Mashonda Responds To Alicia Keys’ JET Magazine Interview

With Girl On Fire set to be released in less than a week, maybe Alicia Keys should have just kept her mouth shut regarding the homewrecker accusations, and allowed them to just slowly fade away. Now, It looks like Miss Keys has re-opened that can of worms because Swizz’s ex, Mashonda, is responding to her claims in a recent interview with JET Magazine.

What has Mashonda been working on outside of singing?

I’ve been critiquing my writing skills, taking classes in New York City and traveling abroad to partake in writer workshops. I’ve also been doing some motivational speaking and talking to the youth about caring for themselves and preparing for their future. I do spend most of my time with my son, so I’m a full time mother. I just want to be clear that this interview isn’t about me promoting my projects and I don’t want to get caught up in speaking about the past. Talking to GlobalGrind about my present life is just more of a way for me to share my journey and where I am mentally today.

What was your initial reaction when you caught wind of Alicia’s JET Magazine interview?

Not much surprises me anymore when it comes to this situation. I truly thought that everyone’s priority was the well being of the children involved. I don’t see the sense in throwing oil on a fire, it just takes us back to point A. The Jet interview just added insult to injury. I can’t figure out how this makes us better. How is it a positive, humanitarian gesture? But artists must protect their reputation and I get that.

In the interview Alicia Keys says… ‘[They] were apart for some time before we ever got together…that doesn’t matter to those who take pleasure in trying to knock others down…there’s no need to fight what’s not true.’ Did you feel like this was a indirect stab at your open letter?

There have been many stabs and shots taken, thankfully they don’t bother me the way they used to. I’ve never lied about one thing involving the demise of my marriage. No, we were not “apart” or separated, and that’s just a fact that can be proven in many ways. Blessings have a way of disguising themselves. This situation has helped me to understand life and what really matters.

Do you think Alicia should have just left this situation alone? Post your thoughts!

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  1. Nia:

    Alicia needed to just let sleeping dogs lie. She is still feeling some kind of way about those accusations, which leads me to believe that there is actually some truth to the rumors. It is also obvious that Mashonda is still very much in her feelings on this one.

  2. sotru78:

    IDC IDC IDC…. I'm glad to hear Mashonda is doing well and I'm glad to hear Alicia putting out new music.

  3. Kina:

    I think that Mashonda is being very classy about this. She didn't come out in the letter calling Alicia a ho, tramp, slut…etc I would still be in my feelings too if my husband left me for another woman.

  4. Authentic276:

    Alicia should have kept quiet but I think she wants to create a buzz for her album, maybe she has a guilty conscious…She's a home wrecker but at the end of the day Mashonda is right it was a blessing in disguise…what God has for you NO ONE including Alicia Keys can take away…I just hope the new Mrs. Beats understands she added her name to Karma's list!

  5. Madeline:

    I don't understand why either of them continue to entertain any questions about this incident. Is anyone asking Swizz any questions?? And if so how is he responding? Exactly. I couldn't care less about new A. Keys music, she hasn't put anything good out since Diary. Godspeed to Mashonda and her son.

  6. kita:

    I think Mahonda handled it well. Tell the damn truth Alicia ppl will talk for a bit then get over it. It only annoys us when you keep this lie up. Makes you look like a phony

  7. @whitneydaniell:

    I'm assuming Mashonda is entertaining the questions because Alicia couldn't leave well-enough alone. I think Mashonda handeld herself nicely when asked and you can tell she has grown from this situation but A.Keys shouldn't have responded to the question asked in the first place. If the article was to be focused on her lacking music career and family life, than she should have kept it there out of respect for the situation.

  8. grimyteddy:

    AK should’ve never opened her mouth. Bdays don’t lie! Swizz dirty dog diaries are well documented. Both him and AK can front all they want.

  9. KcreativeK:

    Mashonda handled it like a grown woman kudos to her and Alicia Keys should have left well enough alone as the saying goes "the guilty party speaks" if the situation was that she truly was not a home wrecker then she would not have brought the subject up it is what it is because basically someone who feels as if they do not have to hide something will not speak on it

  10. EazyBreezy:

    Alicia has a right to speak on whatever she eases. She was ASKED its not like she just was like “girl let me tell you..”. It’s so easy to blame Alicia but we as the public don’t really know what happened.

