Short Film: The Strange Thing About the Johnsons + Open Discussion

Up until about 30 minutes ago, I considered myself to be a girl with at least a little bit of intelligence and a tablespoon of common sense. But film director, Ari Aster, took all of that away from me with his short film entitled, The Strange Thing About the Johnsons.

I won’t attempt to decipher the film. The first words that come to mind are crazy, pitiful, confusing, sad, and maybe what the f-ck?

See below! With that being said, click HERE to watch the film. Under normal circumstances, I would’ve embedded it for you guys to watch here but the director won’t allow it.

Although it contains no nudity, I WILL say that this short film is NOT safe for children at all. I just…..

Please, discuss amongst yourselves.

Thanks to @TheXDExperience for the link!


Thanks to reader, NNice10, we have an interview with the films director. After hearing him talk about it, I’ve lost a little respect for it’s focus. Comedic? I think not but okay…

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  1. sck:

    Miss Jia, I wanna fucking cry after watching this!

  2. sck:

    It's just…………what in all types of fucks?

  3. @8OsBaBy9OsKiD:

    The film was awesome in the light that the acting was amazing and so was the concept. We've seen the reverse side of the story where the parent preys on the child and I was wondering when someone was gonna show THIS side of it. It was a dark and emotional story but it was a story that needed to be told. Im looking forward to seeing more from Ari Aster.

  4. sck:

    I wanna know how does this even start? Like is this grown man (the father) so afraid of his son? Is it shame that kept him quiet? But like nah yo…wtf?

  5. Miss Jia:

    So, serious question….you've heard of children sexually abusing their parents? This is my FIRST time hearing about something like this in all of my 31 years of living (and I'm not being sarcastic)

  6. Angelena:

    So let me tell you how I tried not to watch it cause I saw tweets sayin it was crazy. But my curiosity couldn’t resist. I’m still confused and still feel violated my Damn self. My number one question watching this was, does stuff like this really happen. I KNOW molestation is real, I’m proof of that, but I’ve never heard of the roles being reversed unless on Law & Order SVU. I guess I’m more sad that the possibility of this occurring and it not being talked about disgusts me. I felt bad for the father I really did because how do you even comprehend that, I.e. when he types on the computer screen. “What do I do ground him” like how as a parent do you fathom an abusive sexual relationship brought out by your child. I do blame the mother for noticing signs yet staying mute. There are always signs no matter who is doing the touching. Sad just sad, and sick.

  7. popculturemajor:

    i am too scared to watch (read the spoilers) but looking forward to reading everyone else's thoughts.

  8. Notagain:

    This sh*t makes me want a newport and I dont even smoke. My nerves are bad. I have so many emotions about this film but it was a very interesting one

  9. @eleven8:

    I've heard of children who've raped their mother or grandmother. I've never heard a story of it happening to a father. Apparently in the movie (according to the site) the son had been raping his dad since he was 15, and at the end of the movie he was 28

  10. @cjaree:

    ….Crazy, sad, unreal. Mind=blown.

  11. @eleven8:

    I think the dad was ashamed, confused and somehow felt responsible. After so long he probably was just so emotionally and physically tired/drained that he couldn't fight. He probably felt like somehow he MADE his son this way. His dad was a very soft person. Didn't strike me as the type that would punch his son clean in the face for coming at him wrong.

  12. Shade Enthusiast...:

    The crazy thing is had this been the normal role of victimized child and predator parent I don't think it would have affected me as much..maybe because we've become desensitized by it by now…but I have no words for what I watched..It's kind of like hearing about molestation for the first time again..that sickening feeling when you realize their are demented people out there like that…but besides that I too would love to hear the back story to this..I need to know what caused it and why the dad never stopped it…what was the motivation…….and I need to know what the hell the writer was going through to write this…..sigh

  13. Shade Enthusiast...:


  14. Aliya:

    I am beyond lost. The only thing I can think of is the filmmaker wants to show an abuser how it would feel if the act was done to him or her. If this really happens, I have NEVER heard of it.

  15. Aliya:

    *when i said abuser i was referring to the parent because that's who we usually see committing the crime.


    To see the son get out of the tub pulling up his SOAKING WET pants… all while the mother sat there and did nothing in the other room… I was just done.

    It probably started off where the father was abusing the child; then, let him try the other way around. I really hate that it ended the way it did.

    Very emotional film…

  17. T-Marie:

    Very Disturbing.

  18. Ebo:

    That was sad. It was good acting though. I felt bad for the dad.

  19. @eighty8MJ:

    I'm still trying to process this movie. The part where the son just burst into the bathroom, and then the mama just turned the TV up… then that ending… *in Frank Ocean voice* Sweet Baby Jesus.

  20. itsChrissy:

    I was GONNA watch this…but then I read you guys' comments.So now I'll stick to looking for that new episode of Braxton Family Values..

  21. WarrenTrenton:

    Jia what the hell is wrong with you? Posting this thing. I'm trying to get into the groove of it being the weekend and here you and just fuck that all up. Lol I'm glad my dad is dead cause I'd feel so weird around him after watching this.

  22. WarrenTrenton:

    This flick though was definitely a lot better than what Tyler Perry is producing. The camera had such a voice and the script and the atmosphere of the piece was so strong. I enjoyed my

  23. WarrenTrenton:


  24. Tamara:

    All I can say is "WOW". I'm reallly at a loss for words right now. This was weird, sick, disgusting, alarming, etc. I just can't!!!! Does this really happen? Seriously? I need a drink, cigarette (and I don't smoke at all), blunt, and a bath after the f@*!y I just viewed!!! DAMN!!!!

  25. @eleven8:

    I watched it a couple hours ago and although it was disturbing, I really want a full length movie or a sequel. I need to know what happened when he was a kid to start this…I wanna know what happened at prom. Something aint right!

  26. Miss Jia:

    This whole comment is just…

  27. Miss Jia:

    I'll post it.

