Game Sold AND Told? Memphitz Drops Trailer for ‘The Real Mistresses of Atlanta’

Somebody clock me the f-ck out….

I guess after drumming up all that publicity, Memphitz decided that now would be as good of a time as any to drop the trailer for his upcoming reality series, The Real Mistresses of Atlanta.

I have tons of questions/concerns.

1. Did Toya not find the idea of him coming up with this type of concept a cause for concern? Why would a married man have an interest in doing a reality show about women who f-ck around with married men?

2. Sarah…who wants a black p-ssy? Somebody PLEASE locate this girl on twitter.

3. Mary Jane is delusional if she thinks that there ‘wouldn’t be a fight’ between her and a woman who just found out that her man was running in some stranger vagina.

4. I wonder if Branden was the one who called into the now defunct Jia & Brook Show to snitch on a VERY well known ATL based producer who is on the DL? Hmm….

I could go ON and ON but these are just a few of the initial thoughts that I had after watching this trailer.

I love reality TV just like the rest of the world but this right here is sure to get my blood pressure up.

Then again, it’s no surprise. Women in Atlanta are extremely thirsty and feel that it’s best to half of a third of a piece of a man than no man at all. Have at it, ladies….


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  1. popculturemajor:

    the editing is awful. sarah's existence….

  2. StayMaddest:

    * in my Dionne Warwick voice*I sense foolery and fuckery

  3. guesshoo:

    Why is Sarah trying to get herself killed? Watch your mouth fool!

  4. Miss Jia:

    Oh, she's seriously f-cked up in the head. Seriously.

  5. lyfec:

    This is MESSY!…I watch a lot of reality trash but no ma’am I am not here for this

  6. KRoxTheJetSetter:


  7. piehoney:

    ……is it really that hard out here nowadays?!?!?! Everybody wants tv time like its going to get them more than club appearances!!! Respect is always better than money.

  8. Beautifully Human:

    Sarah is like most white chicks who date black men she is only saying what black men say about us but Sarah is really looking to get hurt because she is going to have wives and black women looking for her funny looking self Sarah & the rest of the cast need to get an AIDS test with all the men they been with and they have to worry about if that marry man is sleeping with men that life style dont last to long

  9. @BeauTfllyBrwn:

    Somebody find Sarah quick with her worn out pussy looking like shredded raw meat turned inside out.

  10. Sherri:

    What ever happened to having any SELF RESPECT. Theses mistresses and sideline hoes done got bold, they dont care if you know or not.

  11. woahthere:

    I refuse to believe this is real. Someone say it fake please!!!!!!! P.S Branden just had to be gay huh? He is a sexy something

  12. Che_Elric:

    Im surprised this wasnt done sooner.

  13. Miss Jia:

    Welp, you said it.

  14. Sticky-n-Sweet:

    What. The. Fuck. Memphitz should be shot in the big toe for this fuckery. Toya clearly doesn’t require her men to have any kind of self-respect or sense of propriety, does she?

  15. Sherri:

    I know Maliah isnt the most innocent person but she seems like a sweet girl…but them other birds can fly away.

  16. Sherri:

    Here is her twitter!/sarahSOoliver

  17. six inch walker:

    yea i wont be watching thanks again memphitz for making an ass of yourself. & jia when you find that bitch sara let twitter know i have a few words for that cum bucket

  18. Dinasty:

    Chile……. her mentions bout to be in SHAMBLES when this gets out! She might have to "delete her twitter".

    *cackles* It'll be hilarious.

  19. Anti-stan:

    *blankitiest blank stare*

    What the *bleep* did I just watch???????

  20. GeighLezMahn:

    I'd watch that shit and I HATE these reality shows. I would surely be a regular watcher.

  21. Dinasty:

    I know…

  22. llJ2ll:

    The guy is a cutie. Shame. Sarah – Be gone! I want to say something nice about the one from Paris but that nose throws me off. This show….wow. I thought this was a joke. 300k views?! THAT’S IT?! Ho, stop. We have ppl singing with nothing less than a million views. ::crackin’ up::

  23. Amanda:

    wait, is this real?

  24. Arrielle:

    Watching this made me call on Jesus. I am not here for this show. Toya, girl….. so you think none of these chicks/dude threw they cootie cat at your man to be on this "show"? Id really like to hear what she has to say about this. But Why? Why would we need to see these chicks flossing on someone else's dime? The racist white chick that only dates black guys because he has money, the delusional rapper chick, the funny looking french chick….. just pure foolishness.
    I will fall to my knees each and every night and pray this show never has a minute on television.

  25. GiaG:

    O_o I am so confused as to what this is, but umm yeah Sarah need to watch her mouth before she have nothing but gums to chew with.

  26. SMH:

    Ooooo..ok! I think this is a rough…ruffff draft! I really dont or hope they are not finish editing this….the first thing I notice..when Sarah goes to the Dr. @1:20…lawd they spelled surgeon WRONG! in the caption,lol Spell check kids….

  27. GiaG:

    Well I posted the twitter account to YouTube where the video is posted…. I told them go wild with it.

  28. Arrielle:

    See, this is exactly why I miss the thumbs up button. You hit it on the head.


    Miss Jia, why did you post this? Black pussy? Seriously, I rather watch KING OF DIAMONDS reality show on HBO or something. Sarah is an ass. THIS SHOW IS NASTY.

  30. kameria:

    OMG! Not shredded raw meat…..#dead#

  31. kameria:

    Once again I will ask……is being a "mistress/video model" an actual career? They're acting like it is……

  32. SupaKat:

    So is it safe to say that the K M and Memphitz beef was a ploy a farce fake not real? Cause all the sudden he get some negative shine and he comes back with a few words and then….this O-0….OH OK

  33. Miss Jia:

    ..Cuz I knew yall would drag.

    I seriously think that reality tv is just….going too far now.

