In Case You Missed It: Jennifer Hudson, Usher Perform at ‘A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston’

Last night, CBS aired their celebrity filled tribute, We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston. The hour-long salute was full of live performances, testimonials, rare video footage, and never-before-seen family photos. Celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Usher, and Celine Dion all came together to honor the late singer/icon by singing a few of her hit songs for the show taped last month in front of a live audience at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Hudson who donned a wig and outfit inspired by one of Houston’s video looks from the ’80s sang a medley of  Whitney’s hits, I’m Every Woman, How Will I Know, and I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Usher took on I Believe in You and Me from The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack, Celine Dion sang her own rendition of The Greatest Love of All, and long time Houston family friend,  CeCe Winans, joined Yolanda Adams by closing the show with Waiting to Exhale’s Count on Me.

Watch the performances below and post your thoughts!

Jennifer Hudson 


Celine Dion 

CeCe Winans & Yolanda Adams


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  1. Niecey:

    There was a ” you must be able to SANG” requirement to perform. Although, I was not a fan if Jennifer, it was a really nice show.

  2. drea:

    Am I the only person who doesn't like J. Hud singing Whitney songs?
    and I love me some Celine! she looks and sounds great

  3. annette:

    ^^^^no you are not, Jennifer sounded horrible. Is she the only person that knows Whitney songs? They need to stop trying to force her down our throats, my God. Usher was good :), love love love Celine

  4. Prism:

    I expected that much Jennifer. Madam Raymond did her thing. Celine killed it of course, love her. CeCe and Yolanda were also very good, despite what Yolanda had on.

  5. nita:

    yolanda's outfit was a bit much

  6. LivingNaptural:

    I guess I'm not the only one who was less than enthused about Jennifer's performance, but every one else had my teary eyed, still cannot believe Whitney is gone. RIP


    Yaaaaasss for these voices!

    And, dare I say that was the best performance so far in her career!?

  8. shelly~:

    Wow…Britney Spears looks really nice.

  9. kwan:

    Fighting back tears especially with Yolanda and CeCe turning to the screen and Whitney's picture ugggh whyyy?!?!?

    You never want to question God but certain spirits that leave this earth you truly feel they left too soon and they had so much more to do and so much more to offer the world.

    Yeah I never like and never understood why they get J-Hud… like was Mariah, Patti or Chaka unavailable, did Dionne not call back? I would preferred Jordin at least she met and formed a friendship with Whitney before her passing.

  10. NessaGirl:

    I saw JHud live at Essence a few years ago and left my 4th row floor seats to go to a Super Lounge because her performance was not the business. I must say that this Whitney tribute has got to the best show I've ever seen from her. No if only she could develop her personality….

  11. Huh:

    I must say, Usher’s performance was outstanding. He has great vocals. #Respect

  12. Aretha:

    Jennifer did not sound horrible.. I agree (to some extent) that she should not sing most of Whitney's songs. But how are you going to sit hear and say she can't sing? I'm so tired of talentless ppl with no ear determining who can and cannot sing. learn something

  13. Nico:

    YESSS FOR CELINE. She is one of my favs and is one of the best most dignified vocalists. She did Whitney the ultimate honor with that performance. I loved it! Celine has not lost a bit of anything!

  14. meezy:

    So we are talentless ppl with no ear because we dont prefer to hear J.Hud do every Whitney tribute…oh!

  15. MissHey:

    Why didn't they give MJ one of those?

  16. justtia:

    C'mon Celine!! Sang the song! Celine was like whitney to me in the aspect that she could sing those epic type of songs, not every one can sing those epic songs that end in tears lol.

  17. justtia:

    and i mean "C'mon Celine" in a Church "You betta preach!" good way lol

  18. ChanelSwagg:

    Number one Jennifer Hudson is not whitney so of course she not going to sound like her but clearly yall are deaf because j hud can sing n she sounded great

  19. @PiscesTia:

    Sooo… did Whitney NOT have any hits post 'Bodyguard' or 'Waiting to exhale' soundtrack? I feel like every tribute only has songs from like 1985-1997. Whitney had some great hits circa 2002! And even beyond.

  20. J2:

    RIP Whitney ;(

  21. moemiel:

    j hud did good. usher needs to get back to that voice in his new material and I bow down to the greatness that is Celine's voice. i cried and felt again how i felt when i heard she died. WOOHOOO CANADA !!!!!!!!!!!

  22. sotru78:

    Usher never disappoints that man can saaaang. Celine there are no words but she paid homage. Yolanda & CeCe sing like angels. Great tribute!!!!

  23. NellyV85:

    I'm a PK so know tons of Jennifer Hudsons lol but I think she killed this performance.

  24. KcreativeK:

    Jennifer was okay, Usher should sing that way more often and Mrs. Celine AWESOME!!!!!! In my opinion they should've had Amber Riley, Mariah Carey and Tamia do tributes also

  25. lolo:

    jhud has a loud church sloppy big voice and thats that..its not really ear or pop format friendly…she def good use some coaching to get up on whitney’s and mariah’s clear strong voices that didnt have u cringing…but she is a powerhouse just needs to be worked on…

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