Video: Nicki Minaj Pops Off on ‘The Breakfast Club’

With her latest project, The Re-Up, officially in stores, Nicki Minaj dropped by Power 105.1 to chop it up with The Breakfast Club this morning.

During the interview, Nicki talked about everything from her first fragrance to the infamous Mariah Carey incident, and definitely did not hold her tongue with the crew. More than once during the sit-down, the Head Barb copped an attitude with Angela Yee and DJ Envy for not being more prepared, and in her eyes not playing enough of her music. (Apparently Charlamagne considers himself a Barb, and is therefore, exempt from the wrath of Nicki.)

Check out the full interview below, and post your thoughts.

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  1. Killahkey:

    She was a bitch. I used to didn’t like her music but liked her personality, can’t say that anymore.

  2. Arrielle:

    Y'all created that monster. I was never here for her in any way.

  3. KY:

    Her attitude is just…… Somebody needs to bring her ass BACK TO LIFE & REALITY cause time is running up & her ego isn’t making it any better.

  4. @MrzOhSoOrdinary:

    So, this heffa gonna sit up there an listen to her iTunes? Really.

  5. Court:

    She has a ton of excuses as to why it's everyone else's fault why ppl think she's a bitch. Girl, bye.

  6. Nico:

    Nicki and that hair..
    About her and Mariah… They have a song together! Up Out My Face – Nicki Minaj Ft. Mariah Carey. Why aint no one bringing this up!!!

  7. Kam:

    I was surprised I could even hear Charlamagne, he's crawled so far up Nicki's arse it's ridiculous. Those three presenters grill and rip the crap out of anyone they consider bogus, and for some reason they pandered to this blonde minstrel and fed her their snivelling appreciation. KMT.

  8. Nonye:

    Lowkey though…as much as she gave unnecessary attitude, she right about them not being prepared. She made good points.

  9. vivi:

    I was tickled when Angela said Charlemagne will you hurry up and swallow? That is so true. Charlemagne is such a groupie, and she is beyond annoying. I wish she would humble herself quickly…

  10. vivi:

    Of course she put her headphones on MsOrdinary. She and lil Wayne think that stupid shit look cute. Wayne always wears his headphones during the most inappropriate tines, like during the NBA games and award shows.

  11. Mimi:

    The interview was not bad, she was being honest. People need to make up their minds…if you are strong and vocal you are a bi***, if your quiet and passive you are considered weak. Nicki has a point, when you are interviewing someone do your homework… just that simple

  12. Honey.Dew:

    How she gonna say the retail stores set her up to fail because they won't sell her albums? WELL…if the other one hadn't been such a flop they wouldn't have a problem selling it. Don't blame them for wanting to invest in something that's probably gonna cost them in the long run.

  13. Alright:

    Can someone tell this untalented and unoriginal STUPID HOE to have a damn seat. I mean she thinks she is that b!tch but can't even come up with a different name for her own albums. Putting different words after the colon isn't creative it's lazy. They should have never taught this poser what a damn colon was or any other punctuation for that matter.

  14. Analissa:

    I wish people would stop saying being a Bitch is a good thing. There is a big difference in having a voice when you need to and having an attitude for no reason at all. She my friends is a BITCH. And stop having respect for these females who have not earned it. She is not a singer or entertainer she is a buffoon.

  15. grimyteddy:

    Roman Reloaded: The Reattempt

  16. Angelina's lips:

    Hahaha….I respected Angela so much for once! This woman shaded Charla-whateva by figuratively telling him to stop eating (*coughs* her puss) and get right to swallowing (*coughs* the cream). Then she basically told Nicki "Look, I smelled your perfume, it's alright BUT it wasn't good enough for me to buy. You aint gettings mah money. Now, if you want to voluntarily give one out for free. That's all good!"
    Then when Nicki the baby wants to whine and vent about her music not being played, she's like "Hey! Direct your anger to the one who has those duties! Don't come for me and you best not look at me if you do.!" Angela, for once you gave me life and read Nicki in the bext by playing coy, direct and cute.

  17. LoveRainyNYC:

    Nicki needs to stop… The whole time all I can think is, " Does this bitch really think her music is the end all???" That's the only way she can justify her behavior. She's confused and truly believes she's making art. She needs to take every seat.

  18. kase.:

    Yes. and the fact that she never wants to hear the boys with cassie. random but i wonder why.. granted we saw the episode on e of the video shoot. don't think that's enough for her to not want the song played.. or is she really, truly tired of it? lol.

  19. LivingNaptural:

    "…if you are strong and vocal you are a bi***, if your quiet and passive you are considered weak" The fact that you quoted Nicki though… lmao, I can't take you seriously…

  20. LivingNaptural:

    Nicki Minaj has spent the majority of her career complaining about people not respecting her for one reason or another… everyone is not going to kiss you ass girl, get over it and keep it moving

  21. annette:

    I said the same Damn thing, she must have ran out of material

  22. Valsays:

    So she didn't stand by the last project? If anything else this was an entertaining interview.

  23. kwan:

    There's a difference between being strong and being bxtchy…My sis always says "it's not what you say it's how you say it".

  24. kwan:

    In the words of Mariah the True Diva Carey "WHY, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY are we entertaining this 3 year old?!?!?!"