  34. mizzisht:

    nope. the k.michelle issue is real. this bullshit right here? i wonder what his momma thinks about this. hes using his 1.5 minutes of fame to become relevant. guess being toyas husband isnt garnering enough attention for him. and these Atlanta birds are really putting shame on how outsiders see atlanta. my sister said the women there were thirsty as hell, but damn

  35. Mikey:

    Fuck this show they should petition this fuckery before it even hits air. I'd only watch for Maliah.

  36. Schlette:

    Not to mention they both have DAUGHTERS!!!!! WOW!! I cant wait to her her mush mouth ass explain this fuckery!

  37. Schlette:


  38. Army Of Queen Aaliyah:

    This Is So Tired, Contrived & Desperate ….

  39. Hilarious:

    i wonder who Branden was with. Sarah gon get her ass beat. Obviously SOMEBODY likes black pussy cuz all the men she messes with are married to BLACK PUSSY.

  40. Love B. Jones:

    I can't take this show serious with that dark lighting. Come back when you can afford a professional lighting crew.

  41. Jamal:

    Yeah I couldn't watch this for the simple fact that I would just be yelling and throwing things sssooo. I never understood the pride in being the other man or woman. And further more this adds to the old saying that men always cheat with someone who is less attractive cause truth be told that Sarah is giving me toe jam in the face tease…


    yes its only a matter of time VH1 would have the Misters of ATL: Gay Black men & one Spanish or White who sleep with "str8" men smh

  43. ...:

    Sarah- I have no words for her. She is a person with no shame clearly. On the other hand the girl is probably just repeating what she hears ignorant black men say all the time.

    idc about the othes except for Maliah bcuz shes the only one that I am familiar with. She seems like a sweet girl (besdies the fact that shes a mistress). Idk if its just me but I could barely hear Maliah when she was speaking. I heard her say that stripping saved her life and I kinda wanted to get to know more abt her story…oh well Im not watching this mess.

  44. Xavi:

    It's official….I gotta get the f*ck up out of Atlanta!

  45. Jamal:

    Oh and Jia you are exactly right it shows a ton about Toya's character if she would allow her husband, who may or may not have beat the hell out of another woman, to produce a show like this. Like I mean people change and what not but to learn from past mistakes means that you improved your outlook on how to handle situations. So to me, a man who allegedly hit a woman who is now producing a show about infidelity and hoes, does not scream "I respect womankind". just my opinion

  46. MzShron:

    OMG did that fool Maliah say "Thank God" she found a strip club to go mke $1000 to stay in a hotel. Was she serious??? R all these birds serious???? Where r their standards…Oh almost forgot they dont have any. This is sad. Wont be watching this mess at all. I just can't. Thankfully my daughter has a real woman with morals & standards to look up too. My thing is dont they believe in karma. I hope they never find a man because if they do they might as well get ready for all that mess to come back on them. Karma is a b@!$%.

  47. sotru78:

    I swear there is some type of conspiracy to make the city of Atlanta look bad. This is a beautiful southern prodominently black city that was known for so many positive aspects. Now its only known for fuckery. *now playing Jill Scotts “watching me”*.

  48. Chrissy:

    Every one of these hoes need to get stomped out. Every single one of them. This here is NOT cute… at all. I couldn’t be Toya. I like her but to sit and collect a check from this….like it is okay.

  49. Miss Jia:

    I BET I know who………

  50. sunshinemorrissette:

    why did Branden have to be fine?Sarah is clearly bisexual and enjoys eating negro twat. And Maliah will be the only reason i’d watch. Many STD checks need yo be issued and Memphitz needs to have a quick seat…..afuckingsaply!

  51. Hrsparks:

    Just let me know when the episode comes on where Sarah is getting her ass beat!

  52. kimkam:

    OMG i'm gone ya"ll *jumps out window* you're too much girl lolllll! Sarah old bustdown ass know she bout to get that ass beat. SMH, who want a black poonani? Bitch who want a fake injected pussy and ass? You know this hoe has had labia restoration for that disease ridden sesspool.

  53. Army Of Queen Aaliyah:

    Lmfao I Can’t With Some Of These Comments ! ” He’s Too Fine To Be Gay ” Blah Blah Blah So Gay Men Are Supposed To Be Ugly ?…. #DEAD

  54. Gene:

    Smdh, MLK and Rosa PARks are rolling in their graves over how ATL have turn into, a hot ghetto ass mess, smdh. This is not what they fought for, this foolery, lol. Boy, ATL needs some cleaning up, this is not the city of the south.

  55. jetara:

    Am I the only one who noticed they misspelled surgeon? Yeah this shit is stupid. I'd watch but it's stupid.

  56. Teinegurl:

    Why would you knowingly put your reputation out there like that?? I can see how some other reality tv shows used their "fame" to turn into other side businesses but who want to work with or hire a female or male for that matter like this?? ugh -_- Oh all they are missing is Marlo !!!

  57. Arrielle:

    ooh Jia please brew us some tea.

  58. Arrielle:

    OKAY! I dont think this is the dream and the hope of the slave that Maya Angelou was referring to.

  59. Victoria:

    Eh, I don't see the issue with Malia saying that.. If you know of anyone or have ever been in a situation where you didn't know how you were going to eat or where you were going to sleep and stripping was your only way of getting out of that, would it be a problem then? Stripping is just a job, albeit, not everyone can do it (mentally and physically) but if there was no other way, what are you gonna do, just wander the streets?

  60. Deeva:

    What is Sarah going to tell her half black daughter in the future when she sees her mother saying this? Because Im willing to bet if she doesn’t already have children by a black man she will have some soon.