  28. @AsetDivine:

    I watched it earlier and the whole time my face was like 0.0. It was definitely disturbing but I think it touches on something interesting. We never really hear about children who sexually abuse their parents but it does happen. I would have liked to have seen a little more of the son's development into the sadistic person he was though. When the mother heard what was happening in the bathroom and turned up the TV though…no words.

  29. Toni:

    I couldn’t get past the first minute and I refuse to watch this.

  30. WarrenTrenton:

    You should be ashamed of yourself. Lol now I gotta go watch Friday to make me happy again. God I ain't been this disturbed a movie since Baby Boy and then Black Swan. Lol.

  31. WarrenTrenton:

    Anyone else mad the son was kinda hot?

  32. dakenya:

    That…..what………but….. huh? Ok…………….wait, what the fuck? This is just………. wow. I really wish I could've seen the prom scene.

  33. @kmickib:

    All I can say is whoa..


    This film was entirely too much

  35. Muah:

    The son looked like Tyler Perry

  36. Sotru:

    Miss jia girl wht hv u brought n2 my lyf? So many questions. Ask me how many times I said wtf is this while watchn. If I cld ask the director 1 thing, it wld b…..who was the aggressor whn the abuse 1st started? On a level frm 1 to 10 ths hands dwn is the sickest shit ive seen blck ppl n & abt blck ppl 2.

  37. @BeautyNUniq:

    I'm COMPLETELY confused. How in the…..What in the hell did the writer go through?

  38. @keethakentucky:

    let's just say im traumatized for the entire weekend.

    Thanks Jia.

    i need fucking answers. drove me to drinking…

  39. @BeautyNUniq:

    I would've beat the living daylights out of him. I just DON'T fucking understand. THIS WAS WAAAAYYYYY tooo damn much.

  40. bmarie:

    read the comments… and i'm good. don't need to see it…

  41. WarrenTrenton:

    You think so? I thought he was kinda attractive.

  42. Miss Jia:

    I don't think you're overthinking it. What got me was when he said that it was a comedic film…as one of the describing words. I'm like…sir, what's "comedic" about this bullsh*t? Seriously.

  43. Black Panther:

    Me myself I thought the son looked Gay

  44. WarrenTrenton:

    Maybe he's a racist and this is funny to him but I thought it was freaking sick. I do wonder why he choose to do a black family like this? It wasn't a race related issue and race was never mentioned.

  45. nnice10:

    Thanks for that reassurance. yes, i was too through when he said it was "comedic" I wasnt laughing at all to this film. I think this film got people thinking about whether it happens in the black community and to tell you the truth I don't know, but wouldnt be surprised. I am a social worker and I never heard of this but it might be because I do not work with the older adults. But to put out a film like this without research is dangerous, not "comedic"

  46. WarrenTrenton:

    Well he kinda was lol.

  47. TeddyBear:

    I am beyond FUCKING disturbed by this. I mean, I feel so strange after watching this…I just, ugh, I don't know anymore. I've never seen anything like this in my entire life. I really don't even know what to say, and mean that was a mind fuck…what the fuck do I do after watching something like this…DAMMIT JIA AND MY CURIOSITY!!!

  48. TeddyBear:

    Giiiiiiirrrrrrrrrllllllllll…who are you telling?! I need a damn shot of whiskey, and I don't even drink whiskey.

  49. TeddyBear:

    I need that damn memory eraser from Men in Black…I'm seriously traumatized.

  50. WarrenTrenton:

    Why'd they have to give the boy my name though? That's all I wanna know.

  51. kkmsir:

    That film was crazy I couldn't help thinking of Eve's Bayou – the father-daughter sexual tension in that movie but never seen anything like this in a film that I can remember. – that boy was one sadistic character. I think Meagan Good character was envious of her mother too. I can't remember.

  52. @BeautyNUniq:

    Ari needs an ass whooping as well. There is NOTHING funny about abuse of ANY kind. And ESPECIALLY not the one that he portrayed. I'm convinced that he's a sick individual to even think this ish up.

  53. bmarie:

    so i just haaaaad to watch it, and now i regret it. this was probably the most twisted thing i've ever seen, right next to the conclusion of "house of 1000 corpses". and wth was comedic about that?! if you laughed at ANY POINT of this movie, that says something about you, and I don't think we can be friends… s/n: dude pulled a stunt queen move when snatched the mic outta ole girl's hand…

  54. WarrenTrenton:

    I don't get how this was a comedy. A friend of mine saw this and she told me that the joke was that it's a story about a victim who after years of abuse is trying to find their voice and the mother that ignored it all these years and the mind of a monster. But in this story the victim is the father, the monster is the son and the mother must confront her own son. She said this was the funny part. I don't get it still.

  55. nnice10:

    Ok this was very sick and so my inquiring mind went to research the Director and found out he was a white director. So my problem is not necessarily that he is white i thought maybe someone told them their story and this is how it came to be but that is not he case.
    He was told to "take an upsetting concept that no one should make a film about" and this is what he came up with, portraying a black family in this light. I dont want to make this a race issue because it is happening in the black community. But i wonder why he chose to make it about a black family and not other race? Just wondering…

    Here is his interview

  56. mesha:

    Wow,that was a whole lot to take it.Great acting from everyone on the set. SN:If Tyler Perry ever needs someone to play him/a younger version of him, he should get the guy who played the son (when he grew up),that dude look just Mr.Perry!

  57. bmarie:

    me either…

  58. Felecia:

    I think that the prom scene is definitely missing from this movie. Other than that I think it was a well written, beatifully acted, disturbing movie. How on earth do you become a parent to a person that rapes you? I am a parent and the concept just freaks me the heck out…serious face.

  59. bmarie:

    and we know what happened on prom night. i just don't think anybody wants to say it, and i don't blame them…

  60. ThePhuck?!:

    A dark COMEDY melodrama?!??! Umm well most white "comics" can't make me laugh so I guess I didn't get the joke in watching this…

  61. Meme:

    Jia, I love you for posting this. I enjoyed this short film. It really does bring up a lot of questions, such as did this begin with the father touching his son, or did the son decide to touch him? If the son started it, why didn't his father stop it? Unless he felt a bit of pedophilia love…

  62. AngelycAries:

    Same here.

