50 Cent Loves the Kids: Gives Surprise Performance at the Boys & Girls Club

I’d be lying if I said I had any real interest in 50 Cent’s music (at least not since Get Rich or Die Trying), but all of that aside, he’s managed to grow on me quite a bit this year.

First he showed his softer side during that sit-down with Oprah, and now he’s continued showing off his nice guy persona by giving back to the kids.

As part of Yahoo’s new Crash Concerts series, Fif recently gave a surprise mini-concert at the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club in Brooklyn. I swear, the looks on those kids faces when he hit the stage were absolutely priceless!

Check it out after the break, and post your thoughts.


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  1. NotaSheep!:

    These are the types of stories that I love to read about celebrities!!! …Inspiring the youth in a positive way!

  2. Really...:

    What songs could he possibly perform that would be appropriate for those kids to hear?

  3. The voices made me do it:

    50 is still worthy…Yes lawd…

  4. Jusitn:

    lol "nice guy persona".. … .

  5. annette:

    I love me some fiddy!!, that was nice of him, but that boy in the red vest was overly excited, lol. Very cool of him to surprise the kiddos

  6. Adult Swim:

    @Really…: My thoughts exactly. Soon as I read the ‘mini concert’ part, I thought to myself: “What Fiddy songs would be appropriate for the kiddies?”

    Not to sound negative, because this is a positive 50 moment (that rarely happens), I’m just simply curious? This is 50 we’re talking about here, not Will Smith.

  7. incogneglo:

    And what song did he do? lol…

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