Rihanna & Chris Brown Spend Thanksgiving Together

After wrapping up her 777 Tour, it seems like Rihanna knew exactly who she wanted to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with.

The Diamonds singer was spotted in Berlin last night, where she attended Chris Brown’s concert and then popped up at the Adagio Nightclub for the after party as well.

Before heading to Germany on Wednesday, Rih posted the following tweet, and clearly we all know just who that ‘lover’ is.

I wish these two would just go ahead and make it official already!


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  1. MsPecanPixie:

    Lol! I wish they just suck it up and get back together!

  2. xBittaSweetx:

    They probably ARE official. They just know better this time. Let people speculate & guess while they chill & screw each other’s brains out in the privacy of their own homes, lol! Or they could just be forcing the media to ease into the idea of them. Regardless, like it better this way. Keeps folks out of their business. They’re cute : )

  3. Serenity:

    Next time he kix her ass, and there will be a next time, no one will care…..

  4. johnosahon:

    i hope both of them have matured and changed, because this will NOT end well if they are still the same people that battered each other in 2009.

  5. tweety:


  6. copope:

    Fool in the layaway.

  7. EliteNavi:

    They will be fine. I am far from the person u was almost 4 years ago. Ch I wont get into that but thank God for growth & 2nd, 3rd, and 100th chances

  8. Guest:

    It will happen again I have been there. They both think they are right, when everyone else knows better.Sometimes people have to learn the hard way. I believe the media will have a field day with this. Its just a matter of time.

  9. Seats:

    Sad that you are anticipating and hopeful that it will happen again knowing that Chris has been consistently getting help.

  10. Valsays:

    I'm sure they both love the thrill and excitement of doing something everyone and their momma thinks is a bad idea. It is their life and all amusement rides come to a screeching halt.

  11. Analissa:

    I think it's become one of those things where they know the public knows they are dating but they are making it into a "thing" by denying it. They are turning the situation into a game and I aint here to play it.

  12. LivingNaptural:

    I wish people would get a new line…

  13. rosieb720:

    I just feel it is there life but to wish bad for them is just crazy. Leave them alone!

  14. Adult Swim:

    At first I was only annoyed by the media & the nay sayers, but now I’m annoyed by all of the above. The media, the nay sayers AND Rihanna & Chris. I get why they have the animosity against everyone that they do, but because of the overexposure of it, I’m ’bout done with the whole entire sh*t. Yes, DV is a serious issue, we knooooooow this already, but what’s done is done. Rihanna’s mind is clearly made up (as it was a long time ago), and there’s nothing anyone can do or say to keep her away from him. So let’s just be done with the shit. She seems to want him in her life regardless, whether they’re a couple or just friends. So be done with it already! It’s her life, trainwreck or not. Find a new hobby.

    The reason I’m now annoyed with the couple as well, is not only the overexposure of it, but also the fact that deep down Rihanna is probably loving the publicity of it. I know that’s a f*cked up thing to say considering what happened to her, but let’s cut bullshit here…Rihanna is kind of an attention whore. Not on a Kardashian level, but definitely an attention whore none the less. Think about it. She says she wants her “privacy” when it comes to her & Chris, but she stays doing sneaky sh*t that she knows will get thirsty public talking. Like subliminal tweets to name a few. Yes, it’s her life & her twitter account (duh), but my thing is, if you want privacy, then be private then! You are a well known celebrity, remember? So now I feel like she’s kind of playing games too. Which is why I’m officially over the whole entire sh*t in general. I’m over the media, the nay sayers, the hecklers & the couple themselves.

  15. Nickisha:

    Ugh, i hate these two and its not because their music is shallow and annoying…It's because she had an opportunity to escape her abuser (not that many women do) (SELF RESPECT AND WELLBEING OVER LOVE IMO!) and she runs back to him with open arms and he acts barbarous (proving her hasn't learned a damn thing or grown up one bit) BUT still wants us to forget his monstrous actions…. i wished they would just go away.

  16. Mrs. Fattbooty:

    Go Chrihanna

  17. MissHey:

    Yaasssss serenity, yaaaasssssss!!!!

  18. MissHey:

    They haven't, it won't!

  19. MissHey:

    These comments are giving me life. It's what I have been trying to say all along.

  20. MissHey:

    I'm not so much upset with and Chris and Rihanna. I don't even know those two. I'm just annoyed with the hordes of black women and celebrities who co sign Brown's behavior because he is "cute" and talented. From team breezy all the way to that racist Eminem who exploited her misfortune and turned it into catchy pop tune. Eminem doesn't like black women but he felt comfortable enough give his two cents because he knew he could get away with it, because black people don't like black women. It was the general consensus that Rihanna started it because black women are always popping off at the mouth and putting their hands on men. But in this particular case Brown flew off the handle and hit Rihanna because he was angry that she caught him red handed cheating ( btw cheating is a form of abuse). He didn't just slap her or hit her. He repeatedly tried to choke and slam her head into a glass window. He tried to kill her. Read the reports. Every time she tried to call the police he put her in a head lock. That is crazy. But what is crazier are the cows that cosign it because they don't like other women.

  21. MissHey:

    Stop putting words under her fingers. No one hopes Rihanna will get hurt. You're just saying that for the sake of argument. It seems like the persons speaking out against the relationship are the ones who want to see her healthy and the ones that are cosigning Brown and Rihanna are the ones who want to see the girl hurt. Our society is so backwards.

  22. MissHey:

    Our society is so backwards I think all this Chris Brown support and hatred towards the "naysayers" or "women who speak out against DV" comes from a overall mistrust and dislike black women have for each other. " Oh you think it is wrong for Chris Brown and Rihanna to be together. Well that means you secretly wish the singer harm." That is so stupid.

  23. Gwendella:

    Ain’t nobodies business but mine and my babayyyyy a hoooooo yep

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