R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Releasing a Book, But Will She Spill the Tea?

I can admit that until I caught the first episode of Hollywood Exes, I never even realized R. Kelly had been married (well, with the exception of that whole Aaliyah thing). But yes, Mr. Trapped in the Closet was once hitched to Drea Kelly, the mother of his children.

Clearly the two are no longer together, and after joining one of VH1′s many reality hits, she’s now working on making a name for herself. Drea recently sat down with Hip Hollywood and dished about keeping her children out of the spotlight, her relationship with Kells, being back on the dating scene, and also revealed that she has a book in the works.

Life Under the Red Carpet: My Life As R. Kelly’s Wife is currently a work in progress, but don’t expect Drea to spill any juicy secrets. She insists it will not be a tell-all, but instead more of a self help book.

It’s not juice and grease. It’s not a tell-all, like, ‘Girl she about to tell it!’ No, it’s really a self help book for women. It’s really teaching women how to get back to the true essence of who you are. ‘Cause should all this go away, at the end of the day, who are you?

I mean that sounds uplifting and everything Drea, but damn it, we want the dirt! If she was penning a tell-all, what would you guys want her to include?

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  1. Honey.Dew:

    I like Ms. Drea! She was my favorite on the show. I really didn't expect her to be his wife, but she seems to be very humble though. Well good luck to her!!

  2. beautifully human:

    I Love Drea she has a beautiful Spirit

  3. realtalk:

    Drea isnt a hoodrat. so there won't be any drama coming from her. she puts her children 1st. and Robert is their dad. so why put out any dirt on her children's father for them to read about later on. shes doing the right thing by keeping peace between her and her ex-husband.

  4. Lola:

    Give it a rest Drea. You failed to gain interest on Hollywood Exes. No body is THAT interested in your past life as R Kelly's wife. You are his EX wife. Instead of going over old ground, why not focus on your dancing talents. Stop trying to ride your ex husband's coat tails. That is so tacky. Move on.

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