  11. britchick91:

    We all know she's talking about it because she has an album coming out next week and people aren't here for her like they used to be .But it was not a good idea at all she's setting herself back again because she's gonna get dragged every time she mentions it .

  12. Deeva:

    Alicia is stupid. If mashonda wanted she could show all the proof and drag Alicia further into the depths if hell! Her career is already failing and will continue to.

  13. bricbaby:

    I am still trying to figure out why Mashonda never address the fact Swizz had a daughter why they were together. She doesnt blame that little girls mother for anything. I guess she forgot about that.

  14. ayden:

    LMAO…swizz was dogging mashonda out since day one…but only alicia is who she feels some type of way about. please. alicia didnt wreak no home, h e clealy didnt want her anymore. mashonda was trying to hold on, thats why she believes in he heart that they were together, but clearly swizz wasnt (um a whole kid born with a random chick between mashonda and alicia)
    please. only person in the wrong here is swizz

  15. Deeva:

    The woman in Europe or where ever as I recall didnt know he was married. That’s why she isn’t blamed…Alicia on the other hand mingled with mashonda all the while she was scheming on how to get swizz. Mashonda reached out to Alicia to fall back but Alicia ignored her. Swizz and Alicia and both wrong. It’s not in mashondas head if swizz was coming home to her and sharing a bed with him, being intimate. If he didnt want her he should have divorced her. Alicia is a hoe who has no shame. She really should stfu I mean as so many others have said she should have left well enough alone. Mashonda is taking the high road and I commend her for that, because if this was me after this last little dig Alicia threw I would have drug her ass and made sure everyone knew what type of person she really was.

    Wasn’t the baby girl born during the time he was with Alicia and mashonda? He is just a low down nasty dog. Let’s not forget he left mashonda and his son in a house with no heat…smh pathetic.

  16. Deeva:

    I have a question for all of you who say the home was already wrecked so Alicia wasn’t at fault….if your spouse cheated on you and you caught him/her only to find out they had told their mistress y’all were through etc but you didn’t see any warning signs at all, or better yet you saw some issues but thought you were working on it. Would you still say the other person wasn’t at fault even though they knew you two were very much together living together etc?

  17. littlestarwamp:

    i agree Deeva ppl always saying wife knows this and that sometimes you do know but he says lets work it out sometimes you can be completely blindsided either way done /over stop talking about it

  18. Dinasty:

    LOL I'm too tickled at how everyone defends Mashonda for answering the question, but condemns Alicia for answering questions about the same topic.

    It's clear people just don't like Alicia as is, and that's what it's going to be. But to say she shouldn't answer the question… It's like "damn if she do, damn if she don't." Because if she passed on the question, folks would be complaining she was being snooty about it, and she's got something to hide.

    Alicia has an album to promote, but magazines still have copies to sell. Of course they're going to ask questions about the drama, because that's all folks care about, and that's what sells magazines. It's what pulls people in to get blog clicks. i.e. the reason we're all here, to see what this one said about that one.

    They both answered without being nasty or calling the other out of their name, so in my opinion, they were both classy about it.

    Yet and still, nobody blames Swizz. The man seldom gets blamed. It's always "the other woman's fault" for tricking your man into dropping his pants. Girl, please. Self-control. It's a thing.

  19. kwan:

    That's exactly what I said on the other post instead of A. Keys being smart like triflin hubby and just shushing she wants to defend her wrong actions tryna downplay her part in it all. Just hush and let it go, like Mashonda said it was dying she added oil to it. Cause the minute she speaks I would like to hear what Mashonda has to say and she deserves to respond if Alicia gone sit up and lie.

  20. kwan:

    Mashonda probably doesn't address her b/c she doesn't address Mashonda or the situation that happened now that she gets her money. Shoot now that Mashonda and Swizz aren't together somehow I don't doubt that she has met and talked with that woman technically their kids are siblings.

  21. kwan:

    I think people condemn Alicia for lying not for answering the question lol.

  22. leilani:

    Exactly. If she truly felt she did nothing wrong, she wouldn't feel a need to address it or even answer that question. If you're so innocent in the matter, why do you feel the need to explain yourself?

