Joseline Drops New Single, Bailar………

I gaved Steebie mah har, my sow….

If you missed tonight’s episode of VH1′s popular new reality show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, you KNOW I gotchu first thing in the AM (and you’ll also see where I got the above quote from)!

Joseline Hernandez is fastly becoming the breakout star of the reality TV series. Taking a note from cast mate, K. Michelle, she dropped a new single on the website, Prettier Than Perez, immediately after tonight’s episode wrapped. The song is called Bailar (which, according to Google, means to dance. Thank me later for that translation).

If you can stand a bit of reggaeton mixed with disrespectful Spanglish, you might get a kick out of this song. Reggaeton has never been a friend of mine, so I’ll pass. But maybe a few of you can get into it.

Check it out below and post your thoughts!

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  1. tiffany:

    Lmao I'm done with this already. I can't get pass 35 seconds. This is what she's been working on with steebeh j all this time? Girl boo -__-

  2. caramel25:

    Lmao @ Stebbie. I'm done. Lol. I"ll be back tomorrow morning to see what the MJ posters had to say.

  3. Drakes Hand:

    this bish is a disgrace to puerto ricans everywhere. why the hell does she sound like she has a wad of paper in her mouth when she talks? she should never have been given the chance to sing. or talk. lmao. lawd…

  4. -_-:

    damnit i kinda like it…damn u steebie

  5. Drakes Hand:

    Jia, I’m dead at “which according to Google, means dance” and “disrespectful Spanglish”. *dies*

  6. lisa:

    well..i dont hate it. id whine to it in a would be comedy to see her do it live tho

  7. sweett:

    i… so this is what being the sidepiece to a washed-up producer who "knocks you up" and takes you to get an "abortion" produces? dang… jose' should have saved her cookies for the dream or ne-yo or somebody who could've written him a hit!

  8. teresa:


  9. Danielle:

    I like it. I think it's kinda HOT

  10. onlyoneofme:

    I actually love it.

  11. bacardivictim:

    Is that Pitbull?

  12. KaeKisses:

    i would have to be super drunk to sway back and forth to it…but thats okay everything they play in the club sound good when u drunk…..

  13. LoveB_Jones:

    I kind of like it, but to me everything sounds like Spanish.

  14. Mikey:

    I kind of like it a lot. The verses could have ben better though. Not bad.

  15. Court_Invasion:

    It's not as bad as I thought it would be lmao

  16. musicislife:

    Wait I'm confused. If she's doing Reggaeton, why is she working with Stevie J. Shouldn't she be working with Reggaeton producers and artists?

  17. Geez:

    It's actually not terrible. All of her "verses" sound like the hook though…what was the hook? And although the dude only said two or three things, for some reason I feel like it was his song. Not Joseline's. She sounds like one of those anonymous bitches that sing the whole damn song and never gets any credit.

  18. mi amor:

    good n' terrible

  19. meezy:

    I like the production….But I dont know how you rhyme louis vuitton and spanglish but I digress! I kind of the like the Hispanic Shaba on here! lol

  20. Duh!:

    I actually like it Im swaying my hips as I'm typing this actually O_o

  21. x:

    i actually kinda like it. But i agree with her being a disgrace to Puerto Ricans. Ugh.

  22. wkshd:

    I liked it, its got a grown and sexy feel to it

  23. Arrielle:

    And THIS is what is supposed to bring in the millions they keep discussing on the show? Buena suerte.

  24. Loly:

    Why do I like this girl? Idk but whenever she's on the screen, it get's interesting.

    I think even the people who hate her, secretly love her too. And her fucked up vernacular lol. She's a very interesting character. And she has her moments where she looks very pretty.

    This song is dope too. Not my taste, but her voice is nice.

  25. kimkam:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Randy Watson!

  26. deeva:

    wtf does steebe have that makes joseline and meme trip off him?

    why does joseline talk like she has a mouth full of cotton? she seems slow to me…tonight was my first time seeing lhhatl and i'm not convinced she was born a woman still, she sounds like a man when she talks

  27. Aja:

    She might as well go back to the strip club.

  28. WarrenTrenton:

    I like the music and I don't know what the lyrics are but I know if someone like I like Ciara or Ameriie were singing it I'd probably care more.

