Uterine Defense Team: Kelly Rowland Sounds Off on Beyonce & Blue Ivy

If Kelly Rowland was a gay man & Beyonce was in need of a good, loyal Judy, I’d say that she has all that and more in her long time friend.

Kelly recently spoke with Show Biz Spy and said that she’s nothing short of disgusted with people who won’t let Blue Ivy be.

There were all kind of reports. Poor baby Blue can’t come into the world without everyone wanting to know her business. She’s just a baby with her mother and father and all the time they have together with their baby is just between them. It’s not between the rest of the world. So every time there is a question (about them) I don’t want to say anything for their sake.

You better be that good friend, Kelendria!

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  1. the Shade:

    YESSSSSSSSS Kelly… I just want to see Blue again

  2. @Che_Petrillo:

    I'm so tired of these miserable birds coming for Miss Blue. They need to chill!!!!

  3. Pinkness:

    Um..whatever "they" might as well get over it. you cant be a huge celebrity on every mag-cover….selling tons and ton of products. and think your PRIVATE life will stay PRIVATE…especially , those craze Beyonce stans, they want to know every bit about Beyonce's life. Thats just part of the ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS.

  4. StayMad2.5:

    The fact that people are coming for a BABY though!Forget the stans forget how jealous you may be of Beyonce(and yes some bitches are straight up JEALOUS and it gets them pressed that they know they are jealous) but this is a BABY.How are you going to be calling a baby a whore??I've seen it all over the net.Beyonce has kept her life private and only been as open as she NEEDS to.Oprah was the first one to tell her to keep HER business HER business.That way you get remembered for your STAGE CRAFT and not your STAGED CRAP(like a lot of artist hungry for attention because the talent is slim)
    *Adjusts,files nails,sips Tea*

  5. @Lena_Renee:

    I LOVE Kelly, she really does seem like a loyal friend. But I bet Beyonce made Kelly shut her mouth after finding out during the Katie Couric interview that Kelly spilled the beans about the sex of the baby!!!

  6. Anonymous:

    @Pinkness – There should be some things that any human being should be allowed to have private…namely a three month old baby. No other celebrity on the planet has had to endure this kind of scrutiny about their child. I believe that this is why Beyonce showed Blue off on Tumblr so that people could see her and it could be over with. But alas people want more. I love Beyonce as an entertainer, but as a mom as well, I feel so bad for her.

  7. Ok ok:

    I know dats right Kelly! Fukk these broad backed bastard birthing lonely mutts. Their kids will STILL be fatherless, and they’ll STILL be the pissy hallway cum guzzlers.

  8. sotru78:

    Beyonce always keeps it classy and she seems so happy but these pathetic ppl that keep talking about her baby gonna make her slap the shit outta somebody. As a mother I wouldnt blame her but I do love that she keeps it real ladylike and classy.

  9. SMH:

    I feel for her too. The fact that people say this comes along with the entertainment industry shows that these people really have no lives of their own and just would rather watch someone else. Its kind of strange how some people dont look at celebrities as "people". People hold them in such a high esteem that when they see them walking or wanting to protect their children they get offended as if they are just suppose to smile and show off their children. Its really sick more than anything. Turn off the damn tv and get off the net if it is consuming you that much to the point where youre upset a celeb didnt release wedding pics, or baby shower pics.

  10. SMH:

    I would laugh so hard if Bey ever lost her cool and cursed out the paparazzi. I would die.

  11. Charla:

    But..it deos come with the entertainment industry and like Pinkness said, people will always be there trying to get a piece of the baby or wanting to nkow the tea. That is just the way it is. I don't give a damn and I don't agree with it, but it's still gonna happen.

  12. Charla:

    *does… *know

  13. Charla:

    That would be hilarious as shit! I'd love every minute of it!

  14. Beck:

    that's true, but the rumors tend to be on the cruel and excessively obtrusive side. There is a level of privacy that's going to be sacrificed in that line of business, but I don't think it's fair for people to expect Beyoncé and Fam. to give up every ounce of privacy…there needs to be some kind of boundary & I think hounding a 3 and a half month infant is crossing the line.

  15. Dee Eugene:

    I remember when Blue Ivy was first born. People were calling this baby, "Lucifer's daughter." That's so sad. A child that can't even defend themselves and doesn't even know what's going on in the world has people calling her such names. It's pathetic when people are coming for an innocent child like that. What has this world come to.?

  16. cairo:

    I feel as that Beyonce has given us enough of her private life. Yes, she is a celebrity but a celebrity is not 24/7. The internet has made it easier for people who love entertainers to intrude more into their lives but back then you couldnt all this stuff that some people are doing to day. Some people just get down right nasty and for no reason. Beyonce is more then a celeb, she is a daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, wife, and most of all a mother. So,respect that and leave all hatred in your head and not a keyboard.

  17. Chrissy:

    I too am waiting for Bey to go OFF. Hell, maybe then they would leave her and her family alone.

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