    Ps all the black men she dates are with her because of that fake shit she injects in her body to give her the curves of a black woman. I mean I don’t know how I man could tolerate her old hag smokers voice for more than 5 min. This show is a reflection of who memphitz is a as a person…the fact that he would cast a white woman to bash black women speaks volumes about him. And toya…well she always seemed dumb to me so yea…

  61. Cocochaitea:

    1. Sarah best friend is BLACK @shalisenicole…on twitter, like matching tatoos type besties ….
    2. Editing IS a mutha I am sure they caught her after that "Black bitch" snuck her
    3.We have no problem calling white girls "flat asses, who give good head" also plenty of black women I know say that black men only like them because they are slutty and can be run over easily.
    4.I have met miss sarah oliver and her family is multicutured….she dies her hair super blond to appear white….but shes not.
    5. she is buck as shit… i believe she may have beat ole girls ass….talkin bout she got on hit in GIRL BYE.

  62. Justin:

  63. DR9:

    If I recall correctly, Branden was on an episode of MTV's True Life where he was trying to be bisexual, but his friends were like ,"dude, just be gay". Rosee's face makes her look older than 22 to me, tough life, maybe?

  64. WarrenTrenton:

    I didn't get pass Kim Zoliack 2.0 talking bout black pussy……..

    Somebody is about to erase her social security number.

  65. GiaG:

    1.Looks to me that her friend is not black but Latino but that is just my opinion
    3. So you are justifying her racism by saying two wrongs make a right. Since you claim Black women call white women flat ass, it is okay for her to basically call black women's vagina nasty.
    4. Does not matter what she is white, Asian, etc she is still a racist so you are justifying her racism with her being multicultural now SMH
    5. I doubt she be buck if I slap the shit out of her

  66. Deeva:

    The definition of a mistress: a single insecure person with low self esteem who attempts to boost their self esteem by dating, having sex, and/or attempting to steal the affections of someone else’s spouse.

    A mistress will never be in control. Because one he or she is usually not the only mistress. Two they are seen and spoken to when it is convenient for the taken spouse so they must be on call at a whim.

    As for Sarah so she isn’t white? I’m not buying that ish even with brunette locks she still looks white. In any event she still injects her body with foreign substances to achieve the body of a black woman, yet she claims no1 wants a black pussy…she doesn’t seem “buck” to me and I don’t care who her bestie is, she’s low key racist and as someone else said she only dates black men who have money otherwise they wouldn’t be on her radar.

    As for the black women who say that’s why black men date white women, where do you think they got that from? Black men. I’ve talked to black men about dating white women and that is what they say “I can do what I want with a white girl y’all black girls don’t play that ish” or “white women give it up quicker” one black guy told me he thought it was because black girls are raised in the church and taught to respect themselves/be strong. It goes back to when kandi said talking about sex in the black community is taboo and if a black girl asks about sex she is thought of as being fast. Same thing.

  67. Deeva:

    “5. I doubt she be buck if I slap the shit out of her” lmao

  68. leekz:

    Pay Sarah no mind. She said no one wants black pussy, yet she's gettin ass shots to be like a black woman! Goodbye honey. U ain't wifed. u claimed u don't wanna be. And who would want your cotton cheese ass with all those damn bandaids anyway. You fake bleach blonde fool. You look like you over tan so, honey you trying to be black anyway. I guarantee that if you had a black pussy, you wouldn't need those ass shots… OOP!

  69. Texasweety:

    In the words of Mr. Omar-Tragic!

  70. Bloopity:

    LMAO! BYE.

  71. kwan:

    Girl I said the same thing I'm like ma'm do you not realize you live in the black capital of the U.S.A and are surround by black pu**y on a daily, I won't be surprised if she hires a body guard in the next couple of days.

  72. kwan:

    Not the Big Toe *falls out*

  73. kwan:

    and she deserves every bit of shade thrown her way

  74. kwan:


  75. Bloopity:

    YASSS COME ON JIA! Ain't no point in holding back now just casually slip in an "allegedly" and we'll clock the rest.

  76. Arrielle:

    Sarah,,, girl its some real bitches out here that gives not one fuck about issuing an ass whooping and doing a little time in jail. Not one fuck. Your paths may cross one day I will advise you to hold your tongue.

  77. ImSureSatanIsPleased:

    I am sure Shelia E did not condone using her song for this fucoonery called The Slore Chronicles of Atlanta.

  78. Eb:

    Was the show shot with a blackberry? It has horrible audio. Toya took her daughter to set while this crap was filming so I guess Toya co-signs this mess. SMH

  79. JAY:

    Let me tell you something, whether you're black, white, Italian, or anything in between, I don't trust you if you will do anything for a dollar!

    I know we all want to be entertained, but we glorify damn near everything in these reality shows.

    The love of money is the root of all evil and that's what all this boils down to. People who will get on television and shame themselves, their families, and their people for money that won't even translate into wealth.

  80. JAY:

    I just keep thinking what would happen if we stopped watching all these degrading reality tv shows created by WHITE men or even worse, OUR OWN people and pushed for more quality shows.

    I still watch old episodes of Living Single, A Different World, and 227. If you stop and really think about it, the current state of black television is really sad for real.

  81. cocochaitea:

    Shalise is black, we went to alabama state university together (a HBCU) she is an AKA and she is black, her mom is black, her dad is black. Sarah is a quarter black, a quarter asian and white.

    What she said was her opinion….and national statistics support her opion…they fuck and knock up black pussy…and wife up everything else. Because I know her I know this was editing

    Its her opinion….WHO CARES she thinks about our pussy? wth…..

  82. Deeva:

    Coco you’re a coon…smh if they wife up everything why hasn’t your slore friend been wifed up? The same black men who knock up black women and leave are generally the same black men who knock up white chicks and leave. They are called deadbeats.

    You only gave 75% of what she is supposedly made up of.

    For someone who attended college you sure do come off as bein highly ignorant, but this is the Internet…anyone can claim to have done and be anything. You probably are Sarah in disguise. The show is vile and disgusting and so is your insecure low life pathetic excuse for a woman “friend” sarah.

