Reader Sound Off: Ten Reasons Black Women Prefer White Men

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Yesterday, Twitter was up in arms when a guy (@OfficiallyIce) wrote an article on In Flex, We Trust titled 10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls*. With a few people finding the article funny and others thinking that the article was crass, opinions were divided like sh*t.

In steps Trishy (@MeanGirlTrishy), who decided that it’s only fair to write a counter to Ice’s blog post. Prepare yourself, boys and girls. This one is going to be a doozy!

*Before reading Ice or Trishy’s blog posts, you HAVE to know that SOMEBODY in this world does love Black women!

I decided to write this blog after a blog link Cupid Shuffled it’s way across my timeline on Twitter. I immediately rolled my eyes after noticing the post was titled “Officially Ice’s 10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls”. This is a topic that’s discussed on Twitter damn near every day; why Black men feel White women are superior to… “other races”. After reading the blog, I decided to write a response. I thought to myself, “I wonder how Black men would react if the tables were turned?”, so here goes. Feelings will be hurt, feathers will be ruffled, fucks will not be given.

10. White men take care of their women. Not just emotionally, but financially, too. A lot of Black men come from broken homes and were raised by single mothers. They never saw a man helping their mother out financially, so they don’t see why they should help their woman out financially. To them, seeing a woman struggle is normal. They have that “my mother worked fifteen jobs to make ends meet, why can’t you?” mentality. White men on the other hand are more generous. Nine times out of ten, their woman doesn’t even have to ask for help, they just do it because that’s what real men do.

9. White men have family values. It’s not often that you’ll see White men with eleventeen “baby mamas” all over the place, unlike “other races”… oh, fuck it, unlike BLACK MEN. White men usually come from two parent homes. They grew up seeing their parents in loving marriages and with siblings that all have the same mother and father, and that’s what they one day hope to have.

8. White men know how to manage money. White men aren’t flashy. If you’re looking for a man with fantastic money management skills, get you a White man. White men believe in creating a nest egg or a cushion to fall back on. A White man will save, invest and grow his money. Most Black men don’t even have a savings account… but they got them J’s, though.

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