Video: Chris Brown Opens Up About Rihanna

Chris Brown stopped by Big Boi’s Morning Show to talk about his upcoming projects and his non relationship with Rihanna.

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He also talks about putting out a video to express his love for two women (Rihanna & Karrueche), and said that he felt it was better for him to just put it out there, rather than having a one on one. I bet she felt really good about that one.

Check out the video and post your thoughts.

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  1. ChildPlease:

    You see his reaction after they mentioned rihanna's name? Yeah they are just "friends" alright

  2. Nicole:

    I think he’s right. Fans should just chill. If you like the music by the album and stop trying to backseat drive peoples lives.

  3. Oh ok:

    Fans will NOT chill when you give them ammunition such as the video that Big Boi brought up during the interview. I mean come on now. He said he was "explaining himself". To whom? The fans? Why? If it is simply their job just to sit back and watch? He could've easily expressed this to K. and Rih.Two women he has intimate relations with. The fans didn't need to know anything if they are just spectators. He can miss me with this B.S.

  4. Killahkey:

    That was cute. Love that interview.

  5. love_bey:

    I guess he got a lot of flack about balancing two girls and he wanted to clear the air. it was dumb, but he probably didn't want his fans to think he was just ass so he released that video so his fans could some what relate to his situation. when it comes to rih & cb there will ALWAYS be a mess and fans will ALWAYS be watching and judging.

  6. Hey You!:

    I thought he said he wasn’t doing any interviews this year…

  7. Carmen:

    At times I don't like him, but seeing him like this makes me like him.

  8. Ummm yea ok:

    Big boy: they like it when I take my chest off and throw it in the fifth row…
    chris brown: your actual chest?
    Big boy: yea do you know how to just take your actual chest off and throw it into the fifth row?
    Chris brown: no but I’m striving to-
    Big bit:(cocks bald head to he side) IGGGZACTly

  9. Oneofthekidz:

    Looking at him got me thinking… this guy is doing drugz

  10. MissHey:

    So he beat her up and now he is stringing her along. …………sad.

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