  83. Shade4days:

    ……Interesting. My take on this is my take on black men having issues with dating and marrying black women.

    You came out of a black vagina. A black woman was good enough to carry u around and push u out her black vagina.

    So Sarah, How about you ask one of them random nigga's you having sex with Mother….who wants a black vagina and see the response you get.

  84. GiaG:

    Statistics show that more then half of the black men that are married, marry black women…. If you are a black woman, lol I feel sorry you support such fuckery. And if Sarah is quarter Black LMBO she has a hole in her brain bigger than the one between her legs which must be huge because she is fucking every black man in site…… She talks of black pussy but she is black, therefore she is talking about herself. LOL Fuckery, foolish trash is all I see. BTW Alabama State University good for you (no pun intended).

  85. Nomi:

    Yet I doubt you did indeed graduate from a university.

  86. COCOyouCOON:

    You should feel like shit writing the toxic bullshit you just did. You just gave your University a bad name, if they breed uneducated African American women like you. My sister graduated from an HBCU and people who usually go there have pride, it is why they decide to surround themselves with people of their own race. They not only respect it, but they love it, live in it, and would never let such actions go without an ass whipping or an apology. Yet I am not an HBCU attender and my University is majority white, I would never let some poor white trash as what was displayed above disrespect me and people who look like me. This is from a sista to another sista you are a fucking coon. And I hope you realize that, you try to make an excuse for a woman who would throw your ass to the wolfs if she could. SMH, like I stated above I doubt you are even educated, any educated woman and surely one who comes from and HBCU would never ever ever let this shit go with a smile. Like what was stated on the other page of these comments you must be Sarah…. If not SMH you are stupid….

  87. asidkisses:

    "national statistics support her opion"

    BITCH, please sign off and get some sleep! You're a fucking joke LMFAO!

  88. asidkisses:


  89. Guest:

    Honestly where do you think Miss Oliver gets her content about black women from. From the men she dates, it happens to be those African American men who sleep with trash such at the one you see above that give her the gasoline to her fire. And it is sad, who in their right mind would allow such fuckery to be displayed in the name of African American people. A black man that is who. And one who said to have beat a black woman, we look for the ones who kill our worth every year. We keep blaming this fictional character called the man, yet the ones who seem to be destroying our worth is non other than people who look like us. A very long time ago we fought for the day in which our faces could be display side by side with white people, and we have gained this opportunity and look what we done with it. I do not blame this all on Memphitz, but I will blame those who watch the bullshit and call it entertainment. You know while away at college, the only people that watch L&HH RHW & BBW were the African American women. Such negativity that comes behind being a African American woman. When you see women like myself going to college, receiving degrees why are they not the ones getting the shine. Our men who make the most money Basketball players, rappers, and football players marry these same video vixens & strippers (who call themselves models) with as much class as walls in their vagina. The rich history ATL has is slowly being kicked out by these hoes with their $5,000 heels because some famous guy brought them something nice for fucking them right. We tend to forget African American people are set back much farther than any other race, and we make it no better.

  90. britchick91:


  91. britchick91:

    I hoped that this was a parody before watching smh

  92. Dana:

    I have been trying for years to hip black women to the fact that most women from other races who date black men, hate black women with a passion and think they are superior to us because black men tell them that they are.

    No need to be mad at the white chick, she just regurgitates what comes out of the mouths of black men. She says black men love her because we all know they do.

    Black men help soothe the racist white female ego by telling her what she already believes: that she is better, prettier and more desirable than black women. No one does more to perpetuate the hate for black women than black men. They are leading the charge.

    Even with her bigoted comments, you will see black men flock to her in droves. They will do for her what they do for all white women- put them on a pedestal and see to it that they are well taken care of.

    Watch and mark my words.

  93. Antica:

    ooooo weeee I couldnt make it pass the white h o e …I need to find her and slap her

  94. Xx.Lovely_Libra.xX:

    Omg, she reminded you of Kim from RHOA too?!

  95. TawannaS:

    This is just trashy and messy! However…..I plan to watch it just to see Mary Jane beat Sarah's ass!!
    Why did they get females that knew how to speech proper English? I swear we are going to need to turn on Closed Captions just to understand what the hell they are saying! UGH!!!

  96. Lexi:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!! i said the same thing

  97. Lexi:

    Thought I was the only one who still tuned in to the old shows, I stop relying on quality television after girlfriends went off. I did like the game back when it was the CW and not BET. SMH its only going downhill.

  98. Smonique:

    So this is like a web series or something right? Cause I just know not a single TV station is going to air this joke of a show! This is below even VH1′s taste!

    Atlanta, y’all need to do better! Jia, it’s definitely time to move girl!

  99. BEANIE_BABY 3.0:

    Didn't even watch this but pls don't group all ATL women together like that. We aren't all thirsty. That's why I hate shows like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. Cre8tor:

    That's what I'm saying. -_-

  101. Cre8tor:

    lol, no you did not bring Maya Angelou in this! X_X

  102. Sticky-n-Sweet:

    Shalise is a WHAT?! Oh, lemme spread the word to ALL the sorors in Alabama! Ain't NO WAY a beautiful, smart, sophisticated lady of AKA would be caught dead or resurrected with that yuckmouth, bleach blonde, hatin ass hag!

  103. Sticky-n-Sweet:

    Lucille Bluth throws the shade like none other!

  104. Sticky-n-Sweet:

    White women can have 'em, and we can start making smarter, better educated, self-loving replacements. I wish my son would…

  105. unoverse:

    Embarassing! However, slapping someone for their words won't solve these misguided people..I'm going to pray. Lord help us!

  106. vanessa197676:

    Not to mention the overly loud music, to the point where you can barely hear people talking.

  107. Che_Elric:

    !!! at your last statement.

