Kanye Jumps on Official ‘Diamonds’ Remix

Earlier this week, Flo Rida dropped an unofficial remix to Rihanna’s hit song, Diamonds, and now we have a direct remix from Rih’s camp. This one, dubbed the ‘official remix’ features none other than Kanye West.

Similar to the Flo mix, there’s no big difference from the original, with the exception of Kanye’s opening verse. Now usually I love me some ‘Ye, but his bars just seem a bit like he’s rambling on and on for this cut.

What do you guys think of the remix?

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  1. Love_bey:

    I felt it was a bit rough for a mellow song. He went in and it didn’t fit with the beat, Idk maybe it was me.

  2. Brooklynladii:

    Rihanna and her English I swear the song gives me a headache “so shoine broooight tonooiite” I just can’t

  3. The voices made me do it:

    I like it

  4. Noreen:

    A love this song….my best

  5. tweety:

    Rolling diamonds..

  6. GiaG:

    I personally think the song is terrible, and her vocals skills are truly shown (which is also terrible). But people eat anything this girl spits out up so yeah…… Still love her new cut and style. I have long not been her for here terrible cheap songs and bad vocals.

  7. Des:

    I like it. Ye did his thang.

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