Yearn or Burn: Kim K’s Velvet Jumpsuit

Kanye’s styling strikes again.

I may not be the biggest fan of Kim Kardashian, but I swear that girl always used to dress her ass off. However, since Kimye have become one, it seems like her style has completely fallen off.

While doing dinner in London, Kimmy rocked a velvet, one-piece jumpsuit, slicked back bun, and finished the look with some Christian Louboutin pumps on her feet.

Maybe I’m just not fashion forward, but I don’t see it for this look at all. Are you guys feeling it? Post your thoughts!

Photos:Bauer Griffin

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  1. Arrielle:

    Whose grandmother's closet did she pull that out of?

  2. @mzvirgo:

    I don't know if it's the material or the fit of the jumpsuit, but it looks like it needs tailoring. No.

  3. bianca:

    I like the velor jumpsuit, it looks chic especially with her hair pulled back.

  4. Morgan:

    Looks like something mama Tina would wear

  5. britchick91:

    I get the concept I just think she looks very frumpy in it

  6. britchick91:

    Is it me or does she have a big weave track going round the side of her head in the 1st pic?

  7. kwan:

    Velvet is just like Lace too much of it or the wrong shape can make you look old and frumpy try again Kimmy!

  8. GrimyTeddy:

    Captain save-a-ho up to the usual antics…

    If I buy a Philly cheesesteak and decide to throw 1/2 in the garbage, do you come behind and pick it out of the trash then publicly declare its the best sub you ever tasted?

  9. Nae:

    That's the perfect description of how she's been looking lately…frumpy. I don't know who Kanye is dressing but it doesn't seem as if he's dressing Kim or her body.

  10. britchick91:

    I really do feel that he's dressing her crazy on purpose just to see how far he can push the control boundaries

  11. jrc:

    I yearn to burn this outfit. No ma’am.

  12. Daisy:

    I am a Kim fan if you will esp of her former fashion sense. I wish she would bring back her old styling team and tell Yeezy (whom I love as well) to have a row of seats in TIMEOUT! She looks pretty but this jumpsuit is NOT cute and makes her look bigger to me.

  13. Leila:

    I kinda like the jumpsuit, just not on her. It would look way better on me!! Just kidding!! (No, I’m not). But she used to have great fashion sense and she does know which styles work well with her body. Kanye most certainly does not know. I wonder who told him he could be a designer/stylist. He should stick to making music and being arrogant, that he does well.

  14. JustMe_Andria:

    As Funky Dineva would say, "Burn it, bitch! Burn it!" The jumpsuit is cute just not in velvet. Kim should've kept her own style. She wears way too much black and leather now.

  15. vivi:

    This would probably look nice on a tall, lean woman. Kim is average height and very curvy, so the jumpsuit completely eliminates her waist line. I know Kanye is treating Kim like his life sized blowup…err I mean Barbie doll, but everything on the runway doesn’t work well on the streets or Kim. Bring back the old styling Kim….

  16. Disgusted:

    Amber Rose always looked on point when she was with Kanye and Kim looked fabulous before his ass.

  17. Carmelle:

    Did it come with a suede pamper?

  18. heavenglam:

    Looks like Granny lingerie

  19. The voices made me do it:

    I can’t look at this without thinking about how hot that shit has to be. Could u imagine the sweat after u take it off? Ewww!

  20. Don't_Start_No_Shit:

    She is H.I.T. I'm starting to think Kanye is trying to kill her public image so she will have to depend on him!!!

  21. mannnn:

    BURN dat shyt with an ETERNAL flame!!!! Krystal Carrington would not approve. What kind of mind-altering component is in Kanye's peen juice that has this chick walkin around lookin all crazy? smh.

  22. J2:

    She looks so unhappy or dazed. Next!!

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