New Video: Omarion Feat. Wale ‘M.I.A.’

Omarion is still struggling to get another hit record. This time, teaming up with his MMG label mate, Wale, for his latest attempt single from his forthcoming LP, Care Package, due November 29th.

Check out the visuals for M.I.A. above and post your thoughts!

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  1. Adult Swim:


    *blushes from ear 2 ear*

  2. Kimmy:

    It will take a little getting use to the “grown up” Omarion, but it was an okay track. I think he can make a come back with MMG, and Rick Ross (Rozay) doesn’t seem shady unlike Birdman. So I’m eager to hear some more of Omarion’s music.

  3. MJsDirtyDiana:

    "Omarion is still struggling to get another hit record." LMAO, I don't know why I find that so funny

  4. MsK:

    Sorry, boo but ain't no struggle about this track. It was highly regarded as one of the best tracks on the MMG mixtape. This video is mad late though. It was a smash summer song. wonder what the rest of the project will sound like.

  5. britchick91:

    what ever happened to him being a Jehovah's Witness?
    I've said it brfore and i'll say it again not all men can pull off nose studs

  6. Chalet:

    kimbella is that u girl u gotta new gig? lol!!!!

  7. AThought:

    Don't think the song is that strong but it will definitely be put into heavy rotation on my phone. Just how I'm feeling right now.

  8. Arrielle:

    Omarion will forever be known as dance fever to me after his stunt at the BET Hip Hop awards. He was dancing like it was on sale and the rent was due.

  9. Nico:

    I only hit play because I thought it was FEATURING M.I.A.
    I was sadly mistaken.


  10. amber:

    I still laugh until I cry whenever I see that gif. One of the funniest things ever.

  11. Dee Eugene:

    I think I would actually like this song better if it didn't have Wale's rap verse on it. His rap seems out of place.

  12. justtia:

    I thought i was the only one that felt the shade was extra, it is a likable song, I mean i know its not EVERYBODY'S cup of tea but its a cool track.

  13. canIhaveyourdingdong:

    Who wrote these lyrics? They could have been better…It's just very Drake-ish to me, the "i'm in my room sulking thing." But he looks good though, more grown up like he's not trying so hard to be different with them whack outfits he was donning for a while.

  14. Adrian:

    If he more material like this I promise he got a whole new fan base

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