When Sh*t Gets Real: Girl Gets Her Ass Beat Over Twitter

While many of us can take the things said to and about us on Twitter with a grain of salt, others aren’t as fortunate.

In this video, Tashay Edwards (pictured left in her mugshot) is seen confronting another woman and offering her THE beat down for some drama that allegedly started on the social networking site, Twitter. Edwards has since been arrested and charged with assault and violation of a temporary protection order. Although the victim has not been named by police, she’s been identified on Twitter as O_oYouJusMad.

It’s getting a little too real out here in these Twitter streets….


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  1. Chali:

    Lmaoo @ "in these twitter streets"! People don't have hobbies no more. So, they decide "who to fight today?". Clowns SMH!

  2. AtlantaBred:

    FIRST OF ALL: There is NO such thing of beating my ass at my own house!
    TWO: I wanna see the tweet that pissed her off
    THREE: My obversation tells me, Tashay knew the girl couldn't fight. She just wanted to feed her ego.

  3. missy:

    O_oYouJusMad is denying its her, she talking real tough and ignorant tho…..

  4. six inch walker:

    look that girl got her ass beat !!! & she did so much wrong… 1. why in the hell did you open the doort to this ratchet ass chick hair in a scarf 2. why did you not close the door when she did that body twist i mean after the first minute you knew she wasnt coming to discuss shit 3. not really her fault but why did no one come out your house and help finally 4. you did not swing at all you curled yup like a defenseless animal i truly feel bad for you and if you learned nothing from my above 4 statements i suggest you take your location off twitter

  5. Crystal:

    ……………….yea im speechless on this one

  6. Crystal:

    The girl that got beat..really favors Lil Mama..jus sayin lol

  7. M.J.:

    Over a tweet? People these days fight over anything.

    Also, Ms. Edwards better watch her back (if she gets out of jail). The victim could be plotting revenge on her.

  8. @Chocos_Kinks:

    yeah, she is on her way to ending up like the girl in the video. People are threatening to drag her for her comments.

  9. WellDamn24:

    Some folks just don't have real lives, and chick certainly can't be that successful.

    From the Basketball Wives on down to this fight-happy chick, there must be some emotional and psychological damage that makes them really care enough to fight if somebody talks about them. You can't pay me to fight in the streets. Now, to defend myself or save my family? There is nothing that will hold me back. But some bish wants to talk out of the side of her mouth because I'm not living my life her way? Girl please!

  10. EB:

    Team head scarf

  11. Nicole:

    Got damn she tore that girl ass up then dragged her from the porch, down the steps to the sidewalk.

    ……at her own house at that.
    couldnt have been me.

  12. Anti-stan:

    SideBar: “It’s getting a little too real out here in these Twitter streets….”


    These young people today ain’t got shit that’s WORTH
    SOMETHING going for themselves, so all they do (when they ain’t busy laying on their backs, gettin’ impregnated with yet another bastard child) is sit on the Internet all effing day, living vicariously through their multiple screen names (smgdh).

    Don’t mean to be so harsh & so blunt, but shit, they don’t call it ‘Reality Check’ for nothing. This sh*t is sad yo.

  13. YouMadeTheBed:

    I have no idea what she said but honestly. I'm glad she beat her ass. I'm so sick of certain people running their mouth on twitter/facebook about people as if those people won't ever see you in your town. When they live in your city/state. (Like you gonna stay in your room or where ever you tweeting/facebooking at forever) People need to understand whether you talking bout someone online,on the phone or loudly outside you are talking about someone and 9 times out of 10 there will be consequences or that person confronting you in some way.And that's why I don't feel a bit bad that she got her ass dragged/beat.

  14. Kami:

    That was so unnecessary. And embarrassing to watch. I hope the victim is ok. That was a definite "n***a moment" -___-

  15. Nicole:

    I actually agree with YouMadeTheBed.
    People get so bold on these social networking sites and pop off at the mouth and get extremely disrespectful because they dont believe nobody will slap the dog shit outta them.
    Thats exactly why I havent logged on Facebook in 8+ months because the drama was at a all time high knowing they “not about that life.”
    I cant vouch for nobody else but I was rasied not to write a check my ass couldnt cash.

