Video: Mariah Carey Gets Emotional in ‘American Idol’ Promo

With her high maintenance reputation, a lot of folks thought Mariah Carey would be bringing the diva to American Idol; however, the latest promo seems to show the softer side of Mimi.

In the 30-second clip, we see Mariah tear up during auditions and talk about how she can relate to a lot of the contestants.

I didn’t have a show like Idol. I waitressed, I did all these other things I hear a lot of the contestants talk about doing. I always sang and I always wrote. It’s just having that ambition. You really can’t let go of your dreams.

The new season begins January 16, will you guys be tuning in?


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  1. Guest:

    That was cute. But it's still not going to make me watch this show that should have been over and done with for the past 7+ years.

  2. Guest:

    Well, minus the auditions week because the meltdowns from not getting selected and those who are vocal disasters but swear they can sang has never gotten old.

  3. Devante Allen:

    YES ! , For The Queen Of Rap , Nicki Minaj . .

  4. monroe:

    i'll watch the audtions, mainly because i wanna see mariah throw a low down little shade and try to play "america's sweetheart" at the same time…i always said it should have been mariah, simon, and maybe randy (just cuz he already been there) but really LA Reid. real credible people judging. i dont mind nicki most of the time but i can already see she may be a one season judge, theyre clearly gonna give mariah the favorable edit. they just cant let nicki go now because its too late and plus she does have a large enough fan base (even if theyre mostly 13 years old)

  5. Jeru:

    She raps?

  6. vivi:

    I think there are more people who watch the auditions than there are people who watch the actual show. I MAY watch the auditions; the show should've been older seasons ago tho.

  7. Arrielle:

    I'm not spending a minute of my life giving Nicki Minaj ratings. I will not contribute to the madness. Still got mad love for Mariah though.

  8. paul-frank-sally-mae:

    wait…i thought were wer in the middle of an american idol season, no?

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