  23. Ms. Toni:

    Am I the only one who cannot sympathize with Mashonda? And let me tell you why. As anyone ever considered the fact Alicia Keys really didn't know he was still "involved" with Mashonda and not separated? Some of you still consider a marriage upheld if the couple are legally married. And some of you, like myself, will recognize a separation enough until the marriage is legally dissolved. But here's what I'm getting at. In my opinion Alicia represents a sour wound for Mashonda. Not only did he cheat on her but he went on to marry the woman he "allegedly" cheated with. To add to the matter Alicia is a multi-platinum selling artists with fame. Clearly that alone attracts attention to the story. For all we know he could have been telling Mashonda he wants to work on it while telling Alicia they were already through. But for some reason Mashonda only directs her anger and blame to Alicia. Swizz had a son as a result of cheating on Mashond 2 years into their relationship and four years prior to them getting married. She had a miscarriage around that time with their own child as well before having their son years later. She forgave him and married the man. He then later fathered a child between his relationship with Mashonda and Alicia with the woman in London. He also had other affairs. At this point ladies and gentlemen Mashonda has made her bed. If you want to call a spade a spade she was in denial! Why do women argue with each other or talk about the "other woman" when your man wasn't shit to begin with?! I can't sympathize with her. He showed signs of not being up to any good prior to Alicia entering the picture. Mashonda should take partial responsibility for putting up with the shit and married him to begin with! If Alicia wants to be his next victim more power to her. And I'm done!!!!

  24. Arrielle:

    Alicia was being messy as hell with that interview. We all know what it really was. Kudos to Mashonda for taking the high road.

  25. Amarys:


  26. FoxxyCleopatra:

    No one ever blames SWIZZ!!!!

    Why is that?????

    It's always like us to go after the woman, but the man skates on by.

  27. Sidenote:

    So, Alicia is a homewrecker, when Mashonda & Swizz were separated for 7 months. They separated in 0ct 07, and Mashonda/media outlets started blaming Alicia in April of 08. Something doesn't add up.
    Also, Swizz got another girl pregnant during this time, and Mashonda doesn't even mention that. She ain't NEVER said anything about that little girl. But we'll call Alicia the homewrecker, because "she should've known better." STOP IT.

    AND, Alicia wasn't being messy with the last interview. THEY ASKED HER THE QUESTIONS.

  28. Honey.Dew:

    *CLAPPING* I agree 100%. Most women (whether they admit to it or not) will date a guy that is separated but still married. That's why it's so funny to me to see all these folks talking about "divorce and separation are too different things". Yeah they are but divorce doesn't happen over night. I think people don't like Alicia and just felt they should blame her. How can you wreck a home that's already in shambles??

  29. Analissa:

    Look, everyone wants to say "what about Swizz", but the truth is he and Alicia are guilty of the same thing. Yes only one of them was married to Mashonda, but he can't cheat by himself. Wrong is wrong and their aint no point system to it. It's to much grey area in the situation for Alicia not to be telling a lie about something. A lie don't care who tell it.

  30. sickwitit:

    Her career is not failing hun. Mashonda's marriage did though……

  31. sickwitit:

    But when do you get over it?

  32. sickwitit:


  33. sickwitit:

    One of you writers need to post AK's new song "Fire We Make" ft Maxwell It.Is.Hot!

  34. sickwitit:

    A marriage is between two people, in this case Mashonda and Swizz. Alicia was a non-factor.

  35. sickwitit:

    "Wasn't the baby girl born during the time he was with Alicia and mashonda? "

    This hasn't been confirmed so I wish people would stop bringing this up. The only thing I will agree with you on is that Mashonda should have fully drug Alicia's ass in the BEGINNING. Either in that little meeting or in that attention seeking letter she put out. She should've laid everything on the table then so this still wouldn't be an issue in 2012.

  36. Deeva:

    The issue here is mashonda was clearly trying to work on her marriage while Alicia didn’t give a damn and kept sleeping with her husband. The fact is swizz would spend days with Alicia an nights with mashonda. Check the timeline Alicia threw swizz a party and he then went home to his wife. Yes swizz is at fault we all know that but no1 feels the need to say that because it goes without saying. Alicia is a homewrecker. She lied a few years ago saying she and swizz were just friends and he was married. But in the latest interview she said they ha been together for ____ amount of years. The start of her relationship with swizz overlaps with his marriage with mashonda. Alicia should have declined to answer as any answer she would have given (except the truth) would have been condemning herself. She needs to be real with herself and everyone else. She participated in breaking up a marriage, and causing another woman pain.