  29. deeva:

    lmao so i just saw the fight seen…steebe was biting scrappy's neck! lmao idk why i didn't start watching this rachet ish earlier…

    question though…how are you gonna approach a guy for calling you child's mother a bitch by saying "if i cursed out your bitch"? really? you're mad he called her a bitch and want him to respect her, so you call his woman a bitch? how does that look?

    steve was scared when he saw scrappy sitting on the car…had fear in his eyes looking around to make sure security was close lmao

  30. @B_Haz3:

    HOSline out here releasing tracks like she don't know Frank Album put out a CD today. Sit the hell down and go someplace!

  31. Elika:

    I agree! She needs to stick to the pole._

  32. soulsista1:


    I kind of like it.

  33. itsChrissy:

    I think there's a little too much going on with the beat,but it isn't horrible besides that.I'd take this song over that other song from Kim of RHOA.

  34. Moni:

    I’m crying at that quote lmao
    Her english is so broken

  35. britchick91:

    It's not terrible

  36. Antica:

    As a reggaeton fan….i like it. much better than i thought it would be!!!

  37. WarrenTrenton:

    Why does she look like she's going 'Ha!' in a creepy pedo voice in that picture?

  38. Mrs windy city:

    Awww man….. have to be honest. Its not so bad. Esp as some of those housewives songs that come out….

  39. Whoa There:

    Not feeling it. All the hype Stevie is putting behind this young man I thought they would have created something a bit better. Back to the pole you go Jose!

  40. titan365:

    Top 5 Questions To Ep 4
    1 – who in the alopecia hell wears 4 sparse ass cornrows like that?
    2 – why does steebie have 5 baby mommas!!??
    3 – why did funky dineva KILL ME with her ep. 4 recap "my hair is laid like erika momma"
    4 – why is erika momma named "MIGNON" <— DAMN DAMN DAMMMNNNNN
    5 – why is steeebie answer to if he f*cked somebody always "I don't remember smashing that girl" WTFF!

  41. AheemC:

    Dawggg, ya'll all just hating cause ya'll don't like joseline as a person, but this song is a really nice reggae ton song. The beat is dope Ass fuck, and her lil flow sexy. All you hoes love alicia keys and she was fuckin a married man. . .Give joseline a chance.

  42. ebony:

    i actually like it

  43. MIchelle:

    OMG I thought I was the only one! It didn't sound like her song at her…her presence was nonexistent on the track. I also think its probably because she's reading her spanish lyrics off paper…I guarantee she don''t speak it in real way..not the way them words were forced.

  44. DontFollowVal:

    I cant understand that jibberish. Not even Rosetta Stone can save that track. Send her back to the pole! or better yet.., Everest is recruiting!

  45. LRR:

    sorry but I like it

  46. kwan:

    no not really if a producer has a wide range of experience you could work with them they don't necessarily have to be just Reggaeton producers.

  47. kwan:

    you mean scrip clu

  48. Atypical:

    i acutally like hoselines song..i wld never buy it tho..

  49. kwan:

    I liked it

  50. Iloveroman:

    I like it.. But where’s the song they be playing on the show that she be grinding to all the damn time? Because that song sounds hot.

  51. musicislife:

    That's the thing, Stevie J doesn't have a wide range of experience. He's only worked in Hip-Hop & R&B. Mainly R&B.

  52. llJ2ll:

    lol@sparse…NO EDGES HAVIN. ahhhh trick!! I rather the track HE was body rollin’ to on the last episode… Dance lessons my arse… I cld have taught Jose that for free while asleep!! Big azz paws holdin’ that mic… He was once a bball player…eff what you heard!! This track almost put me to sleep at work. I’ll pass. I applaud The Man for trying.

  53. kdkeesh:

    I like it…and I'm not about to apologize for it too lol.

    She's giving me some San Juan Sounds vibes for a nice drive in Grand Theft Auto.

  54. bebsieboo:

    This is whack !!!! OMG I can't understand it, maybe overseas she will have luck, that aint poppin off in the states !!

  55. kameria:

    Yes ma'am. I was thinking the same thing.

  56. robyn:

    I really liked it lol it was toooo chill haha i cant stand her tho

  57. Wennwilly:

    not bad

  58. JanRose:

    The beat isnt bad but the lyrics are stupid and she sounds like trash….wanna be puerto rican rihanna…and im puerto rican by the way! shes a disgrace!

  59. Dri:

    I like it however I would prefer either instrumental, or with just the guy rapping, as for Joseline, her vocals need not apply

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