New Video: Nicki Minaj, Freedom

Last week, Nicki Minaj gave fans a behind-the-scenes look on set of her Freedom video, and yesterday, she dropped the official visuals.

The Colin Tilley-directed clip was shot in England, and I think the black and white, toned down feel, is actually a good look for Nicki. (I’m still not here for that line comparing herself to Jesus though.)

What do you guys think of the video?

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  1. sotru78:

    Its a cute song. Not here for the Jesus Christ reference but many rappers have done it before so she aint the first. I mean she's only saying what other rappers who at one point in their career were on top would say. So no hate here. I'm ready to hear some new rap girls tho. I would love to see the new girls give Nicki some competion. But overall this was cute for her.

  2. Dr1:

    Luv it

  3. ThirstyThelma:

    If you don't compare yourself to jesus how will you know if you doing right from wrong.ppl kill me with the "Dont compare yourself to jesus" stuff.She's sayin why should she feel bad when they didn't even give the highest of high his props .so hush …

  4. boonella:

    You don't need to compare yourself to Jesus to know that you are doing it right….and just because "every other rapper" has said it like someone said up top does not mean that she has to say it…but Nicki has always been the type to just follow other rappers lead….she's not that original.

  5. LivingNaptural:

    I sincerely am confused by her entire career, what is her message? Does she have one? She seems like she is just throwing songs out there and trying to see what sticks. I have liked a song here and there, overall I'm not here for her.

  6. Adult Swim:

    Well, I’m one of those “people” who thought it was very cheap & distasteful (but not surprising) of her to compare herself to the big man upstairs. Just like I’ve voiced my issues with other narcissistic rappers who’s done it b4 her. No singling out anyone over here. I’m always turned off by ANYone comparing themselves to him, and my opinion on that will not change…Especially for no f-ckin Nicki Minaj! But again, I’m not surprised that she would make that comparison, because again, she’s Nicki Minaj. It’s what she does. At this point, nothing she says surprises me anymore. She’s CLEARLY not a talented entertainer. She’s more of a “shock value” performer (like many of today’s performers). She has to shock the listeners with outrageous costumes & statements, because that’s the only way she’ll garner the amount of attention she now has. 

    Like that “opened doors” statement she made. For who, Onika? Who in the hell did you open doors for? B*tch, you barely in the door (that was opened 4 you) your damn self! And you already talking about these make-believe doors you supposedly opened for others? I tell you, these current rappers & their self-entitlement egos…Always acting as if they’re owed something. F*ck these freshmens! That’s why no one (but these thirsty ass stans) respects them. Where the industry find these people is beyond me.

  7. Geez:

    Yeah…I just couldn't finish it. I'm so tired of her complaining. lol

  8. GloRay Jackson:


    *praise dances around my room*

    Every last inch of this entire comment, ma'am/sir. Every last inch.

  9. confused:

    It almost seems as if shes upset with other female rappers for the the same reason that Lil Kim is upset with her. Karma is a “B”.

  10. kwan:

    So I hope everyone heard when this narcissistic heifa said LOUD AND CLEAR mind you "she doesn't want to work with anybody". There you go Nicholas can cut all the fake girl power interview BS, she has always been catty and was never for female unity. She hasn't opened not nan door and can't respect the ones who did it for her, just so she could stroll in and ruin the female's place in hip hop but hey she's on top and making $$$ and that's all she clearly cares about.

  11. Brittany:

    it's so cute how she think she opened doors for other artists


    what door she open? she's following the blueprint of the real female rappers before her she acting like what she doing is something new Girl Bye

  13. Vonte:

    First female rapper with a perfume, new door open, first female rapper with Mac lipstick, new door open, first female rapper endorsed by Pepsi, new door open! Y’all bitches need to do y’all research before y’all try to judge her

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