  63. Cedela:

    I think it was an interesting film. I think the father started molesting the son, then the son "fell in love" with his dad and turned the tables. Very disturbing to say the least. I have to now go search down youtube for some funny videos or else I won't be able to sleep. That's what I get for faasing inna people biznezz!

  64. grafittix:

    OMG, a friend of mine told me about this movie and at the time I was like WHAT???? Now that I've seen it, yes I was very uncomfortable watching but I thought it was very well-produced — some features don't have cinematography this good — and the deliberately campy script and acting were a clever way to soften the revolting subject matter.

  65. cairo:

    Omg, that short film was scary. I honestly dont think the father had any real intentions of sexual conduct with his son. As I was watching this, I was thinking about another movie, Orphan, where the girl tried to push up on her adopted father-I think thats the case here.

    Then as father grew older and the sons lust grew stronger-we now see the fathers weaken state of mind. He does become a victim in his on home. The mother knew but she didnt want to believe it-she pushed it out of her mind, hence her turning the volume up on the tv while the father was being raped.

    I think she waited to long to do something about it, though. In all honesty, I thought that the son breaking the bathroom door down was a little funny and the crying seen when the dad got hit by that van-It gave me bad horror movie vibes, thats why I thought those parts were funny. The theme of this is not at comedic. That fight scene was crazy to.

  66. cakes_and_pies:

    I need to be purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka after watching this.

    I had to bust out the Bacardi 151. No Ice, no chaser.
    My soul cries, my stomach hurts.
    I feel like one of those movie scenes were the authorities find someone walking out of the woods naked, dirty, mumbling, and with amnesia.
    What the figgity fuck….

  67. TinkieBlinkie:

    Too many secrets sty "in the family" and we all have them. That is why we all, yes we all, try to not think about them by drinking and etcetera. But who are we to judge another as we don't know what they have been through before meeting us. I try everyday not to judge and I hope everyday that someone considers doing the same for me.

  68. bmarie:

    but remember in "Orphan (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven't seen it, though at this point I wouldn't bother)" the little girl was actually a GROWN WOMAN. This is a wee bit different… But for what it's worth, i don't believe the father intiated the behavior either.

  69. L.J.:

    My mom works at a group home for juvenile sex offenders, and at least half of the boys in the group home have sexually assaulted their own mom. Some of them go all the way, while other may feel on them while their asleep. I've heard all types of crazy stuff.

  70. L.J.:


  71. BlkG8r:

    Did Lucifer Satan, Jr. write this demonic shit?! Disturbed is an understatement; this is sick AND twisted. Idk why the fuck this is in existence…

  72. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Meagan good was in the film doe?

  73. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    Lol PUNK!

    It's really good though.

  74. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    OK WHAT?

    Where did tyler perry come from?

    Wasn't it a white man that did this film?

  75. Angie:

    Hey all, his name is Brandon Greenhouse.

  76. asidkisses:

    Some of you need to grow up. THIS was my first time learning of the other side to rape/molestation and I am grateful for it. To people asking Jia why she posted it, grow up! You should never WANT to be ignorant. This shit is real and this movie was a learning experience.

    The movie was twisted, disturbing and brilliant.

    I am going to do more research on this.

  77. omfg_wtf_itsMo:

    This film was disturbing however I also looked at it as a BEAUTIFUL piece of work. I'm not offended by it being a black family, I think had it NOT been a black family it wouldn't have been as interesting nd compelling as it was.

    The acting was shockingly the business.

    I think everyone should watch this short film.

  78. Philly Finest!:

    This probaly happens more than people care to admit. Wow! after reading the comments I will pass on watching the short film. I would like to sleep good tonight.

  79. bearybad:

    well the son clearly stated in the movie that this was something the father started and he started accepting it. wow

  80. @MsPecanPixie:

    ugh! All kinds of WTF'S! THAT WAS AWFUL! Did not like it at all!

  81. Hrsparks:

    I was so disturbed watching this, but I couldn't turn away because I needed to know how it was going to play out. I thought there was something fishy with the dads face in the beginning, but I sure as hell didn't expect what came next! I can't believe the mom turned a blind eye to that shit! I mean, I guess that happens a lot. I was truly thinking WHAT THE FUCK the entire time!

  82. TeddyBear:

    "I feel like one of those movie scenes were the authorities find someone walking out of the woods naked, dirty, mumbling, and with amnesia."

    I couldn't put my feelings in words…but your hilarious example is spot on for me. I'm bewildered.

  83. TeddyBear:

    I don't remember him saying that, but maybe I just missed something due to me being in horror. I thought his monologue towards his father was more like a mind game situation. Many times, the predator will play mind games with the victim to ease their own mind. They'll twist things to the point where you then feel like you were to blame for the things that happened, or at least partly to blame.

  84. Giselle:

    Jia, what the hell shit was this?!?!?
    I was throwing up from these damn tacos I ate earlier and I thought it was all gone, till I seen this fucked ass little boy jackin off to his daddy!!!! Got me on this toilet again!

  85. nope:

    he was just fucking with his head

  86. kwan:

    I think he chose a black family because one every time we see sexual related issues on TV and or Movies non of them are black families plus to talk about that stuff is taboo in the black community. I think he even added more to that by making it an upper class black family which probably a big reason why they tried so hard to keep to a secret.

  87. kwan:


    I wonder why people keep asking did the father start this…. It seems like the film pretty much showed that it started with the boy whacking off to his father's picture. I think the son was just twisting it around to make the father seem guilty when they were arguing. It looks like the son fits the description of Cisely in Eve's Bayou. Somehow he started to idolize his father and those feelings at a point may have turn sexual to the point where he was jealous of his parents relationship and felt he loved his father better than his mother. The way his father was was pure victim if he played some part in egging this behavior on then he never would have wrote that book to explain to his wife. However he did feel like as the parent he was responsible.

