flaccid ijs this explains why he’s such an ass

  28. britchick91:

    I didn't really expect it to be massive 2bh. He has a nice body though

  29. Diem:

    That is the cutest mushroom I have ever seen

  30. TheBlogTroll:

    If he was short in height and skinny in weight, his penis would look bigger… so how do breeders and gay men measure penis-to-body ratio? Ron Artest has the smallest penis of any tall man I have seen nude, but Kimsha loved it.

  31. mstld360:

    is it hard?? If it's soft he gets a pass, if not….. Uuuummm….

  32. kwan:

    lol at all of this but it's still not the worst I've seen ole dude that was in Stomp the yard… Not Colombus, yeah now that was just TRAGIC!!!

  33. J2:

    Why is the counter so filthy? Ew! ;x

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