Airbrush & Ass: K. Michelle & Brooke Bailey Cover KING Magazine

If ass is your thing, then you’ll definitely want to make sure and pick up next month’s issue of KING Magazine.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s K. Michelle and Basketball Wives L.A.’s Brooke Bailey share the spot as cover girl for December, flaunting their goodies for KING’s first ever ‘Reality Issue.’

Other reality ladies featured in the mag include Erica Mena, Natalie Nunn, Erica Dixon, and Teairra Mari. (Anyone else catch the spelling error on the cover? I’m mad they can manage to spell ‘Teairra’ correctly, yet botch the damn ‘Mari.’)

Check out more bootylicious pics from the shoot after the break, and post your thoughts!

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  1. Hmmm:

    K michelle.. It was only a matter of time huh? What the fuck are those scribbles on her arm tho?

  2. LivingNaptural:

    Really K? I guess…

  3. Michelle:

    Brooke looks like a gremlin that came from under a bridge.

  4. GoldenGoddess:

    The fact that these women are excited about being on the cover of KING… :(

  5. Caramel25:

    Brooke was to excited last night like she was getting the cover of Vogue. I think that Brooke was the one being unprofessional, why answer a business call on speaker.

  6. russianred:

    the airbrushing is terrible.. and why does k michelle look like she has a gut…

  7. jaconteh:

    Why do they both look like they were hit with all the Photoshop?

  8. Adult Swim:

    I swear, if I see one more ass shot, I’m gonna shoot myself in the ass. God, women are so boring & predictable these days. Especially women of color (yeah, I said it). Why do we always have to do those ghetto ass poses where we’re turned halfway to the side, with our booty’s poked out? I see it mostly with club pictures too. Then there’s these video/groupie hoes, in their bikini’s, doing that same God awful pose. Ugh, I am so DONE with that tired ass pose. Can we not think of anything else?

    I’m sorry (no I’m not), but it had to be said.

  9. Arrielle:

    After seeing these covers all I could think was, "That's what Brooke was claiming Draya was jealous of?"

  10. Honey boo boo:

    @adult swim you are sooo right its played and it puts women of color in a negative light when it comes to magazine covets which we scrape the bottom of the toilet to even get (from legitimate magazines that is).

  11. britchick91:

    I was surprised at how excited she was about it considering she's been doing this sort of stuff for years and she's pushing 40

  12. gina:

    I find fun that every one has so much negative stuff to say with damn near all books they tend to touch up certain things but on the show u saw Brooke’s body which fake or not is nice and even K who im not a fan of has a nice body as well, the king is known for pics and covers like this so what is the problem just dont buy it and as far as Draya she was upset about it but that was her own fought and yes Brooke shouldnt of had the phone on speaker but oh well and don’t act like Draya was so above the book when she went there to shoot for they!!!!

  13. kwan:

    Someone on twitter said they have to take all calls on speaker if they are filming and it pertains to the show, but that bxtch ass negro on the phone was the true unprofessional why was he even speaking of Draya. I would have gotten him together as well, besides that is basically why she got the cover b/c Draya left.

  14. kwan:

    I agree but it's not Vogue, Essence or Life &Style Magazine it's King a MEN'S magazine the focus is ass and boobs lol.

  15. nina:

    I think Brooke's pretty and her body is amazing.

  16. candigal88:

    It's because this is how black women get attention from black men. It's sad but if black men didn't like ass shots then black woman wouldn't do them

  17. keepit100:

    like someone else said, ALL reality stars have to take phone calls on speaker. Look @ any reality show, basketball wives miami, the kardashians, even on bgc you can hear the phone conversations its part of the contract. One part I'm sure is to catch some messiness cuz the other person may not know they're on speaker so they're saying whatever comes to mind and may end up exposing something

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