    If you follow any black man on Twitter, most of them say those EXACT things about white women. They say they are push overs, give the best head, and they're less drama than black women. I have never thought this, but, white women like Sarah are where those statements come from.

  108. Che_Elric:

    There really is a war against black people, imo. Anything that shows us in a positive light or try an make us think (The Boondocks etc), they want to cancel or change it. I read a quote where Tyler Perry said people don't want to see those positive shows like the Cosby's, yet every black person (and some non black people) watch The Cosby's, A Different World, The Fresh Prince, My Wife and Kids etc like it's new.

  109. mscarter3:

    my only concern is if they going to name drop!??!! that would make this 10000% more watchable especially branden fck them other heauxs

  110. kita:

    LOL right Jia bring it back these comments deserve hands up right now loll hahahh

  111. Girl Bye:

    PRRRRRREEEEEEEEAAAAAAACH PREACHA! LORD JESUS. There is no room in my soul for this show. Fuck Sarah, I'm fucking Memphitz up on site.

  112. Girl Bye:

    But how is talking about if you got a P*ssy and dont have a million $'s your a fool. Boo, you work in a barber shop and the rest of these Cherry street hustler ass hoes ain't got shit but a bad weave and bunch of CitiTrends fashions. ATL coloreds kill the fuck outta me.

  113. mscarter3:

    ps where is the like button for these comments i am dying at

  114. Its Me Luigi!!:


  115. Have at it:

    Here is Sarah's twitter @sarahSOoliver

  116. freeretrochics:

    Sarah must hate herself to make comments like that, im sure she will get chin checked in abt 5,4,3,2,1…. I do enjoy foolery so I will be watching.

  117. Aja:

    That's the SAME thing I said.

  118. WarrenTrenton:

    Yes right down to the hussy pack a day voice to the fact she belittles the black people that surround her and write her checks.

  119. Miss Jia:

    lol I contemplate a move every single day. Trust me LOL

  120. bambiburrr:


  121. UmmmYeaOk:

    Why Mary Jane just had to be from baton rouge( my home town) tho!!!…never heard of her tho..and Sarah girl….youre talking like us, going to get your ass pumped up to imitate outs and then you wanna talk about why a black man doesn’t want us?? Grl the only reason….nvmind…lemme let sleeping albino mongooses lie

  122. ClearVision:

    WOW… this shit is soooo shameful on all levels… these are the main ones that are infecting people with that package from doing some nasty shit like this… i can't believe that put this shit on television. I guess reality tv is taking over… SMDH

  123. HeavenGlam:

    So ain't nobody gonna talk about that Roses chick and the her face looks like Le Foote?

  124. Marisa:

    Hey I always find that lame yall black women act like this thats why brothas date white chicks anthem HILARIOUS why because as if these negros need a reason involving us, them cats were getting it in with white women even when it was illegal to do and their lives were at risk, even when those same type of white women told lies to the law and got them asses hanged,that didnt deter alot of brothers, so all of a sudden some ratchet sistas on some reality shows is what pushed black men over to the other side yeah right lol

  125. Marisa:

    Nope Jia I refuse to believe this a real premise for a show nope this is a parody by either Cadillac Kimberly or Funky Dineva or somebody comedy web series, if not then all those doomsday people were right 2012 is the end of the world lol

  126. Noxeema Jackson:

    ..negro twat? Lmfaoooo I can't..not today!

  127. Mz Shron:

    No saying that her stripping is or was a problem i really could careless, but why say thank God. Like He provides a job as a stripper. He wants Glory from everything we do, so how is stripping glorifying Him? It's not she could've said something else BUT that is my OPINION & noone has to agree with it. So we're just going to agree to disagree. God Bless You :-)

  128. b.b.:

    See, you know that. I know that. Women who were raised with fathers know that….
    These ho's?
    *drops mic*

  129. b.b.:

    Who wants black pussy? Ho, the same men who want you to get those ass shots! Have several seats and please be advised they can not be used as flotation devices in case of an emergency.

  130. b.b.:

    It's more of an aspiration. Careers have pension and taxes taken out of your check. These ho's are on until their looks wear off and then….
    Well Buffy the body is in the middle east riding camels for coins so maybe that's their retirement.

  131. WellDamn24:

    I completely agree with everything you said, but can you please use periods at the ends of your sentences? Goodness knows that punctuation isn't my best friend, but I'm not one to ignore it either.

  132. WellDamn24:

    You're expecting mistresses to have self respect? That's an oxymoron.

  133. WellDamn24:

    In this day and age it is. Folk example, in reality Sarah has average looks. But she spends time and money on her…"craft". If she looked like her real self (no butt shots or blonde hair), Black dudes would sex her but not fund her lifestyle.

    The definitive thing isn't just that she's a hoe. Not that she's messing with married men. The definitive thing is that they pay her @ss! smh

  134. WellDamn24:

    LOL For real Atlanta is the freak capital of the South. Folks like to talk about the homosexuality, but from what I've seen the truth is that the gay folk ain't as freaky as the heterosexual folks in this town.

  135. WellDamn24:

    LOL You have a completely different take on it because all I thought was "You want to make $1000 to stay in a HOTEL?!" Can't a chick find an apartment? Isn't a mistress supposed to have an apartment included in her mistress services contract?

    I have no moral issue with stripping though.

  136. WellDamn24:

    Thumbs up!

  137. Durrell:

    …3 lol

  138. Wednesday:

    I agree…enough is enough.

  139. Nicoley410:

    …… i dont live here

  140. dee:

    i mean between rhoa basketballwives & love & hiphop why are ppl surprised now. ppl obviously want to see this stuff. because no many blacks are supporting positive black images on t.v. oprahs biggest supporters are white. so until we as a whole change our mind frames &demand more stuff of substance we really cant complain. and why cant memphitz do this. shaunie did so is mona scott young. let the make his quick buck. because truthfully we all know ppl will def tune in for the drama that follows.