  16. sotru78:

    Damn u read my mind

  17. YouMadeTheBed:

    Exactly!! If I knew I couldn't fight or didn't want drama. The last thing I would do is sit my black ass on twitter or facebook and talk reckless about someone. Who I knew was in my city/state and I could one day randomly run into or they could find my place and come there. I just don't get these folks today. It's common sense.

  18. Rara:

    If somebody would drag Evelyn Hostada like this, I wouldn’t even be mad.

  19. Kittyista:

    You said it all with #1. Not at your own house! And why in the hell she even entertain her mess? She should have been talking to the door handle. Girls fighting after a certain age just looks so trifling. Let her butt sit in jail for a while because she really need to get it together.

  20. Nia:

    Well damn!! That is what you call an ass whipping!! She got hit with the left and right hand. She stood on her to stomp her out. Anytime a girl that doesn't like you knocks on your door with a scarf on, it's about to be on. Damn, no one was home. A sister? Brother? Dog? Something. She needed help!

  21. Kittyista:

    I couldn't like your statement more than once but damn if I wasn't trying.

  22. FrannyLove:

    She going rampid on darkskin chicks and light skin "niggers" in her own words. Very ignorant…

  23. WarrenTrenton:

    I read the beat down girl's Twitter and she was talking mad trash about dark skinned people to one person and she still fronting. Lol I felt sorry for her at first but you don't diss people so openly and don't expect payback.

  24. Brooklyn:

    I wasn't gonna watch cause I cannot STAND fight vids, but the comments made me curious. All I wanna know is did the camera being present not tip her off that something was about to go down? It's not like it was Oprah at the door wanting to interview her or give her a car.

  25. kingphoenix:

    Girl, talk about a dragging…..

  26. AsiaThor:

    Worst 54 seconds of her life…I wish a mofo WOULD try to stand on my stomach and stomp me. ROTFLMAO!

  27. SMH:

    Um note to Evelyn frm BBW…..see thats how you whoop a Bitch ass for talking smart and slick! #you aint about that life Evelyn.com.


    Just when I was about to feel sorry for the chick that got stomped, I clicked on her twitter link and one of her tweets today read: "DARK SKIN HOES CAN'T FIGHT BRA" and other "dark skin" comments…YEAH SHE DESERVED THAT ASS WHOOPING…

  29. Anti-stan:

    Exactly! All her dirty ass did was confirm whatever shit was said about her. These hoodrats don't think man (which is probably why they're hoodrats)! It's not a two-way street….You can't just go around (physically) fighting the whole world and then, in the next breath, claim you don't give a f*ck about what other's say and or think of you. Either you care or you don't. Which is it? 'Cause it can't be both.

    Actions (like this^) speaks a whole helluva lot louder than words *smgdh.*

  30. Jazzy:

    I don't think it was that girl who got beat up twitter. The aggressor is being charged for the crime so why would she still provoke people on twitter which may help the aggressor in a sense? Doubt it's her

  31. Nia:

    She river danced on her.

  32. Pinkness:

    Damn Tashay got it in with her peter pan boots and wrap-it scarf…….

  33. Anti-stan:

    Okay, when I commented earlier today, I skipped clicking on her T-page. All I did was watch the attack video & comment, but I JUST glossed through her page a second ago, and…….WOAH! I can't front, part of me wants to take back everything I said in my other comment and just say "FUCK THE BITCH…SHE GOT WHAT SHE DESERVED," but I've gotta be mature about this. I don't wanna be lol, but I have to be. I'mma grown woman and I can't be condoning this ype of behavior, regardless of what the victim may have said.

    I stand by my other comments…Nobody deserves to be attacked. If it don't apply, let it fly, but like someone on here stated: Don't let your mouth write a check, your ass can't cash.

  34. Dinasty2.0:

    GAHHHHHHH, I lived and died for this.

  35. Dinasty2.0:

    At first, the video seemed "staged" because their dialogue just sounded like bad acting.

    But then that ass whooping rained down like the strength of Zeus and my heart dropped into my stomach. I felt every lick, every stomp, dragged down those steps, like DAMN! I don't care what kinda slick shit you said on Twitter (because talking reckless in these here Twitter skreets is just what people do), there ain't no reason to be going HAM like that.

