More Photos of Amber Rose & Her New ‘Do

Amber Rose and that belly, man…

The mommy to be was spotted at a nail salon dogging an ice cream cone while rockin’ a brand new darker ‘do. At least she looks comfortable. Can’t wait to see pics of the baby! Somewhere in this world, Kanye West is poking holes in the condoms, and Kim Kardashian is taking pics of it for Instagram.

Check out a few more after the break and post your thoughts!

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  1. MsPecanPixie:

    She cute even in that ugly ass out fit!

  2. sara:

    I like the hair and the comfortable outfit. Her legs however is a sure sign of diabetes

  3. loveE:

    Lol she looks like a prison mom in that jumpsuit. I don't know, I just like her better blonde. This look has yet to grow on me.

  4. AThought:

    I'm not going to lie and this is no shade AT ALL, but halfway glancing at the first pic, I thought it was a fat boy with moobies.

    I had to do a triple take, even with the headline.

  5. bianca:

    she looks a hot mess

  6. jbrizzy:

    Damn Amber, not a single f*ck was given huh? At least she is enjoying her pregnancy, thats all that matters at the end of the day.

  7. yuck:

    Looking like she has on an unsnapped onsie. Mess.

  8. MsMasseyifuNasty:

    I’m a big Amber Rose fan. BUT THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE NIGGA?! She looks like white trash and i know she can’t bleach becuz of the baby but eeewwwww come on! And this over sized shirt that looks like a moomoo/pajama gown is disgusting! Get a grip Amber! Kill yaself for this OOTD…..

  9. Umyeaok:

    Some of y’all be doing the most…tr women is big and pregnant and y’all still expect her to be blonde and wear tight clothes and high heels?…really? She’s supposed to be a fashionista every day?..oh ok…I actually like the comfortable look and the hair color she’s sporting…it shows her basic, down to earth and comfortable…I just hope she and wiz have a happy healthy baby and continue on loving eah other and get married!

  10. The voices made me do it:

    Pregnant or not that shit is ugly. Just because ur pregnant does not mean u give up ur sense of fashion. If yo ass know u about to get snapped by the paps on a daily basis, fix yo damn self up

  11. Ambersmart:

    Amber Rose was a smart white girl. Get a black man hooked while fly, then get pregnant and become a huge white slob. Smart girl, dumb nigga.

  12. asidkisses:

    LMFAOOOO She look like a big ass baby herself in that getup!

  13. really:

    Did someone actually type that Amber should kill herself because her outfit is ugly? Are you serious? You are a sick individual. If anyone should be put to sleep it is you.

  14. sotru78:

    What you said.

  15. Drakes Hand:

    damn. amber looks way past 6 months.
    hope she gets her shape back. :/

  16. Whoa There:

    Really? She should kill herself? Chill out ma -___-
    Anyway yes the onesie sucks but she still glows. Trying to get used to this dark haired Amber, fl in love with the blond.

  17. Ladykins:

    Heck I'm 7 months and am for SURE dressing for comfort because tight clothes ain't it right now, but I'm not going around dressed like Fester Adams either. That moomoo makes her look short and stumpy!

  18. Guesst:

    Pugsley Addams called Ambs, and he'd like his swag ice creams stains pls..

  19. Adult Swim:

    I’m not #TeamAmber in the LEAST! Never have been, never will be. She (along with the Kardashians, the Jersey Shore brats, Paris Hilton etc;) represents everything I despise about hollyweird. Matter fact, they’re a big part of the reason I came up with the name, ‘hollyweird.’

    But inspite of my personal feelings towards her, I think some of y’all are doing thee most with her appearance here. Clearly it’s not fashion (duh…no shit), but it’s not the most hideous looking garment on the planet either. Jeeze, calm the f*ck down. Most pregnant women care MORE about feeling comfortable & LESS about looking “fierce,” and apparently Amber’s one of those moms. What’s the big deal? Some of y’all act like you’re offended. Like: “I’m offended that she would walk out the house looking like this!” Really? Try being THIS concerned about your life! How about that?

    Jesus Christ!

  20. Ms. Chocolatekitty:

    Wow, that was a bit deep….

  21. Tata26ish:

    Don’t like the whole look. She’s a beautiful woman but she looks a hot mess here.

  22. Chrisanthea:

    I love that she’s enjoying her pregnancy. Go Amber!

  23. :-):

    I don't really like the dress, but does it matter? She didn't get dressed for me.

  24. MissHey:

    How so? I am seriously curious. I never knew that diabetes can be detected in your legs.

  25. @SeikoIsKING:

    Aye! Fester Adams was that nigga! And I liked his outfit.

  26. Hood snob:

    I'm shocked this the worst I've seen her look ever but she still bad

  27. Sammi:

    See Beyonce take note!! This is what areal pregnant woman looks like.

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