  141. SlapInTheface:

    Jesus! I don had enough of this reality ish. Hopefully no one picks this up

  142. DollyNZero:

    They also spelled "Maliah" and "Malia"

    My problem is that they dragged Prince into their foolishness! I bet they ain't compensate him with nan crush velvet suit either!

  143. Indiana Grind:

    Did anyone ever find that bitches Twitter?

  144. cocochaitea:

    excuse my typo….I guess you calling another black women a BITCH makes it all better? I guess you have never had a typo? Yes I did graduate….in 2008 with my BA and now I have my MBA. My education does level does not make my OPINION any more valid, and it does not make yours and less.

  145. cocochaitea:

    Those statistics MAY be true for the average black man and that is a very strong MAYBE….She does'n't talk to the average…Sheis color shruck…like MOST black people are, MOST just wont say it out loud. I didn't graduate from ASU I graduate from UNT…and I dont see where a "PUN" would be….sarcasm maybe, but pun?…no.

  146. cocochaitea:

    I swear shalise ambrose is her name…. I agree with everything you said….and by your very own statement….a beautiful, smart, sophisticated lady of AKA would NOT be caught dead or resurrected with that yuckmouth, bleach blonde, hatin ass hag!….Sarah is none of those things…..

  147. vivi:

    Her fake ass (figuratively and literally) is getting torn up on twitter. She said, "I made one comment about p and everyone thinks I'm shading all black women… My bff on 7 years is black." Chick stop.

  148. cocochaitea:

    WOW….Black women kill me, I am not a coon, or a bitch, or any other word that you will try and use to describe me. I know the difference between a REALITY SHOW and the real person. I am a coon because I do not agree with what YOU think about her? I am a great represenation of my University because I am a free thinker. It would be very easy for me to assume that you are uneducated "SISTA"…your sentence should read…The majority of my University is white., A HBCU not AN….and so on….I am not a coon…and although you have NOOOOOOOOOOOO CLASS, I wish you well "SISTA"..

  149. cocochaitea:

    I am educated…I have no reason to lie to strangers or people I know…honestly…No I am not sarah…She is not my friend, but I know her through Shalise….I am a real person playing the devils advocate…These same people who support little wayne and all these other rappers who glorify all these non- blackwomen are indirectly saying what sarah said straight up. So quick to call me a coon for stating what I know to be true…I said she's a quarter asian, a quarter black and white….do i really have to say the white part is 50%….I guess that also makes me a coon….lol

  150. cocochaitea:

    My education level does not make my OPINION any more valid, and it does not make yours and less…..damn

  151. kwan:

    REALITY SHOW or not if she had the gall to say that on camera I can only imagine what she says behind her so called betsie's back about black women. No one handed her a script to make a racist comment like that so she said what she felt plain and simple why defend it? At the end of the day she can't be surprised if a black woman decides to walk up to her and clock her in the head. Even if she has a quarter drop of black blood she obviously doesn't recognize it or embrace otherwise she wouldn't have even conceived of saying those words.

  152. kwan:

    chile I have been on an ADW binge lately watching episodes for about 2 weeks in between classes and studying.

  153. Mikey:

    Fuck what that bitch Sara talkin about. I love black pussy. I'm not racist but I would not put my tongue on white pussy. Just my preference, we all have our own preferences. Let her have those niggas, they're not the type of men that any of you should want so it should not matter how they feel, what they think. Fuck them. Fuck Sarah. Fuck Memphitz and Fuck Toya.

  154. Trini:


  155. TheINfamousLA:

    please pay coco no mind… If you check out ShaliceNicole's comments and grammer on twitter you will undestand the kind of education they are apparently recieving at ASU… With that being said just ignore the ignorance being spewed by an obviously self hating black woman

  156. cocochaitea:

    so now we are judging peoples lives and education levels by tweets?….I guess.

  157. Nicole:

    Damn it Atlanta!!

  158. cocochaitea:

    Not once did i defend her behavior. I said her best friend is black because everyone is calling her a racist. She is not a racist…Ignorant maybe …Color struck…YES…but racist?.. no. She is no more racist then all these rappers who have EVERY nationality except for black in their video They say it indirectly…she said it directly and we dont know in what context it was said. I do not give a damn what a rapper or what a white girl thinks about black women….yall are giving her too much power. Calling me a coon because I could care less what a mistress thinks…Thats her opinion ,and a black man put on the air…At least you didnt call me out my name Kwan….#thumbsupforclass.

  159. Cocochaitea:

    If I was self hating the words of a white mistress may affect me more *shrugs*…

    Me being upset to the point where I call another black women a coon is self hate…
    Sarah talking about black pussy is like a homeless person telling me about home decor…
    Super head telling me how to keep a man…
    Like…who are these people to validate or even be a blip in a beautiful black womans radar…
    I guess calling Sarah white trash would make me love myself more? GRAMMAR!…..

  160. Rha:

    wow the Obama commercial at the beginning and end of the video. So sad that so many have died for us to step on and spit on their graves.We have come so far to have a Black President and then we choose to protray lazy, gutter butt stumpets and minstrel shows

  161. TheINfamousLA:

    No honey, you are the one that brought your level of education into the conversation. I was just making it clear that just because someone has a college education does not mean that they can't be ignorant. Judging from her tweets she is a very unclassy woman which explains why she wold be friends with trashbags like Sarah. I do not expect any black person that uses the word "nigga" so freely to truly have any real respect for the African American culture or history.

    Not once did I call you a coon simply because I have too much respect for my family members who fought for the right to be called HUMAN BEINGS.
    Not once did I call her White Trash because besides the fact that I have white family members I plain and simple AM NOT racist.

