Whitney Houston’s ‘Alleged Lesbian Lover’ Pens Open Letter; Says She Hated Being ‘Protected’

During the years before Whitney Houston’s death, you may (or may not) have heard of the name Robyn Crawford. Robyn was her right hand girl, serving as her executive assistant at the earliest part of her career. For years, it was also rumored that Robyn was on the payroll because she was Whitney’s ‘lover.’ Wendy Williams even questioned Whitney about her relationship with Robyn during the infamous 2003 interview, bluntly asking ‘Is that your girlfriend,’ to which Whitney quickly replied, ‘…she’s a friend, GIRL!’ (Paraphrase)

Whitney had vehemently denied the rumors. During an interview with Time magazine in 1987, she said that people will always draw their own conclusions.

My mother taught me that when you stand in the truth and someone tells a lie about you, don’t fight it. I’m not with any man. I’m not in love. People see Robyn with me, and they draw their own conclusions. Anyway, whose business is it if you’re gay or like dogs? What others do shouldn’t matter. Let people talk. It doesn’t bother me because I know I’m not gay. I don’t care.

Robyn was allegedly fired after Bobby Brown came into the picture, but she’s never said anything about Whitney until now. Talk about loyalty to the end! After the break, check out an excerpt of Robyn’s letter and post your thoughts.

Oh and before anybody tries to ‘come’ for me, please take note of the words ALLEGED and RUMORED throughout the body of this post. While the relationship between the two of them may be unclear, Robyn offers a little insight that could allow people to understand Whitney a bit more clearly.

It’s so strange that she died when she did. February was her month. Her first album was released on Valentine’s Day, right around the time of the Grammys, right around the time of Clive Davis’s party. It was an orchestrated thing. She was Clive’s girl, his great discovery. And she died right before Valentine’s Day, right before the Grammys, right before Clive’s party. Of course, she was going. I don’t know if she was singing, I don’t know what kind of pressure she was putting on herself. But she was going, that’s for damned sure.

People thought they had to protect her. She hated that. And that’s what people don’t understand: She was always the one doing the driving. Someone just called and told me that the family kept Whitney from seeing her. Nobody kept Whitney from doing anything. She did what she wanted to do. When people left her or were told to leave, they could never believe that Whitney would never call them — but she never did. She was working hard to keep herself together, and I think she felt that if she admitted any feeling of sadness or weakness she would crumble. One time, back when we were young, we were out, we were partying, and I said, “Listen, I have to go. I’m tired. I can’t make it.” And she looked at me with her eyes wide and said, “I’ve got to make it.” (Read the FULL letter: HERE)

Special thanks to Nicole for the tip!

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  1. Kam:

    I read the letter she didn't say anything negative she didn't even address the gay rumour. It just sounded like a heartfelt open letter saying Whitney Elizabeth Houston was special and would be missed which is true.

  2. anonymous:

    This! I cant deal with this foolywang this early in the damn morning!

    *signs off for the day*

  3. WarrenTrenton:

    I wasn't even aware Whitney Houston had a gay rumor.

  4. @Che_Petrillo:

    This was really nice and almost had me in tears.

  5. sotru:

    She sounds like a true friend. What the exact content of that friendship was we may never know but then again maybe it ain't for everybody to know. She meant alot to so many people and I just hope her daughter has good comforting people around her. Its sad just too sad.

  6. ohlala:

    Very lovely letter. It sounds like Whitney was hard headed person. But u loved her anyways. She could help u but she wouldn’t allow u to help her. Her pride meant more to her at that time.

  7. Jazzy:

    Did you read the letter?

  8. Nicole:

    Thank you Jia for posting the letter. I really thought it was a very firsthand look at what Whitneys world was really like. The pressure to be great had to have been hell to live up to. Robyn was extremely loyal and despite any rumors really seemed to care about Whitney the person and not the Icon we all saw.

  9. asidkisses:

    What a great friend.

    *Sidebar* Did you guys (and Jia), hear about what Celine Dion had to say? I was disgusted!

  10. riiiight:

    I dont know why, but seeing them together reminds me of Rihanna's close relationship with her assistant.

    It's like Rihanna has the same thing going. Only she cant sing, and she is not the person Whitney was.Whitney was a DIVA! i loved her..

  11. Jazzy:

    I think Celine said what she said out of love and frustration. Was it the time and place? Hell no but she did make some good points and told the truth.

  12. beautymeltingpot:

    I remember those rumors. Does anyone else think that Robyn resembles Monica? That middle pic looks like Monica.

  13. Arrielle:

    Like I said on a previous post, Funerals and Weddings is when you can expect the fuckery to start.

  14. niecey:

    Class Act

  15. Drizzzy:

    I read the article about Whitney and I don't see the issue with it. She said she looked up to her but did she not fall victim to drugs? Isn't that what ultimately killed her? What she said was the truth and while it was unpleasant to hear its reality.

  16. asidkisses:

    What was "disgusting" to me was the fact that she responded as if she got the results and knew the cause of death. None of us know yet, and I think that it is rude to assume.

    Being real is one thing, but know your FACTS first before speaking your "truth". It was way too soon for that. How is Bobbi K going to feel when she reads that "her child wasn't enough" <—paraphrasing.

    It's not right to suggest that at this time!

  17. asidkisses:

    See: My comment to Drizzzy.

  18. Mira J:

    The letter was very touching… It's so sad. You never know what people are dealing with or the kinds of pressures they place on themselves. It has to be even more trying to know you're in the spotlight and most of the people that was happy to see you succeed will treat you like nothing once they've think you've fallen. My prayers go out to her family & close friends… Rest peacefully Whitney! <3

  19. WellDamn24:

    Man that gay rumor was LOUD for a while. I remember, even as a kid, thinking that the reason Whitney was dating Bobby (loved me some Bobby Brown but her with him???!!!) that he was her front man. I didn't even know this chick existed, but it would have just fed the rumor I already kinda believed.

