Alicia Keys Speaks Out On Being Labeled A Homewrecker

Alicia Keys rocks her short curls for the November 26th issue of JET magazine. Inside, she talks about being labeled a homewrecker after rumors of an alleged affair with husband, Swizz Beatz, during his marriage to then wife, Mashonda. The girl on fire singer has already denied engaging in a relationship with Swizz during his first marriage, but decided to touch on the subject again…

[They] were apart for some time before we ever got together. That doesn’t matter to those who take pleasure in trying to knock others down, there’s no need to fight what’s not true.

On her powerful relationship with Swizz Beatz:

I’d never met a person where I could be fully myself. Swizz and I live in each other’s shadow. So we can occupy the same space and there is nothing but equality. There’s something really powerful about that.

What do you think of Alicia being labeled a homewrecker? Post your thoughts!


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  1. Morgan:

    It’s not home wrecking if the home is already wrecked. And why isn’t Swizz to blame for any of this? He’s the one who took a vow, not Alicia. If they weren’t together when he got with Alicia then I see no issue.

  2. HairWeaveKilluh.:

    Goodbye, Alicia KeysToYaMansCrib.

  3. Lady Wonder:


    Doesn't explain all her damn yelling.

  4. Jmm:

    So "separated" means divorced??….*blank stare*

  5. Nicole Speaks:

    Well Mashonda wouldn’t have been acting a damn fool if they really had “been apart for some time”.

  6. Tiana:

    I think she's a selfish whore

  7. Tiffany Nicole:

    Out of respect for herself she should have waited until the divorce was final. Separated and Divorced are NOT the same thing

  8. lizette:

    Alicia knew damn well dat man was still with moshanda , moshanda even said he just up and left she thought everything was good w dem. Swiss is a lying cheat & ms goodie 2 shoes act like he isn’t…. Puhlease I am not here for dem…. They look like cousins anyway

  9. Beautydee:

    Swizz is the blame but that goes without saying that’s why you don’t hear it however Alicia is a bumpy faced fucking liar & homewrecker. Bitch we seent (saw) the pictures of you at mashondas babyshower! You been fuckin swizz since you did that rock wit you song with eve. Have a _/! That’s ok cause he had a daughter on your ass to show you that you ain’t no different. Damn shame mashonda wrote you asking you to back off so she could try to rebuild her marriage. You & swizz music suffering since yalls unholy union. Aha! In my 1st grade voice… Lol I’m not mad tho

  10. DW123:

    I doubt she would admit they were together while he was married anyway. Who would?

  11. MimiLuvs:

    I always wondered why her "situation" makes other women behave as if Alicia has been slap-backing with their men?

  12. Homewrecker Alert:

    Yes, she is a homewrecker. I don't see a difference between her situation and Fantasia's. Fantasia said the same thing; yet, people drug her. I don't see why Alicia didn't get the same fate. What makes it even worse is the fact Marshonda openly addressed a letter to Alicia to back off and stop interfering with her and Swizz's marriage. Yet she didn't.

    At least in Fantasia's case there was proof that Antwuan and his wife were separated (forget that fake ass recant he did). Antwuan's wife wasn't worried about her marriage only a way to scheme and get money. Marshonda was the opposite. Swizz and Alicia are wrong no matter how good they seem to think their union is. If she is not a homewrecker then hell must also be made of ice. But like Jia brought up some years ago…maybe the reason she didn't get as much backlash is because she is light skinned. If that is the case then it just shows another reason why the black community is not respected. We love double standards.

    Anyways karma is a b!tch (I mean this homewrecker had a single of the same name; she already knows) and it looks like Miss Karma is starting to work her magic because that "Girl On Fire" remix sounds stupid as hell. And to think I was a big Alicia Keys fan. B!tch.

  13. drakes hand:


  14. YallTooMuch:

    People can’t just let shit be! They’re together! Get the entire fuck over it. I don’t know half of the BS that went on, just like everybody else…. I just don’t get why ladies are acting like they KNOW what was going on like they were Mashonda’s BFF… But whatever… I’ll digress and watch these ladies give too many fucks about another woman’s situation…

  15. shade4days:

    How u got him is how u will lose him. I really dont care about their relationship, non of my business…but I always wonder about these type of women. Whats appealing about this guy? If you watch a man dog his wife out and didnt take his vows seriously, what makes u think ur immune to this behavior? Its like something goes off in these kind of women who see a man like this that says "ohh, I need him" lol.

