Ciara’s Grandma Gets Down to ‘Got Me Good’

I guess you could say, ‘She get it from her Granny.’

Yesterday Ciara shared this video of her Grandma grooving to the her latest single, Got Me Good, with her Twitter followers.

My Grandma Gladys is Gettin It In! She told Me Shes Reppin for the Senior Citizens! Lol. Watch This. #GotMeGood

I think it’s safe to say that Gladys is one of her granddaughter’s biggest fans. Too cute!


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  1. JamieLime:

    Awe! This was too cute! Makes me miss my grandmother…

  2. Y.B.:


  3. Arrielle:

    You better get it grandma.

  4. justtia:

    Lmbo! when she threw that leg up!

  5. Philly Finest!!!:

    Grandma was Twerking!!!! I see you!

  6. Heartasgold:

    Aww that was too cute.

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