Madame Tussauds Unveils 2 New Rihanna Wax Figures

You can already find wax figures of Rihanna in Berlin, Washington D.C. and London; and now Hollywood and Vegas are on that list as well. Earlier this week, the famed Madame Tussauds franchise unveiled two new wax sculptures of the Bajan superstar.

The Hollywood version features Rih’s fire red locks and the signature costume from her recent LOUD tour, while the Vegas figurine has a cropped red hairstyle and a nude bodysuit that she wore for her Last Girl on Earth concerts.

Which RiRi replica do you prefer?


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  1. Mesa:

    They look just like her!! Aye go rhi!

  2. Guest:

    Definitely the second one. The first one doesn't really look as real.

  3. lizette:

    The first one look more like her in the face. Love dem both tho

  4. Drea:

    The one with the long hair definitely looks more like her, but i like the other one better. That body suit is fab!

  5. WarrenTrenton:

    Wow they got every detail down from the heart shaped lips to the fact that neither the wax Rihanna or the real Rihanna can sing.

  6. kinkycurlyliebe:


  7. @iloveroman:

    What is with all these god damn Rihanna posts! This site is turning into Rihanna Daily >:(

  8. Gold Star:

    It looks like her both of them but Ri Ri is forever changing styles and hair colors so they may want to get that wax figure a stylist

  9. EliteNavi:

    Even her wax figure slays your fave!!! jia, u are stanning DOWNE!!!! im here for it

  10. RUSerious:


  11. Carmelle:

    Definently the one with the long red hair. Both look great!

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