Video: K. Michelle Pays Tribute To Monica & Sings ‘Before You Walk Out Of My Life’

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, K. Michelle, recently performed during her sold out show at SOB in New York and paid tribute to a few of the women in the industry that reached out to her to give advice or just show their support.

Miss Monica was the first lady of the music industry to reach out to me and tell me you got it, don’t let these motherf*ckers f*ck with you… And I respect you so much.

Watch below as an emotional K. Michelle sings Monica’s Before You Walk Out Of My Life and post your thoughts!

You can also check out the rest of her performance here, including a medley of Mary J. Blige, Jill Scott and more.


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  1. Gwendella:

    Whoever does her hair does a great job she’s rockin that red. That child can blow like nobody’s business. I enjoyed watching this.

  2. JoeBeauBoom:

    The lady has a voice! As soon as she quits fronting like she's going to 'jump fences' and beat sistahs down, I will be able to give my full-throated endorsement.

    She showed grace and gratitude with her tribute, and I love this song. If my people could cut each other some slack and control tempers, we'd be well on our way to untold success.

    All the best to K. Michelle.

  3. ShayShay:

    Awww! I loved it! And I love K! Do your thang girl!!!!

  4. Marisa:

    SANG K and I tell ya she changes her hair every 27 minutes but them do's be on point in my Dineva voice my hair is laidddddddddd like a Monica tribute song at SOB's. Hopefully K can leave all the baggage behind and then wack wannabes on that show and focus on taking her career to the next level

  5. Just Wondering:

    I love that K.Michelle's music is finally getting the attention it deserves. I hope after the law suit she finally heals and focuses on the music.

  6. Cabyus:

    Loved this performance. She’s so talented. I died at her SAANGING “Bandz a Make Her Dance”

  7. Donna Drake:

    Oh, okay. I thought she was older than Monica.

  8. Ms. S:

    No. K. Michelle is 26, Monica is 31.

  9. DR9:

    That was hot! Thanks Miss Jia! *headed to other link*

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