Beyoncé Shares New Photos Of Blue Ivy + A Special Thanksgiving Message For Her Fans

Yesterday, Beyoncé posted new photos of Blue Ivy to her Tumblr account along with a special Thanksgiving message to her fans. In the photos, we see a braided Bey kissing Blue on the forehead as she played with one of mom’s earrings, and being carried down the street by daddy, Jay-Z.

Check out more photos below and post your thoughts!

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  1. Mellow832:

    Just look at all of that hair on Blue! This is a such a precious mother-daughter moment. I wish the Carter family continued blessings!

  2. Meezy:

    aaawww!!!! Look at all that hair Blue has!!!!!!!

  3. Adult Swim:

    Cute :-)

  4. RERE:

    i'm tired of seeing the back of this child's head…

  5. copope:

    O m g I was just thinking that ! Seems like we never see her face goodness

  6. Kia:

    Look at ya own kids then. How can you not respect what OTHER ppl do with THEIR OWN KIDS? It’s all about privacy.

  7. The voices made me do it:

    I agree Kia. That’s her child. Do what u want with your own kids. If your kids had to grow up and read all the hurtful shit people post on the internet (that’ll never be erased), you would protect them as long as you could too.

  8. Let's Be Real:

    We’ll see her Face soon enough.Blue Ivy is going to be EVERYWHERE! You hear me? The child is of two collective billionaire black people. Let her have a cute voice or a nice flow? It’s a wrap for these girls already lol but in all seriousness.Beyoncé is protectimg this child as she should.she didn’t sell the baby pics or exploit her like many celeb moms do.

  9. kwan:

    We get that but what's the point of posting it if you're not going to show her face just let it all remain a mystery instead of this or maybe it's just me lol.

  10. Bunny:

    Beyoncè took it back to the Say My Name braids! Sweet family photos. She’s just trying to protect her as long as she can.

  11. Lauren:

    Beyonce needs to take those raggedy braids DOWN. LOL But I guess at least she is FINALLY showing her black roots instead of wearing all that fake azz blond hair trying to be white.

  12. Adult Swim:

    I agree from both sides of the coin. On one hand, I respect the SH*T out of her decision & reason for keeping her child out of the public eye. But at the same time I agree that it’s effed up (for her stans…Not me) to
    show part of the baby and not all of her. Like back when Brandy documented the last few months of her pregnancy for MTV. When Sy’rai was finally born, Brandy wouldn’t show the viewers her face. She only showed the baby’s legs. Again, like Beyonce, Brandy was not obligated to show the world HER baby’s face. True! BUT she had to have known ‘the viewing of her baby’ was one of the main reasons viewers kept tuning in week after week. That’s all I’m saying. Same with Beyonce. Lovely pictures, but I feel kind of bad for her stans, because she knows how badly they want to see her baby, and it’s kind of like she’s teasing them (can’t believe I just said something nice about stans…I think I’m gonna be sick tomorrow).

    My point is, if you’re gonna be private, then be private! Me personally, I’m not knocking these pics. I love them. I think the baby’s gorgeous (from what I can see of her), and I actually like the more natural, laid back, “human” side of Beyonce. Her cornrolls are gorgeous, to me. But for those who go ‘hard for Bey & supports every nook & cranny about her, down to the crust. I normally don’t have positive words for them, but I feel kind of bad that they don’t get to see her, because they were anticipating Blue’s arrival…Probably more than her parents lol.

  13. Adult Swim:

    Excuse all of my long comments, but as y’all can see, I’m very opinionated…Too opinionated sometimes lol.

  14. Analissa:

    I had to come on here JUST to read what the stans where going to say. Yall are hilarious.

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