    BUT GOD the dad… I've heard cases of boys raping their mothers, maybe I'm just used to the men in my family that ish right there would not fly you might just get knocked into another family. I can only describe this film in three words Beautiful twisted art.

  88. asidkisses:

    Wait!!! Comedic? I didn't catch that! I need to get to the bottom of this…

    I thought he was raising awareness!!!

  89. comebackkid:

    this was dark and twisted. I can say I never heard or seen anything like this in all my days. The film was cinematically beautiful as well as the acting. The story…wow mind blowing.

  90. Lina:

    hmmm… after reading the comments.. i dont think i wanna fuck up my chipper mood by watching this… ;/

  91. gorgeoussmile:

    Don't watch it……. I think I might need counseling because the film is terrifying, scary and disturbing! I really wish Miss Jia would've put up a big a** warning sign, I was not prepared for what I just watched.

  92. Lina:

    !!!!!!!!!! :'( DAMMIT JIA :(

  93. Shade Enthusiast...:

    This is exactly what I was thinking..when I listened to the directors interview he said he wanted to write the most shocking piece of work..well what is more shocking the father/son incest then add in the fact that they're african american..i feel like if the family had been any other race, it wouldn't have been as powerful..but the black community is very well known for pushing most topics having to do with sex under the it totally made sense to make the family of color and push the envelope

  94. TheTweeterMama:

    Maybe I should have read the comments BEFORE I decided to watch this! Maybe watching this at 5:30am was NOT a good idea. I am so confused! My heart is so heavy right now! I cried! I gasped! I yelled at the screen! The only good part of this movie was the mother fighting back! I feel as I may e if she had acknowledged to her “husband” that she knew what was going on, may e he would have had the courage to stand up to the son. There are sooooo many questions that this short film left me with. All of which have been asked. So in my opinion as sick as this film is the director made you ask the important questions!! #1-HOW DID THIS START?
    I can’t figure out HOW it started but I can kinda put 2 & 2 together and get 4 about prom night….the son got some ass that night and it wasn’t from his date! SMH!! This damn director has us all inquiring as to how this happens but in the video of him explaining he didn’t tell us shit!! UGH! THANKS ALOT JIA!!!
    *sorry for any typos….I am tired and confused to go back and proof this before hitting SEND*

  95. Tess:

    This further solidifies in my mind that homosexuality is a sin and once u open yourself up to that dark side, only God can give you the strength to heal from it. Peace to all.

  96. jrc:

    I think the so-called "comedy" IS the fact that the father is abused and is being intimidated by the son. There are going to be people that watch this thinking, "How is the father letting his son punk him out like that?" Then it would be open for all kinds of jabs at the father's manhood, ego, etc. It's so unbelievable that it's (supposedly) laughable, but at the same time with all the sexual crimes going on in the world, it's really quite imaginable. It's sort of like how if you were to hear about a woman raping a man, because you usually hear about it the other way around. Role-reversal. The classic prey is now the predator.
    PS: This still doesn't make it funny, just utterly more disturbing.

  97. britchick91:

    what in the entire fuck did I just watch? I don't even know what to say 8o

  98. britchick91:

    I'm speechless there are so many questions

  99. EroticSoul:

    OMMFG…..This mess was so disturbing I can't express enough how distraught I am over this Sh*t. I don't know if I want to LOL or feel sorry for the creators MIND…. What type of person could produce this sh!t….REALLY Mr. Director Guy???? Are you telling the world of things that may have happened to you, if so, PLEASE seek help ASAP! Or is this something you want to do, Still, if so, AGAIN, get some Fu*king HELP. I'm DONE LOLOLOLOL Over and DONE!!!!!!

  100. @Keribear13:

    Yeah she was playing the girl who was down for whatever….even at the start of her career

  101. @JamarTodd:

    I'm going to need for a lot of the Commenters to Google Oedipus Complex… I Mean Really it's shining a Light on an Issue that is Very Much so Relevant. The only dare I say strange thing is That its a Son In love with his Father and Raping Him opposed to a Daughter in love with her father or Son in love with his Mother. It really does happen in the African American community Also.

  102. Black Panther:

    I agree with Ms. Jia after watching is interview I don't think even the director grasps how serious and grotesque this movie comes across to viewers

  103. Miss Jia:

    Oh please.

  104. INPAQ:

    And heeerrrrreeee we go…

    Considering the horrific concept of this short film, the only thing you could grasp at is the shallow sin of "homo-sexuality" ?! I mean, did you completely miss the overwhelming blasphemy of family incest, molestation, physical/sexual-abuse, rape and murder (which takes place far more in str8 scenarios, than when it comes to the gays). Seriously though, I think what we should all take from this disturbing piece motion art, is the fact that sexual abuse is far more common/complex than many of us want to admit. And what we must do as a people, is deal with this terrifying reality in a more immediate/intelligent/honest action before it victimizes us all as a society.

  105. Nonya:

    I just wanna thank all Jia's commentators for taking one for the team so I don't have to. I am already beyond traumatized just hearing snippets of the story from y'all.

    Thank you. And NO ma'am, I will not be watching.

  106. @munozmamasita:

    i feel confused and violated

  107. Ebony:

    Very weird but not in a weird way 0.0

  108. GGGarbage:

    What did I just watch?

  109. INPAQ:

    I could sense this film was gonna be full of WTF moments just based of Jia's initial post, but my unsanctified soul was not ready for the OMFG opening of this child beating his link sausage to a pic of his All-American Negro father (my Mr. Cosby childhood died at that given moment). Real talk though, this film was beautifully brutal and needed be presented with such bold honesty. As sickening as sexual-abuse is, it is rarely dealt with truthfully beyond the safety of surface level shallowness. Sexual-Abuse is simply not just a black or white, male or female, gay or straight, young or old, rich or poor, good or evil type issue (it is far more darker/deeper than that). From adults who are sexually-abused by other adults, children who are sexually abused by other children, Adults/Pedophiles who prey on children and even the rare but real occurrence of children preying on adults. It all happens far more than we want to admit, and for far more reasons that we can ever comprehend.