  25. Jusitn:

    So I'm going to HAVE to be the one to say it? Y'all brought me to watch this and nobodies going to comment? Really? Cause I'll give you a moment to…. ah f#ck it! I bet she wouldn't go to a predominantly white station or show and talk that "Get it together" SHlT!!!

  26. Marie:

    I can't get over the fact that DJ Envy called Mariah "an old lady" and Barbra. Barbra is an elderly woman, but he didn't have to say it like that. Somebody needs to cuss him and Charlamagne ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUT!

  27. tellemwhyyoumadson:

    Fuck this hoe! That's all i got.

  28. Adult Swim:

    Wow Nicki……………..Just when I thought it was impossible for you to be any more douchebaggier than you already are, BOOM! You never fail to prove me
    wrong. I got what she meant about certain DJ’s needing to be more prepared & professional, and I actually agree, BUT like Kwan’s sister says: It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Which is an ON POINT statement by the way. I myself have even been saying for years that there’s a HUGE difference between being assertive & being a bitch. The only people who keeps confusing one for the other, are b*tches. B*tches with stank entitled attitudes. Go figure!

    And speaking of “professionalism,’ Nicki has once again proven that she’s a walking contradictory, because in one breath she confronts them about their unprofessions, while being unprofessional herself! She sits there, b*tching & whining about what they’re doing wrong, WHILE listening to her headphones, in the middle of an interview lol. The f*ck??????? Bye, Onika!

    And don’t even get me started on Charlamagne (I will never call him God, again)! I can’t believe I use to respect this dude. This CLOWN has proven that he’s no different than “Flex Hogan” & all the other industry buffoons he use to ether in the past. I’m realizing now that he’s just like them. And Angela (or whatever her name is)…I usually dislike her, but this is the one time I’d actually ask her for an autograph. Because she ethered Charla & Nicki with such class & dignity. How can you not give her props lol? She straight Phedra’d them b*tches. YES, I LOVED IT :-)

  29. Zan:


  30. chanel:

    I actually agree with what she was saying, but her delivery will be misunderstood by non-New Yorkers. That's how we address issues with other "street" people (everyone on that radio show is from the streets). Straight to the point, passionate, and a bit loud, lol.

  31. Whoa There:

    ^^^ You tried that smh I’m from Queens just like that white woman named Nicki and I ain’t ever talked to someone like that and then expected them to respect my shit.

    Nicki is a rude, walking minstrel show who thinks in her mind she deserves more than she gets. She’s losing it, I’ll be glad when she fades to black in a couple of years.

  32. britchick91:

    that's what they get for making her head swell so much

  33. bree:

    i dunno whats worse, her ego or her lacefront.

  34. @iloveroman:

    I HATE Charlamagne. Ugh that man makes me want to scream..He is so dingy looking, he is like Nicki's floating head.

  35. kita:

    i agree i was like how the artist come to the studio and you dont have none of they material ready to be played…. Sometimes u gotta check a bitch

  36. kita:

    i thought the same thing like if i come to work and they got shit set up incorrectly… why wouldn't i tell them to get it right. but when u a supervisor thats the role u have to play.

  37. Justsaying:

    yes i agree. esp to angela and i feel like angela actually did her job (knew a lot about nicki excpet for one thing)

  38. kita:

    didnt they all have on headphones

  39. vivi:

    Yes, but unlike Nicki's, they headphones weren't plugged up to an iphone. Also, you notice that during the interview, nicki put them on and these weren't the headphones that the dj needs to conduct the show….

  40. boonella:


  41. vivi:

    Why does Nicki demand professionalism from others, but she admittedly is consistently late to her shows? That's unprofessional. So if you exude unprofessional behavior, why is she so adamant in others being professional?

  42. kita:

    hers wasn't either… i jus checked the video and she grabbed the phone several times but the headphones ain't connected to it . lol

  43. my time now:

    Nicki’s headphones were not in her phone everybody had on beats headphones and those are the ones the dj’s used to conduct the show.. second tyra banks taught us all that when doing an interview you must know ur material. How do u ask about a video u haven’t seen, or play a cd you dont have. She said she just didnt want high school played she wanted the “street material” most people requested like up in flames. I’ll admit her attitude as of late has been very bitchy but soon she will be back to humbleness just wait

  44. kita:

    LOL thank you for this post i thought i was the only one that was like when you interview someone don't you research things about them and see the latest things they have done. And the headphones thing i was like everyone had them on. Her Attitude was stank but tho but i can understand being annoyed about something but after that minor stuff the interview went nicely.

  45. Valsays:

    I think she's starting to believe her own hype a wee bit too much.

  46. tinachris09:

    Her interview on z100 was all sweet, she is phony as hell and only does this with black radio stations.

  47. Bee:

    I don't find anything wrong with what she said? They should have been more prepared instead of asking her about Mariah & AI, which is obvs an issue she doesn't want to discuss. TBC is famous for asking inappropriate questions, and ignoring the main reason an artist is there. They should have played her "music" when they took a break…what's wrong with her saying so? Angela Yee was hilarious though.

  48. .clo:

    thank you!

  49. Kam:

    If they had KHIA on the show real soon, she would be the one to do it. I am aniticpating the FUCK out of that interview to finally happen…..

  50. Brittany:

    because it flopped

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