In Case You Missed It Like Me: Rihanna Hits the SNL Stage

And let the performances begin….

Rihanna recently hit the SNL stage for a performance of her songs, Diamond (which I STILL haven’t gotten into) and Stay.

Will you be purchasing her upcoming Unapologetic album? Check out the performances, and as always, post your thoughts!


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  1. Mesa:

    That last note though…um yea on the last song was uh pitchy but she actually sounded decent I loved her voice on diamonds the last song she sounded like she was whining..Lol her face looks super pretty though!

  2. well:

    Her stans all on twitter spazzing & saying she gave an Adele type vocal. Uhm NO far from! What I will say though is that these to performances were cute FOR HER cuz we all know the usual. So yeah

  3. Geez:

    Girl, that background and salvation army getup was a fucking MESS. She sounded nice, though. Very similar to the track (Diamonds).

  4. tellemwhyyoumadson:

    I don't know about all that sounding like Adele stuff. But I do think it is one of the best vocal performances I heard from her. I was impressed.

  5. Shantel:

    I dig !!

  6. vivi:

    She sounded nice and her face is super pretty. Now that wardrobe…. eh guess she borrowed Chris’s timberlands and coat for the show. Luckily for her, rihanna is one of few people who could literally rock anything and still look pretty.

  7. Drakes Hand:

    love her, hate the song.
    and nope Jia, i will not be buying her album because as soon as i get my receipt from iTunes two days later, she’ll come out with a new damn cd. pass.

  8. Melanie:

    You know what I hate? That whenever she sings about a love lost or a broken heart a part of me will always immediately link it back to Chris Brown. Even if I don't want to or mean to. Because in the back of my mind I will always remember their love for each other, the demise of their relationship, and their attempts to fix or rebuild from it. And some of her songs might not even be about him in particular but I will associate the two off rip.

  9. AThought:

    She sounded pretty good. I just hate that Diamonds looked like it was filmed in the mall. -_-

  10. Precious:


  11. shana:

    bahahhahahahaha *casket closed*

  12. adia:

    I really like it I’d say her best performance vocally it was really good clear nice

  13. Exude Excellence:

    So..did she just say eff vocal training? I'll take Cassie singing live over this.

  14. jodibankss:

    She is the only person in the world who sings with an accent. And I really wish she would do her hair. She was winning with the,short do

  15. Adult Swim:

    Umm…Yeah…Girl…What…No…Boo? What????

    I don’t know what the hell they talkin’ about, but Rihanna, you did great (as always) boo! You sounded great & you looked hot. Keep it pimpin, Ma!

  16. Mikey:

    She killed that last performance, "Stay." Yeah she might not have a voice like Adele, but that's okay. She has her own unique voice, everyone can't be a powerhouse singer. It's the varierty of different singing voices that I like; I don't want everyone to sound the same.

  17. heavenglam:

    I liked the first performance. I dont think I like that second song, though. She sounded good. I wonder what all that ganja might be doing to her vocal chords. On another note, I wish someone would bury this half-shaven hairstyle right next to blue lipstick and and Karrueche's birth control.

  18. Anonya:

    Chile, even the mall looks better than the f**kery that was the background. #Don'tDissDaMawl

  19. The voices made me do it:

    I thought she did good. Better than I expected. The first song sounded just like the record

  20. JJ:

    @Adult Swim

    As always? Lmao u Stans are a trip

  21. Hitkit:

    Yeah she was lip-syncing

  22. tea sipper:

    Lmao….chile cheese,what is that lil two step she is doing in the first video!??!! This is a travesty, whatever happen to the days when stars where STARS?? why no ttake pride in your brand and dress the part?? Rihanna looks insane and sounds horrible. Oh well in a lack luster world where anyone can be a star as long as they have enough ppl who"like" them I guess this is what u get! That style is horrible she looks off the street. So pretty or not I would think she would put in a little more effort!…and ax this circa 90s look she is going for!

  23. Adult Swim:

    @JJ: No sweetie, you WISH I was a stan so that your comment wouldn’t be in vain, but sorry to burst your bubble boo. I “stans” for no one, but the man upstairs. I just simply think that Rihanna is talented for what RIHANNA does! Like someone on this thread said: ‘If all the artists sounded the same they’d be boring.’ I love the Mary J Blige’s of music & I ALSO love the Rihanna’s & Jhene Aiko’s of music as well. Plain & simple. Nothing more, nothing less, sweetheart. But I don’t do that stanning bullsh*t…Never dat, my dude.

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