Beyoncé Pens Letter to President Obama + Shares Voting Pics

It’s no secret that the Carters are HUGE supporters of President Obama, and in honor of Election Day, Beyoncé penned a handwritten letter showing love to the POTUS.

BeyonceLetterBey already completed her civic duty, and shared some voting pics via her website as well. Have you guys got your vote on yet today?

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  1. Arrielle:

    Please go and vote everybody.

  2. The voices made me do it:

    On my way to vote in my red, white and blue! I am sooo proud to be an American right now! Go vote!!!

  3. kwan:

    I voted early :)

    Short sweet and to the point *two thumbs up Bey*

    That is truly one thing Black parents can now feel a sense of relief when they say "you can be anything you want to be", their kids will now believe it.

  4. NotaSheep!:

    Jill Stein 2012!!! (early voted)

  5. TheTroll:

    Finally, Beyonce learned how to write a letter. Is Fantasia literate yet?

  6. TheTroll:

    I voted for Stein, too. The Green Party needs more recognition.

  7. shelly~:

    I did not know you were allowed to bring carmeras and stuff in the voting rooms. Perhaps they made an exception.

  8. CheReiHino:

    It looks like she's in a kitchen. Just judging by the look of the counter top.

  9. NotaSheep!:

    I so totally agree! I'm pretty sure if her platform was brought to the forefront, she would have had a lot more recognition (votes) in the Black/Hispanic/youthful community, and amongst plenty of White environmentalists as well.

  10. kwan:

    yeah I think that's an absentee ballot I doubt she would go to the polls … a riot will ensue lol

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