    The common denominator to all this, is that we have to start dealing with sexual-abuse in a more honest matter, instead hiding from the fears of it, only allowing it to manifest into a greater monster (similar to the family in the film).

  110. Chae:

    I watched this last night and had SO many questions after. I just… it was just one of those films where you're just like "wait, what the..?" but not to take away from the acting which was amazing, but i was disturbed my spirit. Then i said to myself that this might actually be someones reality, Which is even scarier. It was just a lot.

  111. @AliseBanks:

    Yo im only 6 minutes in and i dont know that i can finish.

  112. grafittix:

    "I need to be purified in the waters of Lake Minnetonka after watching this."

  113. manda:

    This is in NO way a comedy, dramedy, dark humor, NADA. The mama gets a MAJOR side-eye. Looking in that peep hole and then fixing herself like nothing happened, hearing your son kick the door down, doing nothing. Hearing your husband screaming doing nothing. If the role was reversed, would she have done the same? Though it was a short film, the movie moved to fast. How did this happen, why did this happen, when did this happen? Why didn't the father chop him in the throat the first time he attempted this. So many questions, very few answers. It does get you to thinking. I felt so sorry for that wife, she seemed to know something was odd about him, but too afraid to admit it.

  114. @AliseBanks:

    ok i watched it and i watched the interview. he said it was supposed to be a dark comedy, when i think of dark comedy he missed the mark. John Waters makes excellent dark comedies about controversial topics, like his movie Serial Mom. This director missed adding comedic elements. The film overall was excellent, and when i say that i mean from a cinematic perspective. The content was controversial of course, but the lighting, angles and acting was great. I know yall are gonna be like girl what the hell? I am just looking at it from a cinematic point of view not so much content.

  115. Just amile & nod:

    I'm glad to see I wasn't the only 1 left kind of confused. The ending (as thrilling as it was) didn't really give me enough concrete answers. Like for instance…

    My main question(s) is:

    Who's the actual victim & who's the actual villain?
    When did the abuse start?
    If the father is the villain, then why does he come off as a (scared) victim?
    Why did the mother (who clearly knew what was goin on) wait so late 2 speak up?
    So many (un-answered) questions.

    Thumbs up to the film itself. It definitely had me on the edge of my seat. The director on the other hand….His "explanation" didn't give me anything. His answers left me even more confused (& a little ticked off by calling it comedy….Really?). Hopefully they'll be a continuation to this, that'll hopefully fill in the blanks. Or maybe the answer is already this^ film & it probably went over my head. Maybe I have to watch it a few more times to get it.

  116. Just amile & nod:

    I so agree with Kwan & Shade. This clearly has ZERO to do with race…Other than the fact that making it an African-American family makes it more interesting, because they're mostly known for sweeping things like this (among other things) under the rug.

    Not to mention, race was not even mentioned once in this film (not even a factor), so I don't even see how it's in question? Like really?

  117. Just amile & nod:

    Yeah. It's kind of like how folks make fun of dudes who get beat up by their female companions. Most people don't take it seriously, because of the whole "macho manly man" stereotype crap, and because it's rarely heard of.

    Then there's stories like this. A situation rarely ever heard of (for me, I've never heard of something like this). This topic is new to most of the viewers, so I think it's disrespectful & disheartening of him to label it (of all things) comedy. And the sad thing is, he did such an excellent job, but unfortunately, his explanation kind of effed it all up.

  118. Atypical:


  119. Staymad2.0:

    Hello…My Name is Roman..formally known Staymad…After seeing this…I Chaanged..Jia this has got to be the SICKEST Most MIND TWISTING thing i have EVER EVER Seen and I love dark movies but this is so dark…My life will never be the same…Tell me why my reaction to it was the same reaction the mother had when she looked through the peephole..I was clutching my necklace and just gasping

  120. Shann:

    I'm gonna need folks to calm down about this movie. It's a movie. It's not real. It came from someone's imagination. It's sick, but it's obvious to me that its meant to have a comedic slant. I mean, look at the last scene the way the son is running to his dad on the street… I mean seriously. That wasn't funny to yall? I def let out a little chuckle. And the bath tub scene? This dude is listening to positive thinking tapes when is son is abusing him, like that ish is gonna help?!? Really…that's comedy people!

    People really believe in the stuff they see on the internet. My lord.

  121. Atypical:

    Does EVERYTHING have to be about black or white? Incest/molestation is a SICKNESS it happens in EVERY community….Would this film have been any less disturbing if the family was white?

  122. Atypical:

    Does race to be a factor in EVREYTHING…I swear I hear people say all the time that we aren't fairly represented in movies/television and when we ARE it's still racist….Would this film have been any less disturbing if the family was white?

  123. Dinasty2.0:

    It's password protected now. Is there anywhere else to watch it? Or does anyone know the password?

  124. Atypical:

    No not really…

  125. kwan:

    yes someone got it *Freudian thinkers* that's why I referenced how Cisely in Eve's Bayou sexually idolized her father

  126. tnchick:

    I didn't sleep at all last night because of this movie. Stayed up all night watching "One Tree Hill."

  127. ilovemybabymama:

    need a password now to watch it?

  128. cakes_and_pies:

    This short film was straight jacked, but I wholeheartedly agree with everything you've said.

  129. Deja Jones:

    I only watched the trailer and my first reaction was WTF?! I can’t see the film though because it says I need a password to view it. How can I watch the entire film or get the password to see it?

  130. J-T:

    This film literally has me shaking right now. The most interesting, yet……..shocking film I've ever encountered, and it was only 30 minutes.

