Photos From The Set Of Tiny’s New Talk Show, ‘Tiny Tonight’

A few months ago, Tameka Tiny Harris was given the green light to host her very own late night talk show, Tiny Tonight. She has enlisted celebrity friends, Trina, Tamar Braxton, and Claudia Jordan, to help co-host the show and discuss topics ranging from world news, the latest in entertainment, and gossip.

It’s just me and my homegirls and we’re talking about what’s going on in the world. It’s a younger, next generation of The View.

Tiny Tonight premieres December 9th on VH1. Check out a few photos from the set below and post your thoughts!


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  1. Jazzebelle:

    Congratulations to Tiny! I love the whole Harris family dynamic. I’m not rrally feeling the women she chose to help her co-host. Their appearance is very “one note.” It would’ve been nice to see a variety of women look-wise. I wish her well.

  2. EazyBreezy:

    No toya?

  3. Caramel25:

    I love Tiny, but her speaking voice requires closed sub titles. I def check out the show because I wanna see what they can bring.

  4. six inch walker:

    Can’t hate on the Harris family they hustle hard Congrats tiny

  5. AThought:

    Totally random, but all I could think while reading, is that the Rachet Girl Anthem would be playing for as the show's intro song.

  6. AThought:


  7. britchick91:

    will there be subtitles?

  8. Geez:

    I really don't want to judge beforehand, but fuck it. Why the HELL is this happening? The younger, new generation of 'The View?'" THESE BITCHES AINT NO JOURNALISTS, nor do they have credibility to discuss some of the things Barbara and her crew talk about on The View. What are they going to talk about? Who are going to be some of the guests on the show? The cast of Love and Hip Hop + Kandi?


    Y'all can keep this shit. Everything about it looks cheap and ghetto.

  9. tweety:

    co-sign. i'll still tune in for the ratchetness so I can have a good laugh though..

  10. Valsays:

    I wasn't ready for this comment LMAO!

  11. Valsays:


  12. Adult Swim:

    And the funny thing is, Tiny didn’t think her friend Shekana (h/e the hell it’s spelled) was polished/poised enough to be apart of her show.

    As opposed to who???????

  13. Honey.Dew:

    I like Tiny BUUUTTT naw I'll pass!!! There will be little to no intellect with these women, I'm sorry

  14. shelly~:

    I think this talk show is happening because of how popular all these shows are that are about black women acting foolish. Even white women watch RHOA. So, some white dude probably thought "if they like that ghetto trash, they'll LOVE this!" They probably should put a white person somewhere on this panel, though. It seems that the token white person is what white folks need to be able to fully tolerate black shows.

  15. Butter:

    I wanna see it. tiny "accent" alone is hilarious. However tiny doesn't seem like the current events type let alone have an opinion that would be audible to it viewers

  16. Zan:

    Okay?! They're both hot, ghetto messes…

  17. Kameron:

    Really Tiny? Trina out of all ppl??? you should have made Khia a co-host on the show. She has more personality than.. well… ALL of yall put together actually lol….

  18. ChanelSwagg:

    Ain’t nobody got time fa that [sweet brown voice]

  19. GiaG:

    *Awaits the canceling of this show*


    why is Claudia Jordan on here…..and what has she done besides that game show with howie mandell. Congrats Tiny but please replace Claudia. I seen the episode of family hustle where they were in rehearsals for the show, and she (Claudia) came off very stuck up ish….Chile boo.

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