    One last thing, using the fact that she has ONE black friend does not prove that she is not racist. Even klan members have at least one black person that they can tolerate.
    I'm not asking that you attack this woman but for you to sit hereand back up her bullshit by putting up fabricated numbers and statistics proves to me that 1) you are just as ignorant as she is and 2) that you are a self hating black woman

  162. Deeva:

    Your almost back to back 9 answers were laughable at best. We are all self haters because we called you a coon? Baseless and makes no sense, but really most of what you say makes no sense. We are self haters for taking offense to her making a nasty comment about black women as a whole? Again…smh makes no sense. She’s not color struck, if she were her comments would have been more about being light or dark instead of a general statement about all black women. And not that it makes a difference but black people have no problem saying they are colorist. i.e. having a preference for lighter/darker toned blacks. What lil Wayne and other black rappers do that you listed makes them coons, what Sarah said and what her twitter has reflected makes her a racist. We certainly do know the context of her comments as she could have used twitter to explain herself instead she has tried to justify her comments like you are doing. First it was “statistics support her comment” now it’s “only for the average black man” anything to make Sarah’s statement valid. And that is what makes you a coon. She is bleach blond (her hair actually looked dry and damaged from
    Being over processed) and her mouth did look gross…

    Your sentence “she is 25% Asian, 25% black an white” leaves room assume another 25% was left out…smh

    Her twitter is what showed us all there is no difference between her reality tv personality and real life one.

    And to add to the previous comment by infamous there is a former kkk member who is endorsing and former black panther right now. The kkk former kkk member is still racist he just shares a common interest with former black panther.

  163. CocoYouCoon:

    No you are a coon because you actually defend a woman who has no respect for you, and from the information you gave herself….. Here is a seat, you may have it. And if it makes me classless because I won't stand for some white trash like the one you are defending then I don't want it. Take your class and stick it. And from what your school's site says more than 70% of the students on campus are black students. Are you sure you went there? I don't think you did. LMBO. That means for every 10 people you see at ASU, at least 7 of those people are black. Understand LOL.

  164. GiaG:

    @sarahSOoliver we been found it love.

  165. GiaG:

    I do not blame people for calling you what you are… My mother would always say, "If one person says it, it may not be true. Two your pushing it. Three well hell take it as what you are, love it or hate it. It is what it is." As you can see my mother was a realist…. lol. Seems like "cocoyoucoon" is giving you the truth with hard blows, while "theinfamousla" talking to you with out a piece of anger in her voice. "Kwan" is the middle guy giving you both sides of the coin. No Tea No Shade girl but you getting your ass handed to you mmm hmmm.

  166. WidoughMayker:

    I have questions and dam it i need answers!!

    So, you mean to tell me if Sarah's mom would have made the timely decision of letting ole boy buss in her mouth instead of her vagina….the world would have been spared from her stupidity? Sarah is just a walking cum depository…so sad I bet her tonsils look like they've been dipped in flour water….Sigh

    I'm mad because these heffas, yes heffas are sharing ish that nobody really needs to know. So after all the fluid leaks out ya ass and ya tiddays start to sag who gone pay for your life style then?? * Folds arms and waits for an answer**

  167. WidoughMayker:

    Thank you for making me spit out my grape koolaid jigga!! Shot with a blackberry=instant death

  168. K'yla:

    When my friend asked her why the shade against black women she had the nerve to say "my bff of 7 years is black"…. what is our world coming to?!?

  169. K'yla:

    Not saying that she can't have a best friend who is black BUT… WHY would she say something like that?!?(ESPECIALLY since she has a black best friend…. MAYBE it is a GUY?!?) And then.. WHY is this "black bff" even still her friend (ESPECIALLY if it is a woman). She was blatantly rude and y'all still cool?!? AW. -__-

  170. LeanneSealy:

    I swore I said Memphitz is a shady ass motherfucker.

  171. Faz:


  172. Faz:

    *lays in casket* LeFoot though? I cant

  173. Faz:

    call meh *RiRi voice* lol IJK

  174. llJ2ll:

    Marisa/Coco- Hmmmmm….Go sit in the corner bc you’re just plain stupid. I’m not even going to waste anymore text on you. Dee- I guess you have a personal hookup with Jesus to know what ALL black people are watching. You sound just as uninformed as those other two clowns. I guess only black people watch these types of shows. I’m going to speak for myself when it comes to positivity.Shows like Oprah just isn’t my cup of tea. I surround myself with positive individuals, I take part in lots of volunteering when it comes to my community, and I’m always looking to better myself on a daily basis. When I get a breather, I sometimes want to sit in front of my tv set and relax. I want to laugh a little so if that means giggling at these sometimes manipulated shows, that’s my perogative.I am not an advocated for violence but even a movie has drama. Isn’t that why people watch movies? IT’S CALLED ENTERTAINMENT. Everyone else, sorry for the long story but I get so tired of people clumping us blacks all together bc we’re not BLANK enough. If what you see ain’t enough, shut down that computer and raise awareness for the importance of all the things we “lack” and what we can to do to change that frame of mind. I’ll attend and bring all skin types bc BETTERING ONE’s SELF isn’t a race thing, it’s human.

  175. cocochaitea:

    1.I brought up my education level because some said I was un-educated. I said it the first time because that is how I met both shalise, and sarah.

    2.Like i said previously, my education level does not make my opinion more valid than anyone elses.

    3.The use of the word nigga is her choice, although I do not use it…Her use of the word does not make her ignorant. Just like i do not relax my hair, someone else relaxing theirs does not make them ignorant, or less black…
    4.She has more than one black friend ,I talked about shalise because I know her.
    5.Fabricated statistics?. I didnt say any numbers. But this is the fabricated static that was thrown at me,"Statistics show that more than half of the black men that are married, marry black women…. " That more than half number is is 72% which still makes a black men more likely( more likely than anyother race) to marry out of their race. Truth.