    That's just sad, yo.

  36. Dinasty2.0:

    True tea, I would've closed the door after her first statement. I ain't got time for this shit. But definitely when she shifted from one leg to the other. I knew what was up. I don't know why this chick didn't.

    She'd have to break into my house to get to me. Fuck that. And at that point, it'd have been b & e on top of the assault.

  37. Dinasty2.0:

    It's clear from her timeline that she is THIRSTY AS ALL THE FUCKS for attention. She saying shit about anybody she can think of just to get people riled up. Twitter is game to her. Let Evelyn tell her "You ain't about this life, boo-boo" verbatim.

  38. Trini:

    Oh Wow!!

  39. kwan:

    A sister? Brother? Dog? Something. She needed help!

    ooooh Jesus be a fence I cannot stop laughing!!!!

  40. kwan:

    Nia stop it lmao

  41. Texasweety:

    If you listen closely the first thing out the girls mouth is "I WANNA FIGHT YOU"

    That's when you slam the door and lock it especially if you know you can't fight

  42. kwan:

    I'm tryna figure out if she's slow or naive b/c I know she looked out a window and realized this was the chick she talked about online. IDK WHAT THE HELL clicked in her head that this was gonna be a happy civil conversation, especially if this chick has her head tied up (even though that's standard day wear in the ghetto ijs). I'll be damned if I get my ass whooped on my front porch. I doubt that's the girls twitter just a thirsty attention bxtch.

  43. asidkisses:


    Why was this worthy of going to jail over?

    Why did you have to drag the girl down the stairs?

    Why did you open your door for a bitch in a head scarf, and a bitch with a camera?

    Why didn't you close the door when the tone changed?

    Why did you let the bitch yoke you up out of YOUR house?

    Where are the parents at?

    PLEASE tell me the fight/twitterbeef wasn't over some young punk!

  44. dpeezie:

    wow, i can’t believe people are saying she deserved this. no doubt ur darkskinned if you did. black people come in many different skin tones, and they all are beautiful. They are laughing at our ignorances. We should be lifting one another, notkilling each other, or even tearing each other down. i can’t believe the aggressor had it taped for evidence against her. ignorant…i can’t believe the blatant disregard for life. it’s disgusting. wake up people. i can’t like the “riverdance” comment made me bust a gut

  45. Dee Eugene:

    I'm shocked that somebody would literally fight someone, AT THEIR OWN HOUSE, because of some tweets.!?!?!?!? WTF is going on with our society.!? It's no wonder why majority of Twitter users are Black and why shit like this happens.

  46. KeyanaLashane:

    LOL, O.K.!!! No jumping off tables and bottles being thrown here!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Knowledge:

    It’s beyond sad! Ppl talk about ppl all the time dark/light fat/skinny tall/short. She could of broke her neck dragging her down the stairs like that! Punctured a lung stomping on her chest! I mean in the end she could of been facing a murder charge. Was it worth it? It’s sicken to see our youth throw their lives away time and time again!

  48. Chee:

    Lawd Hamercy! That was the DRAG of the Century! And whoever this chick is on twitter, she should be ashamed of herself for all that n-word crap and "darkie" stuff she's saying. She should get beat for that. And if it really was her in the video…then she needs a second beating!

  49. Ok ok:

    aaaahahahaaaaa bitch talk too much. serves her right!

  50. WarrenTrenton:

    Light skin girls need to stop talking shit.

  51. Nicoley410:

    and gays from atlanta…… https://twitter.com/#!/O_oYouJusMad/status/192678

    God can handle it……

  52. LadyNia:

    Dang. When will people learn man. Kids these days need a serious lesson on if they don't have a heaven or hell to put you in then their opinions don't matter. Now look at ol' girl sitting in a jail cell for making a dumb decision. If she couldn't handle what ol girl said on twitter I know she wouldn't be able to handle being a P.K. cause people in the church always got something to say good or bad. But I really can't believe the girl who got beat didn't get one lick in.

  53. Gwendella:

    Just fontless after that.

