So, Trina Braxton’s Hubby, Gabe, Likes Trannys?

After watching only a few episodes of Braxton Family Values (and I’ve definitely missed my share this season), Trina Braxton quickly became a fave. While others seem to fawn over Tamar and her extraness or Toni and her celebrity (I love her too though), there was just something about Trina that drew me in.

During the show’s onset, we found that Trina and her husband, Gabe, shared more marital problems than a little bit, with infidelity (on both parts) being highly ranked. Gabe has been called to task once before for getting some love and attention online but now it seems that photos have surfaced where he’s offering up some man juice….to another man.

Remember that story that broke towards the end of last year where a tranny put JoJo Simmons on blast, claiming that he wanted to be with her, in spite of knowing that she was a man? Well, that tranny (her name is Julisa*) has surfaced again and this time, she’s snapped some shots showing a little cyber sexing (or the beginning of it) with Trina’s boo. I’m super convinced that they have dirt on one another; I see no other reason for them to continue on in a relationship with one another with this much bullsh*t going on. Forget being separated but living together for the children; let the sh*t go. You can check out the (semi-not safe for work) photos after the break!

* = it should also be noted that I’ve been emailed on more than one occasion by Julisa someone connected to Julisa who wanted me to post magazine appearances and reality show information. Although I think that Gabe is full of sh*t, I also can’t ignore how these little Julisa stories continue surfacing while she’s allegedly in the middle of taping for OR shopping around a new reality show.


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  1. @_feeniix_:

    Snap Snap for the kids

  2. Arrielle:

    Gabe is truly sad and a little pathetic.

  3. WarrenTrenton:

    Wow……this chick gets around.

    Trina needs to let that shit go.

    Gabe say he never cheated in person and Trina takes his word for it. I'm sorry ma'am but when has a man ever been honest when it comes to cheating? If it took him five years to tell you trust and believe he was slanging it online and off.

  4. Aliya:

    DEAD @ jia crossing julisa's name out! LMFAO!!!

  5. ohlala:

    I always knew was a nasty something..but Trina nasty something too…talkin about slobbin knobs n stuff. They both are very freaky people..but not freaky towards each other. P.s is this gabes job to be freakin off .

  6. STFU:

    and there is no way on god's green earth that he can see he didnt know that julissa has a dick.. looks like a man all day long

  7. STFU:

    yep their relationship was too open…she said she was trisexual and nothing was off limits in their sexual relationship…well IMO even if ur married there are certain lines you should never cross…i wouldnt be surprised if they did some freaky tranny stuff together…trina is a freak and so is he..this is what happens when to hoes marry

  8. WarrenTrenton:

    I think Julissa is post op. She's very pretty either way to me. She needs to upgrade to a higher level of man.

  9. WarrenTrenton:

    They do seem freaky but I think she was more committed to monogamy than he was. And I don't blame her one bit for sucking that penis. After him having cyber slung it around I think it was time she got her some dick! YAS!

  10. Shy the cutie pie:

    Trina needs to run…..FAST!’!!!! If he is making whoopy with a tranny who knows what else he is doing! I’m not saying she is an innocent because she was unfaithful too but a tranny!!!! That would send me over the edge!!!!

  11. WellDamn24:

    How bad must her sex game be that she's up for anything and he's still running in the opposite direction?

    As far as I'm concerned marriage means getting to do it all! If it can't happen within marriage then it doesn't exist in nature (only on hentai).

    But I do agree that hoes should never marry.

  12. WellDamn24:

    That just tells me that while his attraction is for the female form, his obsession is with the d7ck! That's still not a problem for a freaky couple as long as the power roles in the relationship are equal.

  13. MelodyPond:

    I've always said this but if you feel like you have to cheat then it's time to leave. I agree with Jia they must have something on each other. Because from all the heart ache she's going through (on TV, because that's all i'm privy to) it's just not worth it. She wants to be free and not have him all up in her personal life and he constantly cheats on her. there has to be something holding her.

  14. @Che_Petrillo:

    lmao I'm sorry, but, I had a feeling this was coming. And I agree with Warren, Julisa gets around with these z-list celebs by association.

  15. @Che_Petrillo:

    Also, I've only watched the show a few times and I cant stand Tamar.

  16. J-T:

    There is no way in hell Gabe didn't know Julisa was a transgender, because he/she looks like it in the face. I bet Gabe KNEW he/she was.

    Both him and Trina are freaks though. I would quote Tamar referring to this, but I know it would be a little chauvinistic.

  17. Caramel25:

    Uhhh, how can these men not see that Julius, oops Julisa is a man. I can see this dude a mile away and tell he's a he.

  18. Layla:

    i'm not a proponent of divorce, my husband and i have been through some ish that would make the average spouse run for cover, but this marriage right here needs to be put down. let's be completely 100%, neither one of them want to do the real work to make it work. i'm only speaking from what i see on tv, which is not a good picture, but for a damaged marriage to work, both parties have to genuinely want it to work. neither gabe nor trina seem like they really do. there's blame on both sides and always another side to the story. though no one but gabe and trina know the real deal, one thing is for sure: the current state of this marriage and their "lifestyles" are not healthy for their kids. get serious about fixing the issues, forgive once and for all and move on, or quit faking the funk and leave.

  19. Nicole:

    No ma'am… That Julissa is hell on wheels. A hot tranny mess!

  20. STFU:

    doing it all just the two of you maybe,, but if u sucking on clits ur damn self with ur husband i think it will be hard eventually for him to respect you and the idea of monogamy.

  21. STFU:

    well i do bc if u decide to work on the marriage sucking another peen isnt going to exactly do that..seems to me she is tired of him making a fool of her but at some point she has to be woman enough to see she is making a fool of herself by allowing the bs and then contributing to it by sucking schlong

  22. Im still PRETTI:

    I dont understand why Trina stays with him… he's not even the father of her children. I think she's with him for financial security.

  23. WellDamn24:

    Considering that they are peas in a pod the issue with respect goes both ways. But I do agree with you regarding monogamy. The thing is that this couple doesn't seem to be concerned about that either.

  24. Gwendella:

    I hope she leaves I would love myself more than to keep on dealing with him.

  25. STFU:

    i agree and she keeps saying for the kids but they are not Gabes and to my knowledge spend a lot of time with their biological father and both her sons are almost adults at 17 and 15.

  26. kwan:

    I hate when people stay in Fk'd up relationships "for the kids". Like we as kids didn't realize our parents not speaking to each other, or arguing all the time, or even our dad being gone for a couple days. It's better for them if the parents are happy than to live in a dysfunctional home that affects kids in the long run especially when it comes time for them to start dating.

  27. WarrenTrenton:

    Well if men know this about her then they need to avoid her. They create their own nonsense by keeping on messing with her.

  28. Imo...:

    Trina too…for staying

  29. rere:

    The kids I'm sure do watch tv and so do their friends, seems to me they are both not protecting them. Unless the all mighty dollar is more lmportant. They could have picked other things to talk about on Tv, knowing your kids may see this. Trina has said she would try a woman, now oral sex and now Gabe and men. I like them both, but I feel sorry for them and their kids. God bless them all

  30. sheila:

    hmm.. can someone tell me whose woman of the group & whose genetically MALE in toni braxton's celebrity adopted family? There is 100% transgender with these sistas/mistas.People are so easily fooled with the drama they can't tell braxtons are MEN.

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