  16. Karen:

    Alicia is not a homewrecker. Mashonda says she is, Alicia says she is not. I choose to believe Alicia over a jealous ex who put everyones personal life on display. No one knows the kind of woman Mashonda is to just take everything she says to heart and believe every word. Maybe Mashonda should take a look at all the other times there were affairs during the marriage before she blames one person for the downfall. Also I think we all havve been in situations where we should've, could've, done something differently. Hind site is definitely 20/20. Doesn't mean we should be ridiculed the rest of our life. So she was with him while he was still married, that does not make her a homewrecker or justfy the silly name calling. More power to Ms Alicia. She should continue to hold her head high becaues she is a beautiful human being.

  17. Jhelm08:

    She may not have wrecked it per se but she sure as hell didn't help build anything either

  18. GrimyTeddy:

    Shes right, there is no need to address the matter since they met in 2007 Alicia had Egypt in 2010. Swizz daughter from another woman was born April 2008. Mashonda had her last child in Dec 2006.

    Technically he didn’t cheat on anyone he just messed w/AK which led to divorcing MASHONDA in 2010.

    Follow the kids birthday trail…

  19. Miss Jia:

    YOU gotta go! NOW! LMAO

  20. Miss Jia:


  21. YoMamaSaid:

    Man look..if she wanna dally in another chick kool aid them she needs to suffer the same consequences as any other hoodrat man up he wasn't divorced sooooo that means married I ain't one for super caring about ppl love life but she better not go all Christina Milian and get mad if he cheat on her too! Woop!

  22. @iSTAYmad:

    If they met in 2007 and in 2010 they had a baby, but in 2008 he had a baby prior BUT in 2006 he had a baby prior to that THEN in 2010 he divorced Mashonda, solve for X to find out how many days would you leave Alicia around YOUR spouse unsupervised?

  23. AVillacorta:

    I never had an opinion about this subject until she got pregnant and said they had (at the time she was pregnant and doing interviews about their love) been dating for 3 or 4 years after an interviewer said something about her getting married and knocked up so quickly. It gave me pause because i distinctly remember taking my son to daycare before work one day about 4 years ago and hearing my local radio station doing an interview with Alicia Keys. They asked her if she was sleeping with him because Mashonda was saying he was cheating with her. She said she was not and that they weren't dating. So when you're in an interview maybe 1 year or 2 later and saying you have been in a relationship with him for 3 or 4 yrs I'd say you knew damn well him and Mashonda were still together. I understand separation and getting divorced but at the time of the interview Alicia had done with my hometown radio station Alicia acknowledged that he was married and she was not sleeping with him nor dating him. That they were only working on an album in the studio. So I call bullshit. She is just as wrong as he is.

  24. Guest:


  25. Diem:

    This bish is straight lying. reported years before Mashonda & Swizz separated that Ms. Keys and Swizz were hooking up behind his wife's back. They had pics and everything. In fact, the way Mashonda found out about them is that the charges on his credit card corresponded with the dates and places of her European tour. Lost all respect for her, truly she didn't know her own worth to mess with a married man. #karmaiswaiting

  26. Adult Swim:

    No one’s perfect (I sure as hell ain’t), but I think Alicia could’ve avoided all of this catty public-backlash if she would’ve manned up & owned her sh*t. She could’ve been like “yeah, I fell in love with a married man. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it happened.” Not that she owes the public an explanation, but hey, if you’re gonna talk about it, then COME WIT IT! Don’t talk around it.

    Don’t sugar coat it. Don’t try to justify it. And most of all, don’t lie about it…Saying ish like “they were separated.” COME ON ALICIA!!!!!!! Like that makes it okay.

    Look, I get it…She’s human. We can’t control our feelings. We have no say so on who’s gonna be the object of our affections. It something that just happens. I’ve even developed feelings for men who were in relationships myself (unfortunately), but my thing with Alicia Keys is…B*tch, own your sh*t! Own what you’ve done. Stop strutting around like your ish don’t stink & own YOUR part in all of this! If she would’ve done that from jump, she probably wouldn’t be dealing with as much crap as she’s dealing with now. I mean, of course there’s that small percentage of people whom are never satisfied & will talk sh*t, regardless. But I’m not even addressing them…They’re irrelevant. I’m talking about folks (like myself) who simply feel like she’s not being real & honest about her part in the situation, and therefore will continue giving her the MOTHER of all side-eyes until she do.