  54. Nia:

    I highly doubt that is her Twitter. Best believe after that ass whooping, she shut all that shit down. *cues Brandy* log off your Facebook…

  55. BIGWIG:

    Jayz sent that girl for that incident.( he ain't forgot ,,). Lil Mama sit yo Ass down girl..lol

  56. kcalvin2002:

    I just want to know how do you justify BEATING down someone (or laying hands on them period) because they SAID something about you…..I'm lost….True enough people shouldn't be talking crap, but how does someone TALKING justify you putting your hands on them???? People talk mad stuff about the PRESIDENT everyday, but I dont see him going around kicking their butts….Neither will you see MOST people doing such, that are mature adults…If you have a problem with something someone is saying, simply block them….

  57. Nia:

    You answered your own question. They are mature adults. Some of these kids have adapted an animal mentality to survive. The girls are more vicious than guys. They are more aggresive because they have to fight as opposed to pulling out a weapon to resolve their issues although that is becoming more common. You'd be more surprised when you meet the parents. The Mom will swing on you before the daughter. It's really a dog eat dog world.

  58. blacks are dumb:

    all these comments. black people yall are so pitiful. this tpe of behavior is called assault. but you ignorant people think its cute and thats what she deserved? i hope no one murders your family members because for te way your talking they would deserve it. this is why im so glad to be a mature classy girls its so sad that even though im light i still have black skin. uhhh. genocide.

  59. bmarie:

    she either should've squared up or locked the door…

  60. @Che_Petrillo:

    I'm not surprised by this AT ALL. I recall someone getting killed over some bs on Facebook. This shit happens all the time, but, some folks have enough sense not to record it.

  61. @Che_Petrillo:

    LMAO at this comment and your name. I can't, yo.

  62. bentley:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she should stay n jail

  63. llJ2ll:

    God forgive me but I watched that 3 times. I was amazed at a few points: the switching of the leg (you knew it was about to go down, why when she told you she wanted to fight n u kept the door open, her getting loud (what u talkin about tashay?) like she was about that life, the camera person filming, her talkin through the stomps, the dragging……WAS SHE EVER GONNA GET UP AND DEFEND HERSELF? Woooooo! I hope she learned her lesson. No more talkin smack…..on or offline.

  64. Kami:

    self hate isn't cute

  65. kesha:

    Yes girl i feel ya cause i would have had to fuck her up. No bitch gon come to my house and beat my ass like dat yikes.

  66. LadyLuna29:

    My head was RINGING from those foot stomps and it wasn't even me.

    Glad it wasn't me…

  67. Brooklyn:

    Thank you. If people are gonna fight every time somebody says something they don't like, they'll be fighting every day and for the rest of their lives. You gotta choose your battles wisely and this is one that ole girl could've just not entertained. Nothing was accomplished because the other girl can (and most likely) STILL talk about her…and she'll be at home, not sitting in a jail cell.

  68. Chrissy:


  69. Chrissy:

    You come to MY property, you are getting shot. Point. Blank. Period.

  70. Blacks Are Dumb:

    it isnt self hate trust me. i just dont like associating with the way you all act. hoodrats and thugs. so your proud to be viewed as trashy? im sorry you have such low standards for yourself.

  71. blacks are dumb:

    yo? ew. slang.

  72. MissPoison:

    that chick deserved beat down of her life over there on her twitter page slandering dark skinned chicks. she is so unclassy and can’t even spell smh wish I had her info.

  73. tweety:


  74. tweety:

    Yup, thats why I cant wait to move to FL

  75. Kami:

    Who are you even addressing? Don't stereotype or tar people with one brush just because we share a race, it's embarrassing. lol every black person in the world isn't trashy or hood. And yes it's self hate if you're differentiating yourself from other black people because you have 'light skin' or let me stress THINK that you are mature and classy for…whatever reason that hasn't been mentioned in your above post.

  76. dani:

    damn…did she even pinched her? SMH…Seroiusly, noone deserves to get beat down like that..BUT..u just cant go talking shit…its like my daddy used to say.."dont let ur mouth write a check ur ass cant cash"

  77. mesha:

    Weww, after watching that I need to smoke and I don't even smoke.

  78. kakakaka:

    thats a shame

  79. caccaacaa:

    matter afact thats a damn shame

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