Chad Johnson Files His Own Divorce Papers

Chad Johnson’s estranged wife, Evelyn Lozada, filed her divorce papers a good month ago but until yesterday, Chad showed no interest in signing them or filing any papers at all…

Well, it looks like he’s finally ready to let ol’ girl go because according to TMZ, he filed his own divorce papers in a Florida court admitting that their union is irretrievably broken. In response the papers that she filed a month ago, Chad claims that the two of them had a prenup and he wants it to be enforced.

According to the docs, Johnson wants a judge to BLOCK Evelyn’s request that Chad foot the bill for her legal fees … citing a provision in the prenup in which the two sides agreed to pay their own way if they were to split up.

The divorce has not been finalized yet … but at this point, it’s only a matter of time…

So, will any of you be watching Evelyn this Saturday on OWN’s Iyanla: Fix My Life? Post your thoughts!

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  1. Daisy:

    Yes, I will be watching with my white cheddar popcorn.

    I still hate how this all went down and played out for both of them but I am sure they will both bounce back in the end.

  2. Maya Dee:

    Something about Chad Johnson is very off to me.

    && I don't think that it's JUST that he's an attention whore.

  3. sassy24:

    No, I won't be watching. Hope Chad has learned his lesson and they both can move on.

  4. honey boo boo:

    Chad has issues, why do u think as still one of the wide receivers that’s still at the top of his game he can’t get a job even on the worse nfl teams *miami*

  5. iLuLuOnline:

    So….ummm….about that big ass leg tattoo….

  6. JayAustin:

    That tattoo is a joke.. Can’t even see it!!
    Now as for Ev.. I’m going to watch.. I seen
    A clip of the show and Iyalna (sp) said something that resonated with me.. So I’m watching for my own cleansing!!
    But she said to Ev ” I want to hold U, cause I don’t think u have ever been held when U needed it. That whatever U say, I won’t use against U.”

    She had me right there!! Ev im sure is like most of us. Afraid to open Up cause when we have in the past, it’s always thrown right back in our face… It’s how U keep ppl at bay.. Deep

  7. MimiMareMommy:

    I will be watching.. Should be interesting.. I want to see if this is an effort to remain relevant or if she is genuinely looking for help because she could have done this off camera.. For real.. But I will see..

  8. tweety:

    idk what that nigga was thinking..smdh

  9. WellDamn24:

    Ev can cry on cue. I have no sympathy for her. The only reason I might watch is because I think Iyanla called her a thug and I want to see the thug's response to the truth hitting her in the face.

  10. WellDamn24:

    I think its about getting more attention. If she really was about getting help it would be from a therapist, not Iyanla (no disrespect).

  11. Nicole:

    That's pretty pitiful. What did Evelyn do to you to make you want to see her down? That's what I don't like about reality show watchers. You think you know the person from 30-1hr but you fail to realize you don't know any of these people. Why do you feel so strongly about a woman being down and out is puzzling. You might need some counseling.

  12. WellDamn24:

    I'ma be real honest with you when I say that I can't stand a bully…or a thug…or a woman who is both. And Ev is all 3 which makes her oh so unattractive to me as an individual.

    You are right that I don't know every detail about Evilyn's life. I don't know what her hopes, dreams, and aspirations were when she was 5, 15, 25, or whatever she is right now. I don't know Ev and frankly I wouldn't want to know her if I did meet her.

    But what I do know is what I've been shown by her behavior, for at least 3 seasons. If you saw me on TV and I was consistently mean, rude, uncooth, bullying, and getting increasingly violent, at the very least you'd think that I was more about the fame and the cheddar than my own self respect.

    Please don't make out like I want to whomp on Ev in a dark alley. It's not that serious. But I do believe that as a society we need to speak out our distain of bad behavior and bullying. If you feel comfortable with that sort of bad behavior, then maybe you need some counseling.

  13. Arrielle:

    Im still not here for the antics of the stunt Queen above.
    But I will be watching only so I can see somebody get Evelyn's ass together and not tell her that shit she's been pulling is cute. Aint nothing like a sassy black woman with not one fuck to give getting somebody together.

  14. mstld:

    I won't watch it on TV, but will catch it when it hits the net, though. I will not give this chick any ratings… Petty, I know… By no means do I believe that a man should ever beat on a woman, never the less headbutt , but i honestly don't feel sorry for her. She was bound to take an ass whoopin, unfortunately it came from her husband , a man rather than one of the many people she bullied, threatened and talked ish too. I'm a firm believer in do onto others as you would have done onto you. Karma is a motha..

  15. StayMaddest:

    YES GAWD HUNTY! Oprah has been giving me life! with her interviews and positive life class and just her line up all together! don’t believe the hate OWN is THEE CHANNEL lol cannot wait for iyanla to call Evelyn ALL THE WAY OUT! lol all in.all though Evelyn is milking this for all its worth…after this show however she will still be a THUG just like iyanla said

  16. J2:

    You always have that one lost person….always wanna go against the grain. If you’re consistently nasty on “REALITY” tv, you’ll be judged accordingly. If they talked about Jesus when all He did was good, why wouldn’t they talk about this heifer?

    I’m happy he somewhat stood up for himself and pulled out supporting lines that chick gotta pay for her own fees. I understand wrong is wrong but as you’re going into a relationship, you have to play the what if game. In this case, it happened to be>
    Eve: (even though I’m saying it’s okay) What if he cheats? Will I find out? Will we argue? Will he stomp my face like a stepper does in the yard?

    ::shrugs:: I hope these two can hurry this process up instead of drag it out. There’s a prenup so hopefully all the bases were covered.

  17. kkmsir:

    It looks like another love TKO!

  18. princess:

    Good for him! Let that Hooker gooooo! Lol!!

  19. MimiLuvs:

    "…You always have that one lost person….always wanna go against the grain. If you're consistently nasty on "REALITY" tv, you'll be judged accordingly. If they talked about Jesus when all He did was good, why wouldn't they talk about this heifer?…"

    Hmm… I am glad that I didn't have to say it.
    (goes back to sipping on my Chinese Take-out Iced Tea)

  20. kwan:

    Oh I believe that also, however she may be coming in to get attention but Iyanla finna get her to-and-gether. She may not be a licensed therapist but what that lady gives is some real therapy and doesn't sugarcoat the situation with you. Evelyn def. needs a regular therapist but Iyanla is a good first step.

  21. kwan:

    Woah Woah Woah so this heifer tryna make him pay her legal fees when they already agreed that if this shit happened they would pay their own way. This that shit I don't like, if you want to be the the one to file for divorce make sure your duckets are lined up to pay for it. Evileen likes to re-nig on her agreements first the whole open relationship and now this, it's continuously making me question her motives.

  22. JENNY JONES!!!:


  23. Gwendella:

    And the soap opera continues. At least he has that Nup.

  24. Emma:

    Evelyn, if you are reading this, pay your own fees. Hold onto your dignity and get on with your life. Resign from reality TV. Do something more productive.

  25. Dee:

    exactly. if it was really about her fixing her life she wouldnt be doing so on camera

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