In Case You Missed It: Catfish, Episode 2

Last night, the second episode of Catfish…a show that uncovers people who create a totally new ‘self’ for love.

The show followed Maryland native and stripper, Trina the Natural, who was dating a male dancer with arched eyebrows by the name of Scorpio. After talking with him for some time, Trina is ready to meet him and take it to the next level, only to find out that the guy on the other end was NOT at all who she expected him to be.

Check out the full episode and post your thoughts!

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  1. Michelle:

    OMG that show was insane last night! It's very enjoyable, and Jia's commentary via Twitter was very enjoyable as well. :-)

  2. kita:

    what channel is this on

  3. Dakenya:

    Wait. I wonder if this show is staged/fake??? I say that because, if he was from Atlanta…….. and they were TEXTING each other (which we saw) wouldn't he be texting from a number with an Atlanta area code? If he was in Maryland all this time (which I believe he was) wouldn't she see that his area code was the same as hers????? Something is 'fishy' (no pun) about this episode. Let me find out they're all trying to create this fake love story in order to promote or start their careers.

  4. Michelle:

    It's on Mondays at 11:00 PM on MTV

  5. BEANIEBABY_3.0:

    First off, you can get a number from wherever, especially if you purchase a track phone. Also said he lived in Atlanta but he moved back to Maryland. All he had to do was keep his phone on. Not to say this is real, but if that's all you got…problem-solution.

  6. kkmsir:

    It's a real issue. Lonely Inferior feeling people trick lonely naive/superficial people all the time online. There was a 20/20 story of young man who was killed by a man because they were both in an online triangle with a girl who turned out to be an older woman. I've been lied to a couple times myself by online friends who had low self-esteem issues. It might be unbelievable that some people would use deceit online to simulate a relationship of love but No it happened to the guy Nev too when he was like 19 and he's helping other people. I like that they get to talk it out and meet the real person in the photo. Next week – 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. LivingNaptural:

    I just got done watching this… it happens all the time. I know it is hard for some people to grasp but people do carry on relationships with people online for YEARS and create whole new personas for themselves. It really is a sad thing. I've been lied to online, found out some years later what the person actually looked like and was shocked, but we weren't in love or anything, we were just friends, but he definitely was not the same person he presented himself as years earlier. Just with any type of relationships, you cannot build it on lies, it will never last.

  8. Dakenya:

    I'm not saying that this doesn't happen in real life, because it DOES. I'm just saying that this particular story seems a little…………… lace front'ish

  9. @PiscesTia:

    Google voice will allow you to have a phone number from any area code- making it seem like you have an L.A. number living in Rode Island.

  10. Nellz:


  11. @PiscesTia:

    WHY did I think this would low key be some 'Player's Club' type stuff. Especially when he said he lived in Maryland too- I thought "aw naw, he saw her at the club, and is about to be on some 'But I always make sure you get home safe Diamond' "type stuff.

  12. Nickisha:

    I am watching it right now, I am wholly upset at that black lip liner – lipstick combo with that eye shadow! WHOLLY UPSET!! *that is all.

  13. KittyK:

    I learned from my ex that the only thing you get from a liar when you ask questions is MORE lies. Trina is in her mid-twenties, so she still has time to learn. It would be in her best interest to RUN from that dude. There's a difference between telling a lie (i.e. – yeah, that dress is pretty…or…yes, your baby is cute) and being a liar (someone who lies pathalogically and habitually) and this dude seems like a LIAR!

    I've never seen this show before – but I will be tuning in from now on.

  14. Nico:

    I really feel for old girl… but when pursuing and online relationship… i feel its best to get REAL LIFE proof off bat. She let this go on a WHOLE YEAR without so much as a NEW PHOTO!! damn! I hate to say it but she brought it on her self!
    and then her friends "advising" her that maybe she should give him a shot! WHAT? He lied well for a whole year.. you know what he is capable of.. wait till yall in a relationship. I CANNOT GO!

  15. shade4days: Dick pick though? Really….men are starving artist. He claims he is a stripper and has all these sexy pictures, but not once sent u a candid dick pick? Smh…no we will not have this.

  16. UppercutOnBus86:

    Ive done this but it wasnt no love thing,just friends… My low self esteem made me desperate to use a fake pic of an attractive guy.Im gay and finding gay friends with low selfesteem is hard and actually depressing,Everytime I tried to be myself I would get judge etc It started off as an experiement to test people and how genuine they were.And man my feelings was crushed based on the different responses I got Me vs the attractive guy.It went too far when I felt connections to these group of people that were my friends.Its so crazy how easy it is to make friends because of your appearance.Its easy for people to judge us but overlook the real issue which is the self esteem…

  17. uppercutonbus88:

    Im passed that faze now and Im actually alot closer to them

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