Video: Rihanna Denies Relationship With Chris Brown In Live Interview For Facebook

Yesterday, after the debut of her latest video, Diamonds, Rihanna took part in a live interview for Facebook where she discussed her forthcoming album, Unapologetic, her relationship with Chris Brown, and their duet, Nobody’s Business.

Nobody’s Business is basically the way I look at everything regarding my personal life. Even though you have to witness it, it’s being documented at every second, it still is mine… This is mine at this point.

After host, Andy Cohen, played a word association game with the Unapologetic singer, she admitted that Chris was dope, but they are not in a relationship.

Andy Cohen: Kanye West.

Rihanna: Genius.

Andy Cohen: Jay-Z.

Rihanna: Even more genius.

Andy Cohen: Beyonce.

Rihanna: Gorgeous and a stab to my self esteem.

Andy Cohen: Mariah Carey.

Rihanna: Her voice is an instrument, it’s unreal.

Andy Cohen: Nicki Minaj.

Rihanna: Ass.

Andy Cohen: Eminem.

Rihanna: Eminem is the shit.

Andy Cohen: Chris Brown.

Rihanna: He’s dope too. He’s kind of all right.

Are you guys together?

Rihanna: No.

Watch the full interview below and post your thoughts!


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  1. smdh:

    Waiting for that Bey & Rih duet

  2. DollyNZero:

    You know Bey ain't gonna let that happen. It's like the Highlander: "There can only be one!"

  3. DollyNZero:

    Lol! On a scale of cloudy to sunny her shade on Nicki was on eclipse!

    That one word answer summed up her career perfectly: ASS! Nothing was in there about talent, beauty, or business savvy. Just straight ASS! LMAO!

  4. annette:

    LLeave it up to rihanna to keep it 100, lol. I think we all can agree about her NM answer, lol

  5. kwan:

    LMAO yeeeeeeeeeees for the read Bajan Rih gave Nicholas.. with ONE WORD! I knew she didn't like her by the way her and Katy were side-eyeing at the VMAs.

  6. Carmen:

    I know I wish they would have asked her about Drake!

  7. tweety:

    That audience was annoying as FUCK..

  8. PoohB:

    im more mad at the fan with the accent who was like "it hurts when they say you cant sing live"..did you see Rhi's face? soo awkward!!!!!
    her fans are teenagers…you cant take them no where….63 million likes..hopefully, this album will finally be number #1.

  9. Carmen:

    Lmfaoooo Rih is my girl but that is too funny

  10. Carmen:

    Lmfao you think so? I thought they were funny as hell especially the one fan PoohB is talking about and that loud (I think she was black) girl.

  11. britchick91:

    biggest misconception about you? That you can't sing live it hurts shaaaaaaaaaaade

  12. J2:


    He’s kind of all right? Cut the crap! You two are besties. State it and move on.

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