  37. kwan:

    lol just because YOU may date a man who is legally married but so called separated don't put that on us honey. These situations all end the same. It ain't that damn hard to wait till the man sign the papers and if you aren't so easy to give up the booty then maybe that will speed up the process lol but if you're so willing to lay down he's gonna take his time all the while rumors start to circulate no matter what he tells the other woman or his wife the gf ends up looking like the other woman. Alicia may have been lied to and played boo boo the fool but tough titty she should have thought about her image the minute she heard the word separated "not divorced".

  38. Honey.Dew:

    Who says he has to be "so called separated"? People do separate before the divorce happens honey. And I didn't say anything about f*cking..I said date. If the couple is separated there is no home to wreck!

  39. kwan:

    I just don't get what's so hard with waiting till ink has dried, it ain't like she doesn't have options she's Alicia fkin Keys lol. I'm a normal female and ain't got time for that drama, I would hope someone of her caliber def. wouldn't have time for that lol. You can't have me to believe Alicia was clueless to Swizz's ways so Alicia knew that man was still with Mashonda she just thought no one would connect dots or Mashonda wouldn't talk.

  40. Karen:

    Right they condemn her for something they have no idea about. They say she's lying when they don't even know the truth. Wonderful people THEY are. Lol

  41. karen:

    You've got to be kidding. Alicia answered a simple question and said they were separated when she got involved with him. That's not being messy. Mashonnda took it further and accused Alicia of not putting the children first when she Mashonda plastered a letter on Twitter that started this whole mess. Was she thinking of anyone but herself? I call that being messy. She also accused Alicia of lying, but I guess that's ok because Mahonda is the only one who can do that. I don't think Alicia was trying to make a positive humanitarian jesture or make things better with them. She was just telling it the way she saw it. If anyone was messy here, it was Mashonda who didn't want to talk about the past but sure did anyway. If Mashonda wants to put all the blame on Alicia that is being pretty selfish when there were already problems in that marriage and oh yes, there was her hubby also, but he is a great father according to Mashonda and she has worked things out with him. Wow, go figure.

  42. karen:

    If it happened the way you think, and I totally don't believe it did, then Mashonda would have to be a really big idiot to put up with a situation like that for so long. It would be like she aproved of it. ??? And evidently every other affair he had. I don't call that working on your marriage, I call that holding onto a man for no other reason than just to have him. That's not love and she would look even more silly than she does now. She didn't complain quite as much this time about her stress and pain and poor little her but she still did some.

  43. Deeva:

    I’m convinced a lot of you who side with or think Alicia wasn’t wrong in this situation are hoes too. You’d have no problem sleepin with a married man who claims he is separated or better yet who claims he is separated but lives with his WIFE still. You’re excuse would be “well he said he didn’t want you”. I mean lets be real here, it’s not even like Swiss had his own apartment or house. He was still coming home and sharing a bed with Mashonda. Alicia can’t change the picture that has been painted of her now….

  44. Xx.Lovely_Libra.xX:

    Why the hell do you feel the need to comment on what everyone is saying? Shut up.

  45. qd:

    They all play a part in this.ak knew he was married and stayed. Moshonda knew he was a cheater and stayed and he knew he was lying to both women instead of manning up and being honest with both. At the end alof the day a person can only do what u allow them to do to u. No sides to take in my opinion just try to learn what not to do from this situation.

  46. sickwitit:

    Come with facts then bitch.

  47. Beautydee:

    Deeva & Kwan = much respect

  48. gatorade123:

    Personally I don't have a clue about any of their situations but I'm sure everyone has taken care of their business by now. I still have a feeling Mashonda knew exactly what he was doing, maybe not when or where, but she would have been pretty dumb not to think he wasn't doing something. Therefore I would think she didn't care what he did as long as he came home to her. The problem was when he decided not to come home. Seems Mashonda didn't think much of herself back then or it would have mattered about what he brought in on her and her child. As far as Alicia, ???? who knows what he told her? Some men are excellent at playing the cheating game and making women believe whatever, just to get what they want. Anyway I hope they are all better and happy now. I'm glad Swizz has a good relationship with ALL his children, even the little girl.

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