K. Michelle Signs Major Record Deal With Warner Bros.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, K. Michelle, has finally inked a new record deal with Warner Bros. Records. The singer, (who has a bad rep in the industry for being a hot head)  struggled to find a new label after asking to be released from her 2008 contract with JIVE Records due to the alleged abuse, and mismanagement of her recording budget at the hands of her ex boyfriend and former A&R exec, Memphitz.

I’m just really blessed to get a second chance. I have so much to sing about and so many stories to tell. I may not be the most polished or prissy R&B singer, but I do feel that I am the voice of a lot of women who don’t have a voice.

Congrats to K. Post your thoughts!


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  1. john:

    Congrats K Michelle

  2. Kam:

    Yay happy for her!

  3. angela:

    Good for her!!!!!!

  4. EliteNavi:

    Go girl!!! Im happy for her. I just hope she can get that attitude in order. It was funny at first but ch….she making us memphis chicks look too ratchet lol

  5. JR1:

    YASSSSSST hunty. Can't wait for that album. Her mixtapes are the bid'ness

  6. Dakenya:

    She's still going to flop & they may even shelve her project. I don't see it for her or her antics

  7. BEAUTYspeaks:

    Congratulations K. Michelle !

  8. john:

    Hater in the building!!!

  9. kwan:

    You Go Glenn Coco….She needs now to get on AB's status and let all the social media BS fly and reserve her feelings to her music unless it is just absolutely necessary, cause I want her to win and I don't want her to give her nay sayers any more ammo.

  10. dee:

    congrats to k. i hope she doesn’t get in her own way of this second chance.

  11. saasy24:

    I hope she gets it together and stop acting like a hoodrat

  12. grafittix:

    and so shortly after the Twitter foolery got her coverage all over the internet. What an amazing coincidence!

  13. SaidItFirst:

    She actually first announced her deal Oct 3rd… Check out LaBellaDivaz.com and read the post.:)

  14. LivingNaptural:

    I'm interested to see how her attitude changes (if at all). I hope that the label actually believes in her and her talent and aren't just trying to capitalize off of her reality show fame.

  15. Beautydee:


  16. Hallz:

    Congrats to her!

    I hope she read contract thoroughly…

  17. Honeyy.Dew:

    Yes. She has a great voice she just needs to get her attitude together. But I wish her well!!

  18. Marisa:

    Gone head girl haters need to stay on mute. Everytime some foolishness about twitter or some promoter BS people go in talmbout K aint gone never make it,her attitude blah blah blah. Guess what apparently K tude didn’t bother Warner Bros. Good for her cuz the mixtapes are really good and her voice is solid. Also I had no issue of her going in on dude at the show. Why getting sick of these internet/instagram gangstas bout time somebody goes in on em but, that’s just me lol. Mona better show this on the show cuz I watch the show for K.Michelle and not for that ratchet hood version of Brenda,Dillon and Kelly trio.

  19. charinamonet:

    That's a WHOLE lot of papers. It should just be one sheet stating, "We're signing you. You will get 76 cents per album and 65% of all other profits stemming from this deal. If you act too much of a fool, you will get the boot. THE END!" In between all of those pages lie deceit, lies and a bunch of b.s. Don't trust em girl!

  20. drunkenrandom:

    I am in tears. "…hood version of Brenda, Dylan, and Kelly trio." Lmao.

  21. The voices made me do it:

    Congrats to K! Good luck Warner Bros!

  22. britchick91:

    Congrats.Avoid the drama now if you can

  23. smdh:

    I like “K.Michelle” & want her to win, but if her story is going to be about “He Beat me, ya’ll better believe me” for 12 – 18 tracks, then I won’t buy it…. But congrats…

  24. Jazz:

    Congratulations k.michelle and fuck a HATER^^^^^ thats their job as miserable fucks….

  25. Authentic276:

    Congrats! Happy for her but she needs to work on her attitude! She does have a voice for women in messed up relationships and situations that's why I always wanted her to win but when I hear about the things she does as far as handling business me no likey, BUT she is funny she use to have me rollin on Love N Hip Hop!

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