Photos: 2012 American Music Awards Red Carpet & Press Room

The American Music Awards have always been an award show I could take or leave, and last night was no different. I caught bits and pieces of the 40th annual show, but I definitely wasn’t glued to the TV by any means.

Regardless of my thoughts though, there were plenty of celebs in attendance, walking the red carpet and hitting up the press room throughout the evening.

Nicki Minaj ditched her typical crazy get-ups and arrived in a neon gown that looked great with her skin tone. However, I think we can all agree that wig has got to go.

MC Hammer randomly reemerged last night to close out the show with Korean pop star, Psy, helping him out with his über-annoying hit, Gangnam Style.

Kelly Rowland was all smiles as she strolled down the red carpet, looking fabulous as usual!

Some of the other stars making their way through L.A.’s Nokia Theater included Tyga, Brandy, Usher, Swizz Beatz, and 50 Cent. Hit the jump to check out more photos, and post your thoughts!

Who makes your best and worst dressed lists from the evening?

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  1. Nicole O.:

    So THAT'S why Tyga always wears hats & beanies.

    Keep them on, Tyga. Keep them on.

  2. six inch walker:

    So I Nicki to explain why Christina Aguilera is darker than her?! swear she keeps getting liter

  3. LivingNaptural:

    Chris Brown looks like he actually bathed, good for him!

  4. sunshine:

    that dress does nothing for nicki
    christina looks like someone's hot grandmother
    kelly looks beautiful

  5. Jane:

    WOW! Kelly took my breath away! She looks great, beautiful woman.

  6. Kina:


    My boys love that song. I thought Nicki's dress looked great, Christina Aguilera looked great on the carpet but on the stage….not so much, Kelly always looks amazing and why are there no pics of my boo Justin Bieber?!? LOL!

  7. RERE:

    kelly looks amazing, but why is she there?

  8. Kina:

    Oops. I see my boo.

  9. Shell:

    Nicki needs to stop taking Clorox baths….

  10. Carmelle:

    I’m just here for Miss Kelly and that dress…damn girl got legs for days! !

  11. LondonLass:

    I have a MAJOR crush on Psy!! #Don'tJudgeMe

  12. I.W.N.L.:

    My admiration of Kelly is slowly turning into hate. Such a fab chick…smh
    Brandy and Kerri look great too

  13. word:

    Too late…the judging has begun!!! LOL. j/k

  14. Bfly:

    Kelly Roland looks really thick she used to be extra slim..

  15. nita:

    kelly looks beautiful

  16. kwan:

    Shoot bump Kelly WHY is Sean Kingston there *confused face*?

  17. kwan:

    I know X-tina is trying to embrace her curves or whatever but I kind of feel like it's excuse cause she doesn't want to work out… she just needs to work on her stomach area cause she's giving me a little booty-do.

    Nicholas looks okay I feel the dress heightens her ever lightening skin, of course that wog needs ta go but I need her to stop posing like that when fashion models have moved on form the hunch back so should you.

  18. jaconteh:

    I like the Psy song too. idgaf how other people feel. do that dance at the gym–you'll see results! I wasn't crazy about Xtina's dress on her, but she looked cute.

  19. grafittix:

    smh at nicki's sad attempt at a couture pose

  20. Honey.Dew:

    Kelly and Brandy don't get too many claps from me…but they both look very good.
    Christina looks…different *confused look*

  21. J2201987:

    I didn't even know this was on last night. I was watching "The Walking Dead". Oh well…

  22. GiaG:

    I think Nicki over did it, it looks like a dressy yet not gown like event. And Nicki has a full gown on…. (but we are talking about nicki though). Why is Sean Kingston there? What made Swizz wear that shiny shirt and grill? Why does Tyga look like a period? When is J. Cole (my baby) going to get his brows cleaned up? 50 looks nice I love that shirt under that suit. Kelly looks nice as usual. I like Brandy's hair simple yet cute. That's it.

  23. Zan:

    I was thinking the same thing.

  24. Zan:


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