Iggy Azalea Shoots Video for Murda Bizness

Several weeks back, Iggy Azalea dropped the single, Murda Bizness, featuring The KAAANG. Fans wondered when there’d be a visual for the track, but of course ‘politics’ put the video on the back burner.

The wait is officially over, as she recently shot the video out in Los Angeles and Karen Civil was on location to get exclusive behind the scenes footage.

After seeing a few of the photos from the video, I asked Iggy about the concept for her video.

Considering the lyrics to the song, this should be very interesting to say the least.

Do you think that Iggy’s video will be well received, considering the time that it took to release it? Check out Karen’s exclusive footage below and post your thoughts.

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  1. WarrenTrenton:

    Interesting concept. Not sure how it fits but okay.

  2. Che_Elric:

    I know saw a few people asking her about the video, myseld included. I'm really interested to see the result going based on the pictures she posted on Twitter.

    Oh and I had the date wrong. She said the 1st week in July, not July 1st.

  3. DiJah:

    They need to hurry up with the video, specially since they released million dollar misfits last week. Don't want the masses to forget about it

  4. vivi:

    Chile…TIp got a coogi sweater and an old school cell phone. This should be interesting…

  5. Antica:

    I dont get her hype…she looks like an ostrich…&&she can’t rap :shrug: T.I is so blaaaahhhh now

  6. meezy:

    Cute song but I still don't see it for her! Mediocre at best!

  7. val:

    Jia you and kid fury have been so far up this chicks ass its sickening. A decent looking white girl with a body and long hair, I guess actual talent is no longer a requirement. This video like everything else she's been involved in looks ultra wack. I hope yall are getting paid proper.

  8. Dark-n-Lovely:

    These black artists with labels all want an Eminem. I adore T.I. but this chick has no appeal. I just dont see her having a fanbase unless she comes with some Nicki Minaj starships type of mess. Other than that her seat is ready…

  9. StayMaddest:

    ugh…so not feeling this chick.and i have TRIED to Join the wave but…at the end of the day shes just basic.i cant help but to think t.i saw PRETTY WHITE CHICK = MONEY.best wishes to her but i cant support it.it just comes off so..false.i got my chips on Banks.now that chick? EPIC

  10. Noxeema Jackson:

    Hey…just because YOU don't like an artist, doesn't mean you should bash other people who do enjoy that artist's work. I'm sure that there are some artist that you like, but others don't particularly care for. Hell, I don't like the girl's music either, but I'm not going to bash somebody else b/c they do.

  11. Miss Jia:

    Just b/c YOU don't think that she's talented doesn't mean others can't and won't.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion about an artist.

  12. sunshinemorrissette:

    i really like this chic. and i llike her flow, reminds me of old school Nicki. plus she’s gorgeous. the video should be mad interesting.

  13. A VERY rich Bitch:

    She looks beautiful in that picture!

  14. Bubblixerbella:

    She’s beautiful, but because the way she raps and her life doesn’t exactly match…I doubt she’ll be very successful in the rap game. I may be wrong, but her rapping isn’t believable. Eminem was accepted because what he was writing about was his life, his expierences. I feel like Iggy will be a Mark Whalberg(sp)/Marky Mark type of chick…she should model and take up acting she’s gorgeous the masses will eat that up.

  15. britchick91:

    why did I think that there was already a vid for the song

  16. rawr:

    This chick has been ultra bitchy on Twitter lately by being mean to her fans when they just ask simple questions, insulting Interscope just because she's not with them anymore, and just NOW trying to start goin in on Azealia when that beef is beyond done. Whenever she pushes a date back and a fan comments on it she tells them to "take a seat" or something similar. I feel like she needs to realize that the only reason she has the tiny bit of success that she does is because of how she looks because it DAMN sure ain't because of this low quality, bottom of the barrel, soon to be buy 1 get 25 free Dollar Tree discounted music she puts out with that stereotypical country bumpkin ass accent that she puts on.

  17. meezy:

    You TRIED old Nicki!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. WaarenTrenton:

    I knew I wasn't the only one bothered by that faux southern accent she tried to give us. I also don't see how murder business can relate to this theme she's going for. This is kinda like trying to put a hood drama story with a soundtrack in the classic style of John Williams. It just don't go.

