Nicki Minaj Covers Allure, Tells Jay-Z That She’s ‘Coming for His Spot’

Love her or hate her, Nicki Minaj is everywhere.

This time she’s covering the April issue of Allure Magazine where she talks about future plans for a fragrance, clothing line, & coming for Jay-Z’s spot.

I had a little conversation with Jay-Z at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. He said, ‘Congratulations on all your success.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your spot, Mr. Mogul.

Believe it or not, I don’t even have a smart ass comeback for that comment. If you’re going for it, go hard or go home.

The issue hits newstands on March 20th. What do you guys think of the shot?

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  1. smh...:

    Behind all the outfits and wackiness there's a very smart, calculated, and business minded woman…and I know many people love to hate her and bash her..but I salute her for branding herself and acknowledging her goals..she's ok with me :)

  2. @iDareBeBold:

    I can't take her seriously. I'm waiting on Eve, Kim, Trina, anybody b/c Roman on that sh*t. Obviously he think this a game. Old Nicki gonna come back and be disappointed to see this mess!

  3. Toni:

    I’m all for hustle, but as for an artist I still don’t know who the fuck she is or what she is trying to do. She is all over the place. Pick one gimmick, stick with it and build off it. Become a brand then expand. She is eight different things out the gate. I’m all for creativity, but she comes off like she is trying too hard to be different, it’s not organic. Be about the music first and the craft of it and the rest will fall into place. Especially if the talent is there.

  4. ohlala:

    Nicki your plans for mogul is better left unsaid. Is this why u join the the devil club. At this rate u going just remember Satan always wants his cut.

  5. WarrenTrenton:

    Nicki may not even be around in five years. She would be better off threatening to take MC Lyte's spot as a BET announcer.

  6. @Che_Petrillo:

    He probably did that laugh we dont know anything about, right after she said that shit.

    We'll see Nicholas. If she did anything, but, rap, sing, try an act and try to dance….I'm all for it.

  7. Ok ok:

    Aaahahahahahahahaaaa she can’t even come for Ke$ha’s spot

  8. Drizzzy:

    You might be coming for a spot on his clothes but she will never be on Jay-Z level. Not after she tried to shit on her loyal fan base. Gurl SAAAAADOWN.

  9. lovely:

    lol Warren you made me choke on my juice!! Nicki is a joke and the broad really does think highly of herself…too bad she only has 4 min left.

  10. ms capricorn:

    I’m not surprised by what she said to Jay. Remember when she sat in a interview and said she wanted to “fill Kim’s shoes”. Nicki is a conniving, scheming, snake ass evil bitch who will backstab anybody. She will never see Jay’s level of success. This chick sold her soul to the devil yrs ago.

  11. Ouch:

    I honestly dont know what goes on In Nicki’s mind but I adore it. I love How she doesnt have to feel like She needs to talk about being like the boys. Take Lola Monore, that broads ultimate come up was spread naked in every mens magazine, then llisten to her lyrics she talking about Rick ross type shit selling drugs robbing and killing niggas like no honey chill. She is a league of her own that is why most of your favorites want to work with her. Honestly I feel like she is going for the buzz factor whether you want to admit it you are curious about the rest of the album so just sit and wait

  12. TheRealFemale1:

    Lets look at this rationally folks.
    What she gonna do open up a 69/69 club? Unlikely
    Is she gonna have multiple platinum selling albums? Very Unlikely
    Her clothing line (cocka or hooker) wear gonna make females look like clowns.
    Is her perfume gonna called PISS by Manaj you gonna buy that. Not Likely
    You gonna buy her pink colored alcoholic beverage called psychotic. Not Likely
    Is she gonna marry the BADDEST NIGGA in the game? No he's already married.
    Lastly no female or male rapper has giving her any notoriety beyond her business acumen; she needs to have talent to be a real participant in the rap game.
    Nicki needs to set the bar much much much lower maybe she should aim for the fourth best female rapper of all time.

  13. Angelena:

    Her expression on that photo is my expression about her comment.
    Girl. Bye,

  14. MamaTia:

    *Searches iTunes playlsit* *Blasts Maceo's Hoe Sit Down*

  15. Arrielle:

    This bitch cant even give a good Grammy performance. Girl Bye.

  16. Q314:

    Waiting on Lil Kim to regain her throne…

  17. This Right Here :/:

    I always read but never comment on here, but this right here…. She has a looooooong way to go. And she needs more time after that. LOL laugh of the day.

  18. WellDamn24:

    Granted, I don't think that Jay-Z isn the greatest rapper ever, but Nicki can't come for anything but the wet spot on the old, soiled mattress in a by-the-hour motel.

  19. WellDamn24:

    I'm waiting for Lil Kim to get a better graphic designer for her album covers. I'm tired of her big head on models' bodies.

  20. scabbical:

    Ke$ha writes for big names so that's not even as much of an insult as it seems. It's still true nonetheless.

  21. scabbical:

    behind Missy, Kim and who? this is a serious question

  22. Staymad2.0:

    I don't think she'll EVER be as succesful as Jay-Z as he said in H.A.M " Ive swum waters with great whites…ya'll muthafuckas wudda BEEN chewed" lol However I do think people play her short. I have to say that I feel she WILL mogulize I can see her with her own recording label calling it DollHouse Records and possibly making more bank. However it will be MINISCULE to what Jay has done. On the flip side…there is just as much possibility that next year we will be saying "Nicki Who"?

  23. Gwendella:

    Not with messes like we witnessed on Sunday she won’t. They say aim high but she’s reaching

  24. kwan:

    bwahahaha not the "I'm rich bish laugh" dead

  25. J2201987:

    JJ Fad.

  26. grafittix:

    Like Lincoln said: "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."

  27. Cruel Moe Dee:

    I could comment on Nicki's future but why bother. My question is who works in the photography dept. at these supposed fashion magazines? Whenever they have a picture of a Black woman in front of them they desaturate the hell out of the photo, lighten it waaaay up and turn them into white women with tans. Jeezus Pete, I had to put on shades to look at the cover for more than a few seconds. Also I wish some bright enterprising person (Gia?) would come up with a new term for this kind of music, so that people who hate it or love it would know exactly what they're getting into before they attempt to listen to or buy this stuff. It's in the Rap Hip Hop category now but half her songs she doesn't rap. The other half the beats make no sense, you can't really dance to them or shake that ass stripping. What do you call this shit?

  28. Miss Jia:

    Oh nah, yall won't make me responsible for this.

  29. Tianna Mari:

    Ladies & gentleman, u too can have all the fame & fortune if u give up ur soul. 

  30. @BtSquared2:

    IF she's lucky, she can come for his dry cleaning at some point in the near future. Maybe. But his position in rap/business? No. Not in the slightest. She's created these multiple images and personas and will first have to establish herself as a person and not a character before I even consider her to be the best….anything.

  31. @Che_Petrillo:

    Who is Gia?

  32. Sasamina:

    Damn, Toni. You took the words right outta my mouth. Well said!

  33. kwan:


  34. llJ2ll:

    Ahahahahahahaha@girl, bye!! Hate the make up, contacts, dry/tired ahhhzz wig, outfit that screams how hard she’s trying to be different ::sigh:: Chick really bores me. I too don’t think he’s the best rapper alive but dude doesn’t just rap. He’s doing a lot and he’s good at it. Ma’am, you’re through. Give up….now!!

  35. From Tokyo:

    Love this quote!

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