Rihanna Goes ‘Nude’ for Latest Fragrance

I’m sure members of the Rihanna Navy are already making their plans to hit the malls on Black Friday.

During some downtime on her 777 tour extravaganza, Rih took to Twitter to let everyone know her latest fragrance is dropping next week.

Will you guys be picking up a bottle of Nude? I don’t think I’ve smelled any of her other fragrance efforts, but some celebrity scents have pleasantly surprised me. What are some of your faves?

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  1. Let's Be Real:

    Reb’l Fleur smells cheap.
    White Diamonds smells good.
    All of Beyoncé’s surprised me! They each are long lasting and smell great.
    Lady Gagas actually is pleasant.
    Mariah Carey’s smell really sweet.
    Have yet to smell Nicki minaj’s…
    Perfumes and Cologne are very important to me.fragrance is something people recognize

  2. LetsBeRealDumbDumb:

    Rihanna’s first perfume smells great. It has a warm scent. Lady Gaga’s smells like blackberries and it doesn’t last long at all. B’s perfume stinks

  3. lizette:

    Yess Rihannas 1st smells soooo good. I will be buying this 1

  4. ali:

    Why is nude not actually nude?. If it was nude wouldn't it look like she was naked. It's basically nude but in the color of White people.Why not actual brown. ets be real.

  5. Frankie:

    I don’t like how they got her in this blonde wig…it looks unnatural and cheap

  6. Nico:

    Who is in that photo??

  7. EliteNavi:

    Bish u cray. That 1st fragrance of hers smells great!! I cant pronounce the name to save my life tho



  9. Valsays:

    you're going over their heads with this one. Nobody here is trying to go that deep.

  10. Girl bye:

    Honestly not trying to be shady but I didn't know she had 2 other fragrances before this one.

  11. Tinything:

    Gwen stefani's perfume smells great
    all of Justin bieber's perfumes stink
    White Diamonds is classic
    Jlo's perfume used to be great but didn't last long

  12. Stup:

    She’s hot!!!

    Ad – Kate Middleton Pushing William to Quit the RAF?

  13. Kina:

    My first reaction. Who the hell is that? The person that came to mind (briefly): Ciara.

  14. Bunny.:

    I don't know about anyone else but I LOOOOVE Reb'l Fleur!! Its long lasting and I feel great in it. Jennifer Lopez's 'Still' smells very nice too. Rebelle was a little too strong for me, and Bey's fragrances make me sneeze :[

  15. Zan:

    Why does she look like Karrine Steffans in a horrible-ass wig in this pic?

  16. @PiscesTia:

    My fav is "M" by Mariah Carey. Def a good look.

  17. Michelle:

    I keep seeing White Diamonds…are yall referring to the White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor? Because if so that stuff smells like old people and moth balls.

    Rihanna's Reb'l fleur smells really good. I love the Mariah Carey Lollipop collection especially Be mine (the red one). I actually like Justin Bieber's Someday perfume. I didn't care for any of JLo's perfumes, especially Glow that burned my nose.

    My personal favorite scent is Ecstasy by Carol's Daughter. It's very sensual. As for designer perfumes I also love Lola by Marc Jacobs. And the bottle is really cute too.

  18. Tiffany Denise:

    I think she favors whitneyin this photo andi would have to smell it first before I even think about purchasing it lol

  19. Authentic276:

    Rihanna's 1st 2 fragrances smell great! thats all i wear i just hope nude doesn't smell like vanilla cuz thats what this is giving me with the color….but I'll go smell it if I like it I will buy it and add it to my collection…i always get compliments on my perfume when I wear it and it last long…Beyonce smells nice well some of them my issue with Bey's line is it doesn't last all day Just my Opinion

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