  131. vondasway:

    I think they've changed the setting on the video. I saw it last night but I blogged about it as well and the link on my site,as well as the link here leads to a page that says the vid is password protected.

  132. J-T:

    Yes it was a white person.

    Somebody's trying to instigate. lol

  133. J-T:

    For some reason I kept thinking about Forrest Whitaker with those head angles that the son did all of the time, especially before the father ran out the house with the papers.

    But yes, he did look like Tyler Perry. I guess it was the facial hair.

  134. J-T:

    I knew I remembered that boy from somewhere. He is on that show A.N.T. Farm with the girl who played Jasmine on House of Paynes.

    I also remember seeing the actress who played the wife on an episode of Criminal Minds.

  135. J-T:

    At first I thought it was going to be comedic with the boy playing with himself, but that's because 1. We couldn't see the picture, and 2. I didn't know what the concept of the movie was. The title is too general to "reveal" what the strange thing is.

  136. cora:

    After hearing about it on twitter and reading the comments,i want to see what it is about,but the video is requesting a password. Does anyone have it?

  137. J-T:

    Click on the nappy afro link on an earlier post.

  138. cora:

    I think it may be my phone but the link posted above isnt working

  139. Dinasty2.0:


  140. sunniD:

    the video is on worldstarhiphop for those of u who cant see it

  141. cairo:

    yea, I know, I just put that in because it reminded me of that movie. I really believe he did either, because the first scene is with the child masturbating to fathers picture-nasty.

  142. cairo:


  143. Monica:

    Ok I'm sitting here like O_O and my heart is pounding! That was absolutely incredible. The storyline is disturbing! One of the most amazing things I've ever seen? Something I've never thought about. Wow! That's crazy. Very well acted though. Woo. I need some wine.

  144. J-T:

    wine? I was in need of some vodka or whiskey after watching this. Hell, a cigarette too.

  145. rebecca:

    thats a messed up thing to say.

  146. Monica:


  147. Bey_Stan:

    I'm sorry but the mom didnt play at the end. She better survive. But thoughts on the movie it would have been alot better

  148. mesha:

    I think the Director did great by not putting the "prom scene" in the movie because it makes you use your imagination.

  149. nnice10:

    Yes, I asked a question and not sure why some pple feel it should not be asked..obviously there was a reason why I did.
    For those who answered the question, thanks It helped me process and put some things in perspective.
    My initial issue is the fact that this type of sexual abuse has not been public knowledge in any racial group. According to all the comments on this site, no one has ever heard of such a thing happening in the Black, White, Hispanic, Indian, Asian communities.

  150. nnice10:

    I had a problem with this White Director depicting black family in this way especially when there has no research in this area. I have not read a single article, watched a single documentary, book, newspaper, journal , movie, film etc on a child abusing their father. And according to the Director this was not based on a true story. If this film was about child abuse or son raping mother then I would not have a problem with it, because it is heavily documented and people come forward everyday about it.
    I didn’t want this to be another negative movie about a black family where people are speculating that this “only occurs in the black family”
    If this is really occurring then I hope this film will help pple come out and start talking about it and get the help that they need to deal with it.

  151. Suckawhaa:

    Taking father son bonding to an entirely different level.

  152. Kdub:

    I want that heffa to go to you know where for white shoes and dahk stockings. HATE that is. @14.59. The whole thing was disturbing though.

  153. Kdub:

    Very much want the dad to go to hail for them shorts he wore in that fune pic. WHAT IS THIS I AM WATCHING?????????

  154. @ever_sunshine:

    This movie was just disturbing, sad, crazy, and morbid. I kept saying "what the f**k" and trying to understand what was going on, but I think every one else took away the same thing: there's so many questions unanswered and we're all left scratching our heads.

  155. Jennifer Jones:

    This short film truly disturbed me. Although it kept me on the edge of my seat, like the majority of the people here, I have many unanswered questions. In the beginning of the film when the camera shows that the boy was masturbating to a picture of his father, I kept wondering what sparked that attraction? When the father was talking to his son about how masturbating is normal and he kept looking down at the blanket, I thought that he was going to molest his son… I am just so confused right now. The fact that a father would be afraid of his own son kills me. The fact that a son would physically abuse his father is absurd. Unfortunately, I know that something like this actually happens out there somewhere in the world even if we don't hear about it. I, too, would like to see some sort of sequel/prequel showing how the abuse started and developed.

  156. MissBlingNYC:

    In the son's emotional break down before his father died; he stated that the father started it and Isaiah ended up "giving himself completely to him" Notice how the boy would always equate sex with his father as a way to express his "love". You know his daddy probably would tell him that while molesting him. Most molesters do… The son knew it was very wrong, I think he called himself taking control of the situation by raping and abusing him. The damage was done years ago. He was very sadistic and dark because of it.

  157. Ayana:

    As you would say “Ch…”

  158. Chireann:

    There was nothing even slightly humorous about this film. There are certain topics which will never be funny and molestation is one. The damage it does to individuals, families, generations and not to mention the cultural backlash. The idea that the director thought this would be generally accepted as comedy is fucking sick. The premise doesn’t work for me because of the way family dynamics are developed. This situation is not believable at all!

  159. Meka Mel123:

    Eye opener. OAN: People feel like if they have never heard or seen something then it doesn’t exist, yet claim to believe in GOD. SMDH. This world is full of mess and people use rape as a weapon all the time. Children can be pedophiles or become so obsessed with their parents that this could happen. Same way it could be reversed. At first glance, I’m like “WhOa!”, but I realized, in this day and age anything is possible. This was actually well done in my eyes and I did catch the sarcasms and comedic undertones. However, folks need to know everything ain’t always what it seems.

  160. tyy:

    this was some interesting sick ish

  161. TaeMichele:

    Not a joke at all. That isht was entirely sordid. Art world saddens me sometimes. I am really disappointed with the lack of vision from the director & lack of understand of the reaction of the audience/demographic it may affect. SMDH #EpicFail. Beautifully shot but, that doesn't make up for it. PS I did kinda laugh when dude grabbed his own knees & dramatically hit the grass. Other than that. . . that isht aint funny.

