Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded Cover Art

Nicki Minaj is ready to hit you hos with the hee as she prepares to drop her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

While I have absolutely no skills in photoshop and graphics, I always throw a major side eye at these artists who solicit the help of 1st year students at the Art Institute for the creation of their album covers. Sometimes it works; in more cases than not, it doesn’t.

So I’ll leave this right here for you guys to figure out. Let me know what you think!

Edited to add: This is the single cover, not the album cover. You can spray Febreze on sh*t………….


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  1. Jeniphyer:

    I'm not here for it

  2. @MJLiterally:

    Sometimes, things are better left unsaid.

  3. @Chocos_Kinks:

    This cover is just like her actual music, a mess and all over the place.

  4. Carolina Blu:

    This looks like the cover of a 1996 Barbie CD-ROM …… Very elementary. But then again her fans are 1st graders so…. Carry on.

  5. Reddgrant:

    Please quit. your time is running out. you at 14:58 on the clock.

  6. @Court_Invasion:

    Interesting….. Umm… you know what? I'm not even going to do it. I can't and I won't. But what I will say is that the writing and placing looks so damn low budget. Like wtf? Who approved this? I wanna see the damn receipts! lol

  7. @Court_Invasion:

    Interesting…. Umm… you know what? I'm not even going to do it. I can't and I won't.

  8. smonique:

    It looks like a Lisa Frank stationary kit.

  9. asidkisses:

    Roman what? -_-

  10. Dakenya:

    Oh. Birthday cake, anyone?

  11. @Arieinthecity:

    Same old same old. Still with the terrible blonde lace fronts, color contacts and nose contouring like shit. On other words, she still walking around trying to look as European as possible. Shout out to the fact that the cover makes no sense at all with the title. Good job.

  12. JiaIHateYa:

    This is the single cover, not the album cover Jia. I guess you don't check facts before posting stuff. Good thing TheLavaLizard and other blogs got it right.

    When will KIMBERLY JONES release relevant music??? I'm waiting…….

  13. Nia:

    its her single cover not, album. && i love how you threw all the shade at Nicky while chimpanzee ghost face Kimmy gets a pass pshhhhh

  14. JAVirgo:

    very My Little Pony. Come on Onika, get it together !

  15. kwan:

    but why Nicki stans have to ALWAYS mention Kim just cause Nicki getting thrown some shade lol

  16. kwan:

    I swear you were reading my mind look just like a Barbie Windows 97 computer game cover lmao …. sooo I'll just reach and say that's what she was going for *shrugs and snickers*

  17. jrc:


  18. Staymad2.0:

    Ok its apparent and OK for Jia to be on Kim's side!lol It's HER blog(even though Kim needed to be SHADED for them rip the runway pics) Im a Nicki Minaj fan(slowly but SURELY becoming an EX-fan and not because I miss "old nicki" all the people who say that aren't fans of "old nicki" they just saw her cipher or something and never heard Beam Me Up Scotty) This…cover "art" for her new single…is not the business.Im tired of her and these ridiculous Eye lashes that pop OFF her eyelid…and all these wacky crayola vomit scenes. I wish Nicki would just..tone it down..get on a video with no crazy get ups,look nice and just TELL US SOMETHING of substance.I KNOW SHE CAN DO IT I have heard plenty of songs where she does.Otherwise she can expect to be spit out and thrown away like the bubblegum pop that she is tryna be.

  19. @Court_Invasion:

    And the fact that your name is "JiaIHateYa". Girl sit down.

  20. Q314:

    still not feeling the name of the album…but I wish her luck on it…

  21. Miss Jia:

    Oh that can be fixed.

    Too bad your ability to post comments on the blog can't.

  22. Miss Jia:

    Well, if you've visited long enough, you'd know that I'm more of a fan of Kim's than I am Nicki's.

    So…..make your deductions from there.

  23. asidkisses:

    Jia, don't even bother. I think this person and, "JiaIHateYa" is the same person.

    Fuck em both…

  24. Miss Jia:

    Mmhmm and that's okay. They're still banned. LOL! Shit. Dah welp!

  25. musicislife:

    OMG Lisa Frank, I've heard about Lisa Frank in yrs. Lmao but it does look like Lisa Frank with a touch of Barbie

  26. popculturemajor:

    it says album cover on nicki's twitter link though

  27. Miss Jia:

    See….I don't follow that damn girl so I wouldn't know. You know some of her fans are delusional as shit. LOL

  28. Dezi:

    Jia I loved that Missy reference you threw in there!

