T.I. Reveals ‘Trouble Man’ Cover Art & Tracklist

T.I.’s eighth studio album, Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head, will hit stores December 18, and today, Tip revealed the official album artwork along with the tracklist.

The LP will feature plenty of cameos, from the predictable like Lil Wayne, to the not-so-expected collabo with Pink. Check out the complete tracklisting below.

1. The Introduction

2. G Season (Feat. Meek Mill)

3. Trap Back Jumpin

4. Wildside (Feat. A$AP Rocky)

5. Ball (Feat. Lil Wayne)

6. Sorry (Feat. André 3000)

7. Can You Learn (Feat. R. Kelly)

8. Go Get It

9. Guns and Roses (Feat. Pink)

10. The Way We Ride

11. Cruisin’

12. Addresses

13. Hello (Feat. Cee Lo Green)

14. Who Want Some

15. Wonderful Life (Feat. Akon)

16. Hallelujah

Will you guys be picking up a copy next month?


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  1. Late:

    Although I’m a little skeptical of the fact that half of the songs on the album are collabs, I do like the cover art. He hasn’t got any of my hard earned coins since “Paper Trail”, so we will have to wait and see.

  2. AThought:

    TIP ain't shit for that gun silhouette on his cover lmao!

  3. Adult Swim:

    @Athought, It took me a minute to catch on to your comment, but I like it. Good one lol.

    Sometimes the jokes just write themselves lol!

  4. LivingNaptural:

    Why did my comment get deleted? *sad face*

  5. jaconteh:

    Uh what up interesting cover art.

  6. britchick91:

    Of course I buy everything he puts out.I'm looking forward to hearing the song with Pink

  7. britchick91:

    why are there so many features though?

  8. kwan:

    Dang these are alot of features but I love the cover art it looks like a poster for a Quentin Tarantino movie.

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