  162. hrm:

    i'm kinda surprised how many people keep ragging on the director for thinking this was "funny". you need not have gone to an "elite" film school to realize that isn't what he's saying, lol.. i think people are missing the mark on what dark satire is. all of the dialogue and just the whole thing really was SO campy that yes, it would be categorized as satire. that doesn't take away from how revolting it is.. as he said, the goal was to create a film about the most disturbing thing that nobody should ever make a film about. i think he succeeded

  163. Katherine:

    I thought it was interesting to see molestation from another point of view but I definitely don't think it is a comedy at all. It is a movie that is bring to light another issue that might be going on. There was nothing funny about this film. I think he could've described it any other way besides a comedy.

  164. Robyn:

    "what you were doing was completely natural, normal, and to be expected…it's something that everybody does. I'm sorry if this was weird…it shouldn't be *strokes TEENAGE BOYS CHEEK*"

    This film was disturbing and it was interesting to see how the shoe was put on the other foot. It was hinted that the father may have started ….violating the son, but then it just took a different shape. Because it was so different, it left me with so many questions. How did this start, what did the father do to him, and then how did the son end up having the upper hand!? Why was the mother silent? Ughhh I loved the directing, script, and acting. Dare I say it- I hope there's a prequel.

  165. Robyn:

    I saw a deleted scene from youtube and it showed the very beginning when the father walked in on him the first time && I'm not sure anymore that the dad knew his son was getting off to HIS picture. STILL SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! lol I'm still *side-eyeing* LIKE CRAZY…the stroke to the cheek

  166. Hrsparks:

    I whole heartedly agree with you!

  167. Dinasty2.0:

    Yes, campy is the word that I was looking for to describe it. Thank you!
    Thumbs up, I agree with your POV.

  168. iamnotme:

    Super disturbing…but, how funny was it? I mean the fight scene between the mother and son, when Isaiah raped his dad in the bathroom and said "put that in your book", and the way the dad ran out of the door like a scared white woman right before he died…this is gold. Seriously though, I thought the acting could have been a lot better and much more believable. Also as others have said, how did the situation even develop…that would really help close the gaps.

  169. iamnotme:

    I almost forgot…when Isaiah was like "Dad, din din's ready."…omg, wtf? You're a grown married man and you're talking about some "din din"…lmao…i died.

  170. DonnaDrake:

    That was WONDERFUL!

    ..and what a refreshing change from the godawful Hollywood family flicks.

  171. Just amile & nod:

    "When In Doubt, Blame Gay People"

    How pathetic…KIL YOSELF!

  172. @lovie2000:

    He was just playing mind games with his father……

    Remember at the beginning of the movie… when his father walked in on him jacking off…. and his father tried to comfort him by telling him that it was normal….. and when he left the room…. he told his father that he loved him and he said I love you back…. his hand fell open and it was a picture of his father…..

    I didn't pick up that his father done something to him…. the son fell in love with his father long before that opening scene…. but after his father gave him comfort (not knowing that he was masturbating to a photo of him) and said what you're doing is natural….

    He unknowingly gave him the perception that loving your father in this way is O.K…… and the father didn't know how to handle it once it started happening……

    The film was disturbing…..but interesting ….. I can believe that this sort of thing does happen… and it is kept hidden, like it was in this movie… that is why its not heard of…. it would be too detrimental to a person if something like this got out…..

    This type of act seems to be only widely accepted when it is a child being the victim and not the other way around….. prime example…… Men are raped by women….. but you hardly ever hear about that….. if at all.

    I will end this by saying that ass whooping at the end is what his father should have put on his son…..

  173. Erykah:

    My ideas exactly. I think that if everyone who watches this movie and then question who the aggressor/antaginst & the victim they should read your comment. The entire picture was painted without having to show every single encounter between the father and the son. I understand it may take people a few watches to grasp everything, but all of the answers were there.

  174. Ms.Mitch:

    What an emotional story. I was in shock. I wasn't expecting this at all. I think the director brought something to light that I am sure exist. The acting was on point. Thanks Miss Jia for posting this.

  175. Fritz:

    I honestly do not believe that the dad started the "affair". I think that the son took his father's affection as true love and became obsessed with it. I am kind of glad the prom scene was not in it because I think the director wanted us all to have unanswered questions. The mother saw the signs, (just like millions of parents around the world) and she chose to do nothing until it was too late. the father was feeling guilty about the charade because he did not stop it when he had the chance. The son did what the typical aggressor of the situation would do by trying to convince his dad that it was his fault.

    I actually enjoyed the film.
    I am in college studying to be a counselor and seeing this just makes me want to counsel even more! They should really show this film in the classroom.

  176. KCT:

    It's comedic in a disturbing Alfred Hitchcock sort of way (Hitchcock had a macabre sense of humor and considered many of his most disturbing films dark comedies as well). In many ways, it's a same-sex black twist on one of the central themes of Hitchcock's "Psycho" in as far as the twisted and incestuous relationship between parent and child.

  177. mamajia:

    that's on some fcked up shit i just watched. basically we watched some crazy motherfckers.

    maybe the dad let the son do it because the son would tell on him if he denied him.

    finally he couldnt take it and said fck it, im tellin the world. it looks like he fcked the son up first. it clearly shows. and mama is coocoo!

  178. Nikk:

    It was a very well put together film ! Although it is really sick! I don't know wtf he's talking about though saying it's a comedy… short of the beginning where the boy claims he's "cleaning", ain't sh*t funny… Very well put together, just a tad strange. I do however wonder why he chose to do a black family… like why??? When you're white and problem know anywhere from jack to diddly squat about black people… the fact that it's a negative story is further pissing me off… but I don't think it pointed to race though… whateverrrrr….