  19. rawr:

    The fact that she said she's making a music video for almost every song on a FREE mixtape just goes to show that she knows where she stands. She knows that people are mostly here for her LOOKS not her music and she's going to be playing off of that for as long as people let her. Her music videos have always been better than the actual songs and she knows that. Sad thing is people let her get away with it.

  20. kwan:

    I'm the first to admit Nicki gets on my last nerve but you just tried Onika with that

  21. kwan:

    *raises hand* WTF Murda and business has to do with toddlers in tiara's ….. now she's pretty in the pic she actually looks like she could be a blonde chica.

  22. Tiffany Denise:

    She sounds like Kesha 0_o omgggg whyy

  23. LadyRage N.Y:


  24. Lisa:

    The video concept doesn't seem to fit the song at all. Stage Mom = Murda Bizness Huh?

  25. Lifegiver:

    wow the way ppl are bashing iggy?!!!!????? i can not.

  26. Duh!:

    She sure did I downloaded Iggy's mixtape a while back and it doesn't even compare to Beam Me Up Scotty or the rest of Nicki's old stuff girrrrllllll I cant….

  27. Talk that talk:

    no bashing. Just keepin it 1000

  28. Shut Up and Listen:

    if u listen to the lyrics the song is all about how u look. Murdering people with your fashion which fits really well with toddlers and tiara's since looks is all that's about. Comprehension is a beautiful thing if you use it :)

  29. michelle:

    why dont she just model….other then her long ass head she has the face and body for it.sure rather see her then hear her

  30. Noxeema Jackson:


  31. sallythesnoop:


  32. Che_Elric:

    I don't get why you all contiue to comment on post about her…if you don't like her and don't want her to make it, clicking those links isn't the way to do it. Ijs.Jia (and other bloggers) will contiue to post about her, despite what you all think. It seems like a major waste of time and energy.

  33. Che_Elric:

    Oh my.

  34. marie1:

    hey wait…don't you comment on Azealia posts? come on now

    This is where people express opinions…not praise alone.

    and when it comes to little miss piggy, a lot of people have a lot of legit criticism

  35. marie1:

    @rawr you hit the nail on the head in one strike

  36. llJ2ll:

    Nice photo of her but TI, go take a nap. I’m disappointed in you.

  37. Tehara:

    She really do look like an ostrich !!!!

  38. Che_Elric:

    I don't talk about how much I hate her and don't understand why people like her. Thats the difference. Every post they aren't giving legit crtitcism(I've said her lyrics are ass), but, saying you don't get her hype, blah blah blah, is pointless. I mean. If people want her to go away, they're going about it the wrong way.

  39. Che_Elric:

    And brining up Azealia is irrelevant.lol I have said she's pretty, admitted to wanting her to make it, and even liking one of the few songs I've heard from her…is irrelevant.lol

  40. Che_Elric:

    -second "is irrelevant.lol"

  41. @rafaelwill82:


  42. welp:

    GOOD READ. I hope she see's this and not just the footnotes.

  43. welp:

    lol. ok! he had so much potential… i dont wanna call him a sellout but…

  44. shell:

    i will….

    SELL OUT!!!!!

  45. shell:

    I agree…

    shes the one that needs to take SEVERAL seats with her silicone filled booty…..she really isn't talented…people need to stop drinking the kool aid…..

    Chordz Barrow wrote 85% if not more of her music…

  46. kwan:

    anyone with any common sense about fashion knows that pageant clothing are dated, gaudy and their makeup is over pancaked so no I don't see how it connects to Murda Business. If that was the case she could have did a runway show or window shopped on a fake rodeo showing off her fashion sense.

  47. MissHey:

    If the children on that video are biracial…………..then I'll know that white girl has slipped yet another racist subliminal message on the masses……………………….yea, I know I sound crazy. That white woman is slick. ………and I don't mean that in a good way.

  48. ky6jzze:

    If the children on that video are biracial…………..then I'll know that white girl has slipped yet another racist subliminal message on the masses……………………….yea, I know I sound crazy. That white woman is slick. ………and I don't mean that in a good way.
    I like that http://domyessayforme.net

  49. BWBClub:

    Daaaammmnnn…..considering the fact that she has BLOWN THE FUCK UP (spots 1 AND 2) maybe you should keep your day job & NOT consider an occupation in any type of Rap talent scouting because you would have totally screwed yourself on this misjudgment.

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