  27. Huh:

    I’m like everyone else-look at the birthdays and the divorce date. Then add Karma to it. Her day is coming…………… Just a matter of time.

  28. Honey.Dew:

    That's what I've been saying this whole time. No one has said anything a bout holding Swizz accountable for his actions (if they were still together). Plus we weren't there so how can we call her a homewrecker? Fols just like to find more reasons to not like someone.

  29. Honey.Dew:

    THANK.YOU!!! Folks really need to stop being so emotionally caught up in celebrities lives. It's ok to comment but why have a hate for someone & you weren't there? IJS

  30. shade4days:

    The only thing that kind of bothered me about the situation is the fact that his ex-wife (wife at the time) let Alicia know that they were still living together…aka we still having sex and trying to work it out. If he was double backing on his wife with u….well, now your the wife..

    I had to tell a girl one time that she could have him, obviously a cheat ass man aint no prize…and u telling me anything yall done did does not make me jealous, if anything been there done that for years. Just know i will continue to make that man pay for everything in my house…our home and our kids, while u are giving up free pussy.

  31. Leelee:

    You can’t wreck a home that’s already got caution tape on the front door * black southern grandma voice *

    However .. I do think she’s lying .. I don’t believe she waited til they were apart .. But she doesn’t deserve all the blame , even tho she is WRONG because she knew the situation going in , not like she walked into the situation unknowing , but this man spreads his hook nosed body all over the land . Clearly the common denominator is him and she’s a delusional little yella broad who thinks she got the magic puss to keep him home at night .. Girl bye .. Still love you tho !

  32. Deeva:

    As so many have said karma is working itself out now, and please believe,bas much as swizz cheated in mashonda, he is cheating on Alicia too. I hope mashonda does write a tell all.

  33. Mikey:


  34. lou:

    why the double standard? Nobody ever wants to put most of the blame on the person who made the vows. Women act like a man cant control himself and that every women owes them the respect the man should have gave them. And why nobody cares about Kim Kardashian situation? Is Kanye a homewrecker? WE clearly see the Kris was hurt. So no matter how you twist it, the blame goes to the one who made the commitment. And then you wonder why a man wont respect you, you dont respect yourself. So quick to look past his faults because you want a piece of him, that you ready to attack prostitutes instead of looking for the one who paid. And yes you do have a piece if he cheating, no matter how much more attention you get youre still settling.

  35. kkmsir:

    Social Norms, I remember the early days when people just labeled her lesbian instead of homewrecker. They might have been wrong about that and they might be wrong about labeling her homewrecker too. Only Alicia and who she had sex with know for sure. What can people really do to her carve the letter "A" into her forehead for committing adultery with Swizz. It may have been trifling but homewrecker to me sound like she seduced the man. Maybe people are just labeling it wrong.

  36. GrimyTeddy:

    Tell me Swizz Beats doesn’t look like the simp version of Joe Budden… Ugly c-section baby, born ugly for a reason…

  37. candigal88:

    Hey you lose them how to get them! As Alicia Keys said herself what goes around comes around. So I wouldn't be surprised if Swiss is cheating on her is a couple of years.

  38. kwan:

    Gte you life until the divorce papers are signed any woman willing to knock boots with a married man no matter how long they have been separated is still a homewrecker. You aren't helping the situation especially if they have kids they could have eventually gotten back together that is the point of separating but not divorcing. Yes Swizz is more to blame but the fact that Alicia was friends with the both of them for a good while def. leads me to believe she's had an affair with Swizz for a while before it came out.

  39. sonya:

    If Mashonda would have addressed his infedelity long before, none of this would even be an issue. Evidently SHE (Mashonda) did not care enough about herself or what he did because she chose to stay with him-more than once when she knew he cheated and fathered other children. Even when she acused him of causing her first miscarriage by being in a relationship with another woman whom he impregnated, she stayed with him. Lucky Mashonda, yes I'm being sarcastic, was honored by naming the other woman's child. What a screwed up situation. So now she acused AK of sleeping with him. Ak knew him, so whatever. If she wants to acuse them of having an affair, I guess it would be an easy thing to do because they did spend time together. Regardless whatever happened, Mashonda didn't seem to have a problem until she found out he was really serious about Ak. Sorry, but love to me is the same and I'd be upset no matter who he's cheating with, not just a chosen famous person.

