Video: Kelly Rowland ft. Lil’ Wayne, Ice

Kelly Rowland has released the video for her song, Ice, featuring Lil’ Wayne.

She looks nice. And that’s about all I got. I’m still not here for the song. Post your thoughts!

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  1. Adult Swim:

    Go ‘head, Miss Kellz!

    She looks hot, and this song isn’t so bad. I mostly like the chorus. And *yawns* at the Lil Wayne part. It was aight, but I’m ’bout sick of him (& his plastic doll).

  2. britchick91:

    The video is late I thought the song was alright at first not so much now .She's very attractive though Don't give up Kelendria i'm sure you'll find your niche in due course

  3. britchick91:

    Shawn Sutton has very sexy eyes btw

  4. jodibankss:

    Danielle Polanco always serves! Love her

  5. Nico:

    This video did nothing for me, and I still care nothing for the song. Im so sad for Kelly cause I really like her but I think she is falling into and over-sexualized trap. She is better than this Ice mess. She got our attention with Motivation.. I just think she needs to broaden our view of her.

  6. ChanelSwagg:

    Hated it (men on films voice, in living color)

  7. Daisy:

    I LOVE this song #judgeme..I think its a summertime song though

  8. Dee Eugene:

    At first I didn't care for the song, but after hearing it a few times on the radio, it actually grew on me. Obviously "sex sells" works for Kelly because she was finally able to get an album in the BB200 top 10. I like the sex appeal of the video, all the men and women look hot.

  9. QueenMonie:

    Like the song & she’s looking good in the video

  10. @ChicFemme714:

    She is so beautiful and sexy, but she strikes out with her songs.

  11. confused:

    I love this song and Ms. Kelly. We always seem 2 criticize women when they sing/rap about sex but turn up the volume when a guy does it. She’s an adult and I don’t see anything wrong with her lyrics.

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