  176. Cocochaitea:

    Based on your moms ideology…Every thing negative said about the black race is true. More than one person has said dark skin is ugly, natural hair is ugly, black people are ignorant….and so on…none of that is true. Self hating? a coon? Because I said she is part black and not racist, because i said statically speaking she is not far from the truth?
    Black people love to get mad when anyone points out our cultures flaws. What she said was how she felt *shrugs*. How dare she.*takes my ass that was handed to me to work*

  177. llJ2ll:

    misinformed* advocate* (sorry the txt is clumped together, using my cell >.< )

  178. ladii_lisha:

    *throws open the passenger door of my car* y'all jump in before they see us!

  179. GiaG:

    My mom was gearing toward the individual not the whole. Anyway I think any race would be pissed if someone said something disrespectful about more than half of their people. I won't go as far as to call you a coon I will leave that up to cocoyoucoon, but I will say you are ignorant and a self hating black woman. About your education: Education does not define intelligence and age doesn’t define maturity. Another one of my mother's sayings. You may have both age and education but you still lack both maturity and intelligence. I will let everyone else keep handing you your ass gift wrapped with a bow, I am sick of it.

    OTB: Whoa miss jia this is the most comments I ever seen on your site ever.

  180. tilis:

    I remember that episode, and he told his girl at the end that he had an interest in men & women. I knew he looked familiar.

  181. Miss B:

    Just watching the trailer was more offensive than the Klu klux klan.

  182. I.can.not:

    Don't say that. I was raised by a single mother who taught me to respect myself, her, and others. I would never shame myself, my family or someone else's family for the sake of infamy, money or sex. Shame on these women and shame on the men profiting from this trash.

  183. LeanneSealy:

    Cocochaitea, you really and truly need to reevaluate your thought process.

    How does having a black best friend equate to shit, when she can possibly say something like that? She blatantly just disrespected her "black" best friend and the people she comes from.

    "Editing IS a mutha I am sure they caught her after that "Black bitch" snuck her"– Editing –again has NOTHING TO DO WITH SHIT. Fact remains she said it. It wasnt chopped and screwed. She hasn't denied it. Ass whooping or not, it came out her mouth. At the end of the day, she formulated the words in her mind to express her innermost feelings. ….SHE. SAID. IT.

    She's none of those things?
    "@MiSsBoojie I like u! Lol. Some TMI..My bff @ShaliseNicole got a pretty & phat pussy! Bitches shouldn't be offended if they shit was cute" — thats not a Yuck Mouth?

    Let me tell you something child.
    The fact that you sat and made 4 excuses for why people should not be on her case, says a whole lot about you as a person. Think about how much you value yourself as a human being.

    'National opinion supports this' ?????

    You support and defend a lost little girl who has racist opinions towards the same kind of people you claim originate from, a girl who gets butt injections to look like the same women she spews hateful things about, and a girl who has no issue playing a role in breaking up marriages ?

    your morale is in the shitter honey. Get it in order before your ass catches the same ass whooping.

  184. LeanneSealy:

    Hmm…I didn't know being born with a brown vagina was a cultural flaw.

  185. Deeva:

    I’ve never met a coon or uncle Tom that says “yea I am one” they always say they are speaking the “truth”…their versions of the truth are really opinions that come off as being anti-black or ashamed to be black just like your “truths”.

  186. kwan:

    *slowly turns page*…………. YOU BETTA READ!!!!!!

  187. TheINfamousLA:

    When all else fails change the subject in it's entirety…
    Okay Coco I can see that you are the type of person who has to get the last word even when you've been proven wrong by multiple people. We went from "Sarah can't be racist because she has A black friend" to now you can't even recall how many black friends she has FOH…
    And I never said her using the word "nigga" made her ignorant. I stated that the fact that she uses the word so freely makes my expectation of her appreciation for African American culture and history to decrease tremendously…
    And excuse my language but how the FUCK did we start talking about women that relax their hair being less black??? Girl you really lost me on that one
    You are saying that that racist pos has the right to disrespect all black women and talk about how our bodies are disgustng so if that's the case than everyone on this blog has the right to call you a self hating coon… (I'm not calling you a coon, I'll leave that to everyone else)

  188. shelly~:

    If he's fine but gay, we women can't have him! duh.

  189. Nicole:

    Spelmanite? Cause we seem to be the only ones who know anything about that course…

  190. shelly~:

    I think people create these trash shows on purpose so we can get so used to them that it is all we demand. It's like, we all know that drama isn't good, but it's so hard not to watch. And a lot of times when something comes on tv that is supposed to be positive, the writing/casting/directing, etc. is horrible. If we boycotted all of these ignorant programs, "they" would have no choice but to give us our Cosby-esque shows back!

  191. HeavenGlam:

    Im sorry this is just…Antonia, come get your man,right NOW. I watched it again and it was like pouring vodka over a razor cut. The blonde chick needs to be read in a major way. Who is Mary Jane though. I have seriourly never seen or heard of anyone on this show ceptin' Maliah and that French heaux-pas Rosee who, by the way has the longest face since Natalie Nunn. Nobody wants to discuss the fact that her face looks like a kangaroo's hind paw? Oh…ok…carry on then.

  192. Law:

    She only saying what a black man told her..thats why they don't date black women. Ladies jump ship!

  193. asidkisses:

    OMG You are even dumber than I thought.

  194. Fancypants!:

    I agree with you on that one Mz Shron.

  195. Fancypants!:

    You know these stupid ass black men out here dont give a shit about dogging out their own women! You would NEVER see a white man or a pr man or an asian man dog and put down their women like a STUPID ASS WEAK BLACK MAN!

  196. Fancypants!:

    Ew. You just made me throw up in my mouth. You sound like a really stupid bitch! Every pussy gets fucked and knocked up. Oh white pussy dont get fucked & knocked up? Yous a dumb ass!!! lol

  197. Fancypants!:

    Shut the fuck up coco coon, You are really sounding like a dumb bitch! Get a life and stop crawling up that ignorant white bitches ass!

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