New Music: Rihanna ft. Chris Brown, Nobody’s Business

Rihanna and Chris Brown just love to keep us talking, and Nobody’s Business is sure to stir up quite the buzz.

Although they both have recently denied being anything more than friends, it’s pretty damn hard to believe that their relationship doesn’t include a few more benefits…especially when they make songs like this.

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With RiRi’s Unapologetic disc dropping next week, the track has finally leaked for our listening pleasure. You can sit and analyze the lyrics all you want, but there’s no way you’ll convince me that Chris isn’t getting him some of that Bajan booty.

Get into Chrianna’s latest musical reunion on this Michael Jackson-esque track, and post your thoughts!


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  1. Tia:

    Cute song! Makes you of the music you skate to at a rollerskating rink back in the 80s :)

    Jia, of course, he and Rih are having relations. Who breaks up their relationship with their girlfriend in order to have an "friendship" with another woman?

  2. JamieLime:

    Oh. This is just the 2012 Version "We've Got Something in Common" a la Ms. Houston and Mr. Brown.

  3. lizette:

    Yess @ Tia I’m gettin
    roll bounce tease

  4. Welp:


  5. Y.B.:

    This is REALLY nice! I like it!

  6. Mikey:

    I like this song a lot, but I hate Chris Brown's voice on some parts. He shouldn't have tried to sing it like Mike. Sorry, but he just can't do it like Mike. Be you bro. Still like the song though.

  7. kwan:

    Ayy!!!! I like it and yes it is a skater friendly jam, very disco- ish… that would actually be a cute setting for the video.

    They betta reference the great MJ with that chorus giving me "Leave me alone" tease.

  8. Carmen:

    So, which song is better? Drake and Rihanna's Take Care or Nobody's business?

  9. Court_Invasion:

    Lol I was thinking the same

  10. Kenya:

    Clearly they’re meant for each other, they share an inability to pronounce the letter ‘s’ ….. Ain’t Nobody Bidneh.

  11. sit and rest...:

    like the song …but so over the concept of "We are private and dont want ppl in our business.. but lets make this song about us and hope ppl buy into it…but hold up dont be in our business and judge us".. I so appreciated them more when nobody cared about them…. clearly they both tried it! I dont even care about they bidness!

  12. Deeva:

    LOVES IT! I can’t wait for her album to drop, she always has good dance songs. This is very 90′s! Chris’ vocals are very MJ and bobby brown.

  13. JJ:

    Not what I expected but it’ll probably grow on me. Still annoyed that they want ppl to stay out of their business yet they made a song about it. Oh the irony.

  14. charlissag:

    Like it and I agree with all comments above.

  15. Lark:

    Ummm, it might be cute only if I could stop visualizing Willow….they sound just like one another! I don't know if that is a good thing for Rihanna, but Willow could most definitely reap the benefits.

  16. love_bey:

    did you know that rihanna went on ellen and mentioned that her vajay is very happy now? they work hard to get so much attention and then when they get it they're upset. like why can't yall just do yall and be ray charles to the bullshit.

    SN: the last time she was ellen she told ellen that her vajay was unhappy & she was lonely. and NOW ellen as a joke asked her how "she" was doing.

  17. MissHey:

    If it were no one's business. Than why did she call the police when Brown beat no bit the brakes off that you know what? Didn't she press charges too? Guess it'll be no ones business when they find her dead too. Goodness. Other than that, I like the MJ sample from "The way You make me feel." Oh and she hit some impressive high notes. I was surprised.

  18. MissHey:

    After this song, I don't want to hear a thing when Brown has another fit and slaps the taste out of her mouth. She'd better take that chin check like a man and keep it moving.

  19. Deeva:

    @misshey no she didn’t call the police, she didn’t want to press charges, and she didn’t want a restraining order either…the da and judge forced all of that.

  20. kwan:

    it's b/c they got it from MJ lol

  21. kwan:

    Take Care hands down!!! I like this one two but Take Care is just bomb for some reason.

  22. Nicole:

    After all these years it's funny to see stranger bitches sooooo disgustingly angry about how a complete stranger lives their life as if you're HOPING it happens. You just make sure YOU don't end up being on the receiving end of a slap.

  23. johnosahon:

    I love this song

  24. The voices made me do it:

    I’m with you Nicole! MissHey all you need to worry about is somebody beating yo ass

  25. The voices made me do it:

    It always seem other people can tell you what’s wrong with your relationships n what u doing wrong but can’t fix their own shit. Use that energy n get yo shit together

  26. penny:

    Really? this song is T.Rash but im sleep

  27. Crystal:

    agree! not feeling it

  28. boonella:

    When you become a celebrity you lose that bit of privacy…and it allows others to talk about you whether negative or positive….so I'm not sure what you mean…if they don't want anyone in their business…then stop doing shit like this…it's pretty simple…i don't like people in my business, so I don't share my business….

  29. J-T:

    Chile…the media really LOVES this couple.

  30. sunshine:

    i like drake and rihanna's what's my name
    but this song is very good. they need to do a video

  31. Valsays:

    I'm over these two. Don't let celebrities raise your kids folks.

  32. canIhaveyourdingdong:

    Listen when Chris says "Every Rih-touch is infectious"…it was cute. And I love the song.

  33. Seats:

    I understand what you're saying for about not looking for attention. But let's be clear that most people don't sign up to be a celebrity. It happens through the publicizing of their art. So don't impose on people that they don't deserve their privacy because they do. Just like any other human being. The mentality that people are in the entertainment world should give their lives over to the public is insanity.

  34. MissHey:

    "You just make sure YOU don't end up being on the receiving end of a slap. "

    LOL girl by who? You? Oh okay.

    And no I never want to see Rhianna beaten to a pulp. As a matter of fact, I want to see her leave Chris Brown so she won't be slapped. You can't read.

  35. MissHey:

    could not have typed it better.

  36. MissHey:

    I heard Rihanna approached Jay Z and he liked her swagger. As a matter of fact, most artist look for celebrity. Cause if they just wanted to make music they'd limit themselves to singing at church, clubs or teaching music.

    No one said Rihanna had to give over her personal life. ……………..but when you file a police report against someone for beating you, do interviews about someone beating you, then get back with the person who whupped that ass and tell people it is none of their business, then if you get hit again…………….I don't want to hear about it. That is the point I was trying to make. I wish the songstress good health. That is why I don't think it is a good decision for her to hook up with Chris Brown.

  37. MissHey:

    Why would I need to worry about someone beating my ass? I don't fraternize with men who hit girls, young lady.

  38. MissHey:

    You seem like someone who types from experience.

  39. MissHey:

    Boy you can't say anything negative about Chris Brown on here LOL!!!

  40. MissHey:

    Sigh, Deeva ………………………. The judge cant make you press charges. For an assault case, no excuse me felony assault case( he tried to choke her to death and bang her head against a glass window) to even come before the judge someone would have to have press charges. You're correct, she didn't call the police but she called for help, so someone could call the police. That is when a neighborhood heard her cries. I don't blame Rihanna. But I am just saying, next time keep your tribulations a secrete.

  41. MissHey:

    Next time keep your tribulations a secrete if you are going to tell the world it is none of their business.

  42. Keena:

    SOOOOOOOO about the music—

    I like this song, it’s a very feel good song. I would like a disco roller rink video to this, with lots of colors and lights and goofy dance-stalking, like MJ’s The Way You Make Me Feel :3

  43. Kakes:

    its ok.. kinda boring though

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