Nene Ain’t Nearly As Important As She THINKS She Is…..

I had a nice, hard, I-haven’t-brushed-my-teeth-yet-so-I-NEED-to-chill type laugh when I saw these photos and the caption.

Kim Kardashian was spotted out at Nobu restaurant dining with friends last night in West Hollywood. Not ONE mention of Nene Leakes, but she’s cheesing in the shadows like she was just offered new health benefits. Ha!

Meanwhile, there’s rumors floating around the web that Kim wants to run for mayor of Glendale, CA but she’d have to buy a home and live there for at least 5 years before she would be eligible.


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  1. aleisha:

    Lol leave her alone. Remember, Kim started off in the background

  2. Kanye'sNiece:

    NeNe is cheesing so damn hard. The paps aint' checkin' for you BOO! Bcs if Kim is ya friend, you`ll be side by side. Not walking BEHIND her. OOPS!

  3. AT Fierce:

    I love how she's lurking in the background ready to pounce on Kim's career and eat for dear life. Goodness. Never trust a wildebeest.

  4. Daisy:

    #teamNeNE YT folks love her and know who she is. I love her hustle and grind! She makes for good TV too. Do you boo! I also like Kim K too!

  5. kwan:

    if she wasn't so important I doubt Kim would giver her the time of day ijs…. Nene ain't no fool she's def. using Kim like the fame whore that she is "how you doing"

  6. WarrenTrenton:

    Nene is looking happier than a slave on emancipation day. Child I like Nene but sometimes she tries too hard to come off as a part of ‘Hollywood’. Lol she needs to tone it down and not look so thirsty for some shine.

  7. Tommykimon:

    Dang I had to look again. I didn't even notice her in the picture at first. Fail.

  8. @Che_Petrillo:

    Fuck Ne Ne and Kim, who is that other chick? Hey girl hey!!!

  9. lipstickiss:


  10. Brittany:

    Kim looks a mess

  11. Arrielle:

    It looks like theyre walking really fast trying to get away from her…. I guess Nene.

  12. Intelligent1:

    I ain’t even see her black ass way back there!

  13. six inch walker:

    The same thing happened when she was out with aubrey oday… NeNe wants that fame and I cant hate on that but she just isn’t in yet but keep calling kim to hangout theyll start noticing you

  14. GrimyTeddy:

    Dag… Yall got me cracking up.

  15. Kish:

    All you can see is teeth and blond hair

  16. Ash:

    I wouldn't be surprised if NeNe paid money to hang..ijs

  17. Kendra:

    1st, I had to scroll back up just to even see her ass lurking in the shadows. 2nd, the only thing you really notice is them damn teeth she was out in atl poppin p*ssy for (probably). 3rd y is it that nene can’t find a real celebrity her own age to hang with. And Kim K of all ppl?? She had a fit when Kandi mentioned a dildo but Kim who done had more customers that a mc donalds is her bff? Cmon now nene.

  18. justtia:

    YASSSSS read her!

  19. justtia:

    Chile…….NeNe is sooooooo the far gone she was already saditty in season 1, but who she is now is a CLOWN. Shes funny, but very fame hungry

  20. Brooklyn:

    Nene acts like she invented Hollywood and is the only one with money…and her money ain't even old or long! I was disgusted by her behavior on Pt. 1 of the reunion. She has definitely changed, but once 'Hollywood' gets tired of exploiting her for her 'loud, angry black woman' schtick, it'll spit her out with the rest of the has beens. Pride comes before a fall. Don't look down b***h!

  21. JustMe_Andria29:

    NeNe is so transparent.

  22. jetara:

    nene looks really nice!

  23. Nae:

    I like Nene and yes she’s changed but her life has changed DRAMATICALLY so I’d expect her behavior to change. She went from a mother and wife to someone with some pop cultural relevance, some fame and some money. To say anyone on here wouldn’t do some changing is disingenuous.

    Damn near all those chicks on RHOA act as if they are some type of star so a little recognition is all the ammo they need

  24. Nicoley410:

    i thought her smile was a photographer flashbulb :/

  25. Tiana:

    Like others before, I dead ass had to stroll back up to see her… Did not notice NeNe at first glance. Welp.


    It look like Nene saw Kim and her friend sneak out the back way so she follow to get in the shot. They look like they are walking fast so she won't follow EPIC FAIL

  27. grafittix:

    LOVE that gif!

  28. Nicole:

    I guess the next step for Nene is getting with an A lister. lol

  29. Dinasty2.0:

    Read. For. Filth.
    Shade. For the. Gawds.

  30. Dinasty2.0:

    Nene just looks thirsty.

    And Kim running for mayor? Yeahhhh, notice nobody commented on that tidbit. But the Kardashians could afford to buy the seat, so who the hell knows?

  31. Todd:

    Kim does look lovely…

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