Rihanna Cusses Out Her Band During ’777′ Tour Stop in London

Rihanna’s poorly executed 777 Tour rolled into London last night, and fans at the Forum (and those of you streaming the show online) were treated to a bit of an unexpected tantrum from the superstar.

During her performance of Where Have You Been, Rih was clearly not feeling the mix of the band and her backing track, and stopped the song to give the musicians on stage a piece of her mind.

Alright, what the f*ck? Stop, stop this shit. What the f*ck is that? Why is the track off from the band? This is the bullshit we deal with when we’re just doing a random rock and roll tour.

Welp, I guess you can’t expect things to be perfect when you slap together a worldwide tour in seven days…

Speaking of which, the conditions on the ’777′ jet are reportedly less than ideal for the journalists and fans aboard. Check out this article one anonymous writer shared with Gawker regarding their current experience traveling with the tour.

Photos: PCN

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  1. Mesa:

    *side eye* whatever rihanna. Whatever.

  2. LoveB_Jones:

    It didn't sound that bad to me sooooo…

  3. Ariane:

    Clearly staged.

  4. Charlissag:

    I love her Rih-damn-gardless. Thanx for the post Binky

  5. NYC:

    I agree. This is staged…botice the way she says "I wanna apologize to …Jay Z's site life and times" sounded like a plug. Plus RiRi isnt THAT rude

  6. britchick91:

    sh*t like this makes me appreciate Bey more

  7. iLiveBey:

    Why is she acting like she’s an actual “singer” and the track has to be on point….gurl eff that ur Rihanna all u gotta do is hop around stage!

  8. Keethakentucky:

    Well she sounded good if that means anything… I respect her stopping cause it did sound bad…

    Everyone can’t do the beyonce echo effect…


  9. amber:

    Everything about this tour is a hot ass mess…

  10. jbrizzy:

    She really just needs a vaction

  11. LivingNaptural:

    Rhi… I need you to go somewhere and relax and get it together before this Diamonds tour… please

  12. misha:

    Her live rendition of "STAY" is beautiful. Kudos and 5 gold stars for whoever was her vocal coach cuz the bitch sounded great.

  13. jaconteh:

    Welp that's what happens when you plan a 7 day tour and everybody traveling with you is fuckin tired girl. There's no need to be a bitch to people who are struggling trying to keep up with something that was so poorly planned.

  14. GloRay Jackson:


    lmfao that will never get old…

  15. GloRay Jackson:

    Thank you! She was off key the whooooole first part, then had the nerve to have an attitude with the band?! Gwerrrl, please.

  16. Travis:

    Completely staged and heres why.
    1. The band stopped on cue, I understand they're professional but on the exact same beat? Ok.
    2. Y'all know Rihanna can't act, she didn't even seem mad.
    3. She said from the top, but somehow they bypassed that long ass intro the 2nd time around, rehearsed perhaps?.
    4. The clip is on a youtube page dedicated to her. No authenticity.

    And I'm not a hater,I just spot game.

  17. The Dreamer:

    I love Rih but the stunt queen shenanigans must end. Rih tried it. You can’t be fuck-less and a try hard. Does not compute.

  18. Honey boo boo:

    @the dreamer AGREED!!!

  19. Dat jerk:

    the count down to the demise of her career has begun.

  20. Jazz:

    The story is about riri yet Here come beyonce’s incompetent ass stans…..

  21. grafittix:

    "rock and roll"? Girl, STOP.

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