  40. kwan:

    People are saying there is a double standard …NO it's not people know Swizz cheated we get that He was just smart enough to shut up about the situation, but Alicia wants to give interviews and ish and instead of telling the truth she wants to play completely innocent in the situation and that is where the flack she receives all comes. It would be ok had she not known, Alicia was friends with the couple she knew he was still married and living together separated is not the same a divorced, had she waited till that happened then she wouldn't be labeled hw. Not to mention she was like the poster child for female empowerment her fault she suffers the consequence boo-hoo you still rich.

  41. aTypical:

    This..How you get them is usualy how you keep them…I don't know if they were messing before or after he got divorced, but Swizz Beats also knocked up some lady while he was married too. So it's not like he's some innocent guy..A leopard usually doesn't change his spots…#filesnails

  42. elle:

    Generally I do tend to believe the wife over the chick creeping with the husband. What’s sad is the people who believe celebrity over non-celebrity just because….

    I don’t believe Alicia. She’s lying. She knows. We know. She knows that we know. And we know that she know that we know.
    Anyway, hopefully Mashonda has moved on and in a good place. They’ll get theirs.

  43. WarrenTrenton:

    So instead of saying yeah I messed she's gonna dodge and duck that question like it's a damn mullet?

  44. sickwitit:

    False. If your meal ticket was walking out the door you would be pressed too.

  45. sickwitit:

    Co-sign Adult swim.

  46. sickwitit:

    We quoting gossip sites as gospel now??? smh.

  47. sickwitit:

    Where the fuck are these pictures?! I wish yall would stop quoting bullshit smh

  48. sickwitit:

    Alicia was NOT friends with Mashonda smh not excusing it tho….

  49. sickwitit:


    YASSSSSSS with all these facts!

  50. sickwitit:

    And AGAIN for the slow people. The kid's ages are 5 (Mashonda's son), 4 (Swizz daughter) and 2 (Egypt). While it's arguable that he was sleeping with all these women at the same time, it's also possible that he and Mashonda were indeed "apart" (regardless of marriage) and Swizz was doin' him at the time. It would explain Mashonda's nonchalant behavior toward the England woman and her daughter. Her and Swizz weren't on the same page so she knew he was seeing other people. Only ALICIA was the problem in Mashonda's eyes.

  51. sickwitit:

    Let's just wait on Mashonda's tell-all………

  52. britchick91:

    God is not sleeping .The fact that she doesn't see the wrong that she did is mind boggling

  53. Seats:

    How is it hate to call a spade a spade? She did something inappropriate and highly publicized and just like anything else we are commenting on it. I don't get the issue?

  54. Seats:

    What if Mashonda was giving her marriage a chance? Her child an opportunity for a stable home? What if she stayed and kept forgiving and trying and getting on with him in hopes that he would stop? Then Alicia Keys trots her cornrows over and starts busting it wide open and publicly leaving NO room for repair. You see THAT'S why she got loud because Alicia had no boundaries as we CLEARLY saw whilst she walked from one publication talking about "falling in love."

  55. Seats:

    Uh IF we didn't all already know that Kris and Kim's relationship was fake then YES Kanye would be a homewrecker. There is no double standard, it's Swizz's fault as well and from these comments everyone has clearly called him out on his shit. But to be clear Swizz has not even been as CLOSE to vocal as Alicia has so therefore he won't be as attacked.

  56. sickwitit:

    That is pathetic. You can't force somebody to stay who wants to leave.

  57. word:

    I don't think she was a home wrecker. HE was the home wrecker. It is HIS responsibility to make sure his that doesn't stray and that he takes care of home. Not to say that the women isn't trifling for sleeping with a married man but she is not the one that stood in front of God and everyone and pledged fidelity. But I think it is easier to blame the women because women want to stay with the trifling ass man. So if they can say "She messed up my relationship." They can stay and continue to get cheated on.

  58. MissHey:

    But Girl, were they divorced? There's a difference between separated and divorced. Could have waited until they made it official.

  59. OG BobbyJohnson:

    Only the bitter comment on other ppl’s situation without knowing wht it really was, can they live?

  60. ChanelSwagg:

    Ok so you not a home wrecker…… YOUR A FUCKING HOME WRECKER

  61. Seats:

    It's pathetic for Mashonda to try? Now that's subjective. If he wanted to leave I'm sure it would've been done on much less publicized and more respectful terms if not for Alicia.

