Jay-Z & Beyoncé to Host Obama Fundraiser

It’s no secret that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are huge supporters of the Obama administration, and now, the Carters plan to continue that support in the form of a fundraiser.

According to the New York Post, Hov and Bey will host the $40,000 a plate event at Jay’s 40/40 Club on September 18. Prior to the dinner, President Obama will also attend a reception where families can pose for a pic with the POTUS for a cool $12,500.

The Carters’ camp have yet to officially comment on the event, but word is that it will be Obama’s last NYC campaign stop before the election.


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  1. Louis XVI:

    When I was in High School my best friend and I use to go home after school and play video games or dungeons and dragons. One time I was over his house, his crackhead mother was hurting bad for some drugs. She offered to give me a blowjob for $5 dollars. I was scared because I was a virgin, sad for my friend and that was my lunch money for the next 2 days. I turned her down. The drug dealer down the street didn't. Maybe we all should be like Jay-Z and go the drug-dealer to materialistic corporate rapper always rapping about killing millions of Black Men(so White people can sing along in concert) just like him and how he is so much better than the rest of us broke motherfuckers; I could be married to Beyonce'? When I was a kid I always wondered why they taught us about the French Revolution. Now I know.

  2. chocolate_krys:

    ^^^ WTF?

  3. Drakes Hand:

    *slow blink at that first comment*

    yeah, anyways.. it’s nice to see people like Beyonce & Jay endorsing the Prez. they don’t realize how much influential power they hold in their hands.

  4. chocolate_krys:

    I see celebs like SJP doing fund raisers and whatnot. Good to see that some brown faces can earn some cash for Obama. I wonder of Oprah will go? Wish I could : /
    *turns pockets inside out* lol

  5. jbrizzy:

    Whoa errr ummmm. Why?

  6. StayMaddest:

    *knocks on Binkys door* um…yea…there’s some crazy fool on your post…I would like to speak with your manager and have him escorted out in a straight jacket.

    Anyways..more ICONIC STEPS for the Carters.People just don’t understand. Beyoncé is PAST being an “it gurl” she is AN ICON.Jay Z is a legend.Love this couple.They are basically the Obama and Michelle of the music world.it’d be cute if they played on that in a video.

  7. annette:

    ICON is used real recklessly these days #IJS

  8. StayMaddest:

    I see you are recklessly pressed.#IJS

  9. Diva:

    He couldn’t find a more respectable black couple then them to do this dinner? The aging rapper and the coochie popping singer.

  10. Gwendella:

    I love the way they support him.

  11. bihenda:


  12. confused:

    Wait, what? o_O

  13. LovinLife:

    Icon and Legend are both used very loosely smh.

  14. GetAtMeHeaux:

    Umm, If you're saying jay z is a malignant cancer who profits and continues to profit from the destruction of his own community, I agree with you.

  15. BoowithoutheHoney:

    Dead, y'all leave Geriatric Jay alone. LMAOOO.

  16. Arrielle:

    This is so random and completely off topic.

  17. Arrielle:

    I love my President but $12,500 for a picture… I wont knock his hustle. It nice of them to do a fund raiser and I hope its successful.

  18. Missy:

    The REALLY impressive thing to have done would have been to have a get together with regular working folk and take free photos … all sponsored by Bey and Jay…. But the publicist didn’t recommend that idea, huh?

  19. EazyBreezy:

    $12500 is to much? It’s the president what is he suppose to charge ? 2 for $15? So every Tom dick and crazy person can hustle up $15 to be in his face? Naw

  20. copope:

    1.obama campaign needs more money so this will be helpful
    2. Icon and legend to whom? i agree tht these words have been used loosely
    3. I feel like ive jus read a sad autobiography of an angry black man from the first comment

  21. 4realdo:

    What this have to do with getting my President re-elected?! Vote Obama!!!

  22. 4realdo:

    There is no better couple…name names. seriously

  23. 4realdo:

    Can Icon and Legend not be a matter of personal taste?

  24. 4realdo:

    smh @ the French

  25. annette:

    No never, lol. But u can stay mad tho

  26. annette:

    Ummm how about Denzel and Paulette? No? How about General Colin and Alma Powell? No, not famous enough? Damn. How about Bill and Camille Cosby? Naw that won't do, guess we have to stick with the ONLY black couple in the entertainment and political world -______-

  27. 4realdo:

    These peeps can pull like Bey & Jay? If u say so. Yeah, lets leave Bill and Camille off the list I agree. So only 2 couples….short list. OK

  28. ogosh:

    i couldn't even afford to eat the crumbs off the table at this event, but that's good for them.

  29. kwan:

    I don't get it…..

  30. kwan:

    shoot if I can get the whole Chandler family in that picture chip in get a spot then yeah but ain't nobody got $$$ like that. It's gone be a lot of pale families taking those photos, not that that's bad lol.

  31. kwan:

    not really unless you want o have a diff. meaning for those words when they pertain to the entertainment world. What you're saying is they're above others in the industry and hold a candle to those who have opened doors, broke barriers and were the epitome of originality in their field. Jay is closer to that title than Bey will ever be honestly. He has truly broke the mold of how far people see a rapper going in the industry and expanded his brand way beyond music. Not to mention many call some of his tracks and a couple of his albums Hip Hop classics even tho he's not where he used to be. Bey has expanded her brand but most singers have always found their way into one or more fields in the industry. She's not really original, a brilliant performer but can you say her music is really timeless to call her a Legend or Icon.

  32. kwan:

    *sigh* One day man one day I will be able to do that Jay Z rich laugh and attend events where $40,000 is just pocket change to me one day.

    I know the Obama Campaign needs funds but DAYUM!!!!

  33. 4realdo:

    The publicist is focused on getting my President re-elected, need funds 4 that. #realworld
    That would have been cool though. But we can't lose focus or take anything for granted. POTUS is a hated man

  34. annette:

    Was I not able to name names?? Ok. Y is Bill and Camille being taken off the list? Carrying on, Will and Jada? Spike Lee and Tonya Lee? Alicia and Swizz Beatz? Angela Bassett and Courtney Vance? Eric Holder and Dr. Sharon Malone? these couples(exclude Alicia and big nose) have stood the test of time and have been together longer than Beyonce and Shawn. And have accomplished just as much as they have. So maybe to you this is a popularity contest.

  35. shelly~:

    Yeah, i don't think it's a good look for Obama to align himself with these entertainers either. Oh, well…we only have two choices, so we better vote for him anyways.

  36. shelly~:


  37. J2:

    ::kneels in honor of Annette’s comment:: Lol!!

    Whoever hosts it, I’ll root for them. Setting aside what Bey does in her vid and Jay Z’s lyrics, they’re doing it big for our President. The guests invited can afford that so I have no reason to comment on how steep the prices are ( ::Bill Clinton chuckle::)

    Those saying it’s too expensive, any donation is needed. Wanna help the Obama’s? Hit up a website and contribute. ::shrugs:: …or you can just VOTE!! ::k’wang’s::

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