    In retrospect its hard to just be single in the entertainment business. Look at Kelly Clarkson.

  20. WellDamn24:

    What I appreciate about Robyn is that she kept it classy. The letter is short but sweet.

  21. 111:

    She referenced the signer's tumultuous past but never said it's the reason she died. There's no way to be real and talk about Whitney without mentioning it, her life has been a circus for longer than it wasn't. Celine and Whitney had a great love and respect for each other, she wasn't throwing shade. Come on, whether she was on drugs or not, 48yr olds don't just die in the bathtub 20min after they were totally fine when they've severely damaged their bodies over the years with major, heavy drug use, without it being related. Just like with corey haim.. He didn't OD, but he'd been doing so many drugs for so long that one day, his body gave out. It was still drug related.

  22. Jenn:


    Dear Jia, could you watch this? And let me know what you think?

    I felt so sad this week, that I needed to be cheered up.

    These chicks are DAMN fools reviewing rhoa.

    It is worth watching.

  23. Gwendella:

    Very touching letter.

  24. blackpepper112:

    i actually have always believed the rumor. i think whitney came across a man that she wanted more the robyn or wouldnt have to hide .. the letter was a very beautiful letter and even there i got the feeling there was a special relationship that she will never speak about and thats cool. i enjoyed the insight on whitney houston the person… while, i know her family will deal with the loss and pain for years, the memory will fade soon for us and to be honest i cant wait for the funeral to be done and over with because its really sad for me still everytime i constantly see a video or hear the radio.. not saying i was a big fan in recent years, but we all grew up on her and she was so young and we just wanted to see her make it… soon the videos will stop playing, the news rounds will stop, and she will begin to fade.. but i kinda think she will be one that we will always remember, like gerald levert, some people will forever be in my memory.

  25. WarrenTrenton:

    Kelly Clarkson has issues being single in the industry? I didn't know that.

  26. WellDamn24:

    Yes, folks have been questioning whether she's a homosexual. She even responded to the rumors by saying that she just hasn't had the time or the circumstances to meet anyone.

    It's a Catch-22; an artist might be too busy and all over the place to meet somebody, but if they do it might not last long because it was superficial to begin with. Then you end up doing something crazy like making the guy part of your entourage, which sure messes up the balance of power since for all intents and purposes the person is grabbing your laundry AND fncking you for their paycheck.

  27. Donna Drake:

    It's amazing that many people don't know about Whitney's bisexuality. Many also don't know that she was addicted to drugs and liquor LONG before Bobby Brown.

  28. franny:

    read letter, sad quite obvious she will have a hard time with this, it always is when you never said goodbye. i felt her pain in the letter. sad and loyal. think only closure she will have in the future is the truth. i have really good friends and when they died i am not ging to talk about their peachie skin when i first met them.

  29. asidkisses:

    I understand. You made some good points, but I just think it was too soon. Out of respect for the family, I would have not said anything until the reports confirmed this.

  30. Tootie:

    Let me lend a hand in validating the rumor and supporting Robyn in her grief. In the mid 1980's My Boss's Husband managed a restaurant in NYC, In the village, that Robyn and Whitney frequented regularly. They were welcomed as a couple and were openly affectionate at their regular table. Robyn has lost a friend and a special relationship filled with a lifetime of memories and love. We should share her truth.

  31. Redfracktal:

    Yes I agree. The tragedy of living a life in skin that is not yours.

  32. Kim:

    Most gay and lesbians were aware of the relationship between Whitney and Robyn. Whitney was pressured by her family and to get Robyn out of her life for the sake of her career. At that time homosexuality was frowned upon and would have her her career. Unfortunately she ended up on drugs probably due to living a lie. However a beautiful child came about. We as people should live and let live and stop judging each other.

  33. Wow!:

    Who cares what Whitney was doing? Love is where you find it. If she found it in Robyn, So What! People are always trying to decide how someone should look, act, or who they should be with. If she had Bobby to help cover her true sexuality, so what! He was with it all along. If it was a problem, he would have been with someone else. You can't help who you love. And because there are so many people who are so hostile towards gays and lesbians, it's not hard to see why people DON'T tell of their sexuality. Some people can't or won't deal with ridicule. Hence forth the suicide among some teens. People are so quick to judge. But I bet if you were able to see them in the privacy of their own homes,you would be surprised at what people engage in when others aren't looking.

  34. Toni:

    Let it be a lesson to anyone who is living a lie. It will destroy you eventually. To deny ones true self and give up the love of your life is the ultimate sacrifice anyone can make, just imagine someone as hugely famous as Whitney Houston constantly under the scrutiny of the media spotlight and her upbringing in a Baptist "gay is unacceptable" environment. They were DEEPLY in love. Whitney's father hated it. He wanted Robyn gone or worse yet dead. Although Whitney and Robyn continued their love affair even after Whitney got married, Whitney struggled living a double life. The drugs helped numb the pain, but they took her over…changing her personality and even her voice. Robyn loved Whitney too much to stand by and watch the love of her life destroy herself. She had to walk away, so she resigned. There is so much to this story it's complicated, incredibly sad, and a parable for all of us still walking in this cruel world. It's all about LOVE. You fall in love with the PERSON!

  35. Mojo:

    Whitney dated several other men before Bobby Brown – Jermaine Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Brad Johnson and Blair Underwood to name a few. And Whitney and Robyn had been doing drugs together since Whitneys teen modeling days.

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