    *takes look at cover* -_____________-

  29. popculturemajor:

    yeah, i got the link from her twitter. not sure if we're allowed to post links but!/NICKIMINAJ/status/17530410

  30. ilovereality:

    I liked nicki circa 2007 this new bish not at all. Once she turned into a kim clone I was done. I will be so glad when she fades into irrelevance.

  31. Mandingo:

    Lol why do people assume everyone who shades Nicki or isn't feeling her over-the-top tourettes child-like antics are Kim fans? I can't STAND Nicki and everything she stands for and I'm not much of a Kim fan either (even though I'll pick her over Nicki anyday).

  32. asidkisses:


  33. asidkisses:

    "They" may even be Nicki and Roman! Hahhaa -_-

  34. vivi:

    What damn difference does it make? I wouldn't care if that was her picture on her driver's license. It still looks fake and ridiculous as hell. Exercise the five Gs (Good grief girl get a grip) and get off Jia's page if you don't like her!

  35. sfsjj:

    I expected her album/single cover to be more.. dark. Especially after that whole circus fiasco at the Grammy's…

  36. @EverSo_Lee:

    Oh Nicki… where did you go?! These recent antics have just thrown me for a hell of a loop! -_- Get it together.

  37. ohlala:

    Is onika black or white . I am saddened by this pic.

  38. JustMe_Andria29:

    Okay so I’mma need Martha to get Roman in check. I hope her album will sound better than this cover looks.

  39. Mo:

    Im so over Nicki. I liked her before all this Roman/Martha shit. I guess I really dont like her as an artist anymore because whenever one of her songs come on the radio I turn. And no matter if thats the album artwork or the single artwork the shit is still ugly. Point blank.


    I love Nicki's new album cover.. It's spectacular!! Hi Jia whats good???

  41. Eboni:

    Her money still long. Plus everyone knows u coloreds don’t buy music u burn it. And trust white children and adults adore her and they buy cds so she straight. At this point ur opinion is like an asshole….

  42. Brittany:

    Eboni last time I checked the word coloreds was no longer used

  43. Jazzy:

    The problem is.. SHE DOESN'T WANT TO. She never wanted to become a rapper. She's just used rapping and HipHop fans as a stepping stool to get to her next "destination." She not doing this for the passion of music but just a way to make quick cash. You didnt hear her recent Vibe interview? She said "this is who I am. I’m not going to change – I’m just adding on to my brand. And if you don’t understand that, then it’s probably why you don’t travel and you don’t see the world and I probably can’t even have a conversation with you anymore…" In her eyes she's too good for HipHop and it's fans. She's not here for yall

  44. Jazzy:

    Sorry that interview was with Funk Master flex, not Vibe. Idk why Jia didn't post the interview. It would be a GREAT discussion…

  45. Jazzy:

    I believe it was the "coloreds" that got her the Pink Friday sales #'s… correct?

  46. WarrenTrenton:

    I kinda like it. Don't flame me. Lol.

  47. jrc:

    "You can spray Febreze on sh*t……." LOL that pretty much sums up that catastrophic cover art!

  48. @Che_Petrillo:

    *Sigh* Folks just want to come on here and start shit, get a life.

  49. Peitho4:

    I just wanna know how both of u know what that cover looks like…. ;)
    (goes to google that cover image right now) LOL

  50. Peitho4:

    Your clock must be wrong… according to mine, she's @ 14:59:59…..

  51. Peitho4:

    Hmm, so is Nikki trying to do whiteface or something?! Is this some kind of shade for the Nazis?! I don't get it.

    I don't care if it's the single or album cover… but I will say that the cover matches the content perfectly. #Foolishness+F*ckery

    __/ __/ __/ __/ (this row is for Nikki and all of her (paid for?) azz to have a seat!

  52. @Che_Petrillo:

    I clicked this link JUST to read what Jia had to say and to read these comments. You all make my day. Too freakin funny.

  53. Justin:

    - you* you* your*
    - No commas
    - coloreds???

    Did your communication skills come from Jim Crow's asshole?

  54. kwan:

    because I had barbie computer games in the 90's

  55. cliff:

    Oh no I hope this is one of many source pics for the final cover! This look like a college online flyer

  56. llJ2ll:

    Don’t care for it! ::taps my way out::

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