  62. sickwitit:

    Duh, if it wasn't for Alicia it WOULDN'T have been publicized. If Swizz left for some random nobody woulda cared.

  63. WellDamn24:

    I just stumbled while reading this. LOL

  64. WellDamn24:

    I just hate a hypocrite. If you're doing to do wrong then don't do interviews and stay in your ho-ish lane. Also, frankly, Alicia is big for trying to push female empowerment and sister solidarity. You can't sing kumbaya with a chick whiles getting hammered by her husband.

  65. WellDamn24:

    Men watch sports, we watch people's drama. We women are built to be social. And its doubly delicious because we can't stand a chick cheating with a taken man. It makes us think of women going after our men.

    And considering that some folks thought her @ss was a lesbian for the longest (which is basically the most female-centered you can get), it's just odd like Aunt Maude to see her so d!ck down that she would engage in cheateration.

  66. WellDamn24:

    He does look like some sort of animal. A ferret?

  67. WellDamn24:

    Alicia is in a weird catch-22 with Ferret Boy; when he cheats she can't be all indignant and pissy over it. And any other trifling chick who gives him some will feel no guilt over the association because of how Alicia's relationship began. Also, she can't leave him without folks immediately speculating about either of them cheating.

  68. WellDamn24:

    Swizz has gotten hit with the cheateration stick, make no mistake. But the reality of the situation is that Alicia is the dominate one publically mainly because she's the bigger star, and no one would really cared who Ferret Boy cheated with before Alicia. I don't care what kind of big time producer he is. He's the tripple threat of not being cute, not being sexy, and being a cheater. I'm surprised that either of these women want him like that.

  69. WellDamn24:

    She wasn't friends with Mashonda spec ifically but she was a friend of the couple, which almost makes it worse. She had a working relationship with Swizz and you know at some point it was Mashonda with Swizz and Alicia at somebody's party or dinning table.

    You see a married couple together talking intimately, holding hands, kissing, and you want to get in the middle of that?! Not I said the cat!

  70. WellDamn24:

    If Mashonda talks about this one more time I'm sending her an open letter! There's a cheating, heart break, and a broken marriage, and then there's dragging that mess out till your child is in his 30s. Cheating happens everyday.

  71. Shell:

    sweetie…..Shes a home wrecker and Swizz is a man whore. any which way you slice it.

  72. WellDamn24:

    Here's my rachet question:

    If Alicia had just been sexing Ferret Face and not trying to fall in love him him, would it have been better? Kinda like they had a few interludes in the nude, smudged those professional lines but didn't completely erased them, and then each went their own merry way?

  73. lolo:

    Girl stop lying to yourself. Someone that works in NY for the state even said that Alicia was working on a massive AIDS/HIV campaign, but was let go due to being prego by a married man. The industry is just like a highschool..everyone talk. The proof was there. Seperated or not bottom like he was STILL Married.

  74. sickwitit:

    She didn't get pregnant until Jan. 2010, Swizz and Mashonda filed for divorce in 2008 —-> _/

  75. sickwitit:

    As a stan of hers it is indeed odd. I don't think she's a total lesbian but I don't think she's been "dicked down" into cheating either, something's amiss……….

  76. sickwitit:

    Yep smh I'm not sure how this will end. There would have to be something extreme like an ass whipping or Alicia will be stuck in this marriage……….

  77. sickwitit:

    Well someone needs to end this shit!!! People are still pressed about this and it was 5 FUCKING YEARS AGO! Mashonda needs just to lay everything out on the table. Alicia's only gonna mention it when it's benefitting her (album time). I'm just tired of people repeating the same INCORRECT shit over and over and over….

  78. sickwitit:

    I actually think Swizz is cute. And both those women are used to being cheated on so that's nothing……

  79. sickwitit:

    I was just thinking about that…..yeah you're right. I couldn't be around the girl or her house if I knew I was gonna fuck her man smh

  80. Blahkkbeutii649:


  81. Blahkkbeutii649:

    True Story!! I seen the letter she wrote and her interview where she said she knew then, why Alicia was acting stand off ish with her, all of a sudden.

  82. sickwitit:

    No she has 1 kid, his name is KJ.

  83. JenJen:

    She IS homewrecker … she better continue to suck his dick cause her singing is fading away….ol horse voice ass

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