  179. audrey:

    finally someone offers an insightful view on the film

  180. SMH:

    When i say one image has been on my mind the entire day—when the son was getting out of the bath tub and the dad was clinging there–OMgoodness, I felt nausea and it just sticks there. I didnt even really watch it, just skimmed it, but that part with no sound mind you, is burned in my brain. What i realized is that one scene, that one shoot represents the depravity of molestation, sexual abuse, rape all mixed into one. The one hurting the other walking away like nothing happened, the victim having to live in the moment and horror of what was done to them…. This happens in real life for more people than we will ever know and my heart weeps for them and what they endure. IF this has happened to you(you were violated by someone you knew) I am soooo sorry, we need to open our eyes to your pain and acknowledge it so that we can change it.

  181. @MaDaMeMeEk:

    UMMMMMMMMM….Yeah, I am going to need my soul back after watching this. Superb acting though but are-ra yeah, I need to have a couple of talks with Big Baby Osiris tonite.

  182. missjasmine:

    I only read about half way through the comments, so my apologies if I haven’t cone across it yet…but was I the only one that thought this could be interpreted as a villianization of molestation victims? I know how it started with the boy masterbating to the father…but haven’t we all heard the ‘he/she seduced me!’ ‘I was helpless to say no!”ididnt want to do this!’ From molesters?
    I seemed an extreme version of blame the victim logic.
    maybe that’s just me…it was beyond disturbing either way.

  183. ebony freethinker:

    Too much incest for me. I didn't watch the entire story. The husband & wife looked like real life brother and sister.

  184. Frost:

    A lot of you guys on here are really ignorant, Jia included. Ignorant doesn't have to be a bad thing, it just means you need to get educated about a subject, which is why Jia and others said the movie confused them.

    What is so confusing about it? It's about a man who rapes his father. All because YOU have not personally heard of it does not mean it doesn't exist. I would not be surprised to hear of a case of a man raping his father because the reality is that there are sick minded people in the world. You see it every day in the news, and it's extremely unfortunate.

    A lot of people also state how they are confused about what happened at prom. Use your common sense — the son raped his father on prom, and it was probably the first time since the father came home, didn't look at his wife, and cried all night.

    part 1 of 2.

  185. Frost:

    A lot of people also state that they believe the father started molesting the son. Wait, WHAT? That's probably the most ignorant statement of all. So if a father rapes his daughter, would the argument be that the daughter dressed too provocatively and thus hit on her father? (insert eye roll here). OBVIOUSLY the son was preying on his father's love for him as his son. He used that to keep his father quiet as well as intimidation, embarrassment, shame, and fear.

    The mother comment is also obviously answerable. When some people are in that situation, they act cowardly. They turn a blind eye because they either don't know what to do, don't want to do anything, or are too afraid for whatever reason. You can't explain why people are cowardly in the face of such disgrace, but it happens.

    Hopefully this film does open up a dialogue for people and helps people come stop being so ignorant in not just this degree, but in other areas that they're not aware of.

    part 2 of 2.

  186. JunebugObama:

    I went online and saw the trailer and as of right now, that's enough for me. I don't know if I want to actually watch it. Yes, it looks like a well produced short film but the premise of the story seems to be deliberately sick and perverted for shock value purposes.

    I might watch it because I am interested to see what it's really like, but it seems like the concept is too sick to me.

    My biggest problem with the concept is…WHY did this filmmaker choose a black family to tell this story? Why did the characters have to be black?

  187. Philly Finest:

    YOu KNow Jia! I called myself sneaking back over here to click on the link to the this and I be darn if you didn't have right there on the front page. I feel very tempted to click on the link but I keep reading the comments and almost everyone seem very distrubed after viewing the clip so I am going to creep back out again, It keeps calling for me to click on it.

  188. mizzisht:

    this was way too much. A H.A.M with pickles AND onions. it was good as far as short films go, but he's raping his daddy? Lawd! where did they live again???

  189. Mimi:

    I almost had an anxiety attack. But I thought it was symbolic of a child-adult relationship concerning sexual abuse…I never thought the dad did anything to the son…He just didn't know the son had a picture of him. I thought the opening scene was symbolic of society saying it's okay to have sexual desires, but what society doesn't know is where that sexual desire is projected onto until it's too late. That dad doesn't want to stir anything up or cause any rifts so he doesn't tell (victim/child/etc)…while everybody else plays their typical role (son-abuser), (mom-parent)….It was sad yet inventive.

  190. Philly Finest:

    Yup! I clicked and watched it! All I can say is wow! I was floored at the opening scene ( What the ?????)

    @ Lovie2000 What sticks out the most is when the mother asked what happen during prom (nite which I believe the rolls were reversed) Then the mother said no it way before that I'm sure of it. If she knew why didn't she stop it?

    Then when she looked through the hole and saw what she saw that was her opputunity right there to stop it but she didn't she pretended like everything was fine and went to entertain her guest.. (Something is not right about her?) Then my question is how is the mother going to explain ________ to the cops? Why burn the ____________ I wish the father would have sent the ___________ to out side people so others would know what happening.

    I need back ground info on everyone in this film

    The son he seemed strange

    The father looked like a broken man

    The mother ( she doesn't seem as if she all the way there either)

    The sons wife! ( Did she think something was wrong)

  191. keri:

    This was strange…but compelling. I don't get the director calling it a comedy, either. I agree with the people who said the son was the aggressor all along. He controlled his father through emotional abuse and blackmail, and the father was too weak to stop him. You can tell by the way the son talks to the father that he has absolute control of the situation. He tried to turn the roles around to make it the father's fault, but he certainly didn't look willing when his son was raping him in the bathtub.

    Anyway, it was great in the short film format, meaning it told a story well enough in a short period of time that was affecting and well put together. The acting was alright, and the story was disturbing enough to be interesting and keep people talking. I won't deny that I covered my eyes a few times, but I guess that's part of what made it interesting. You don't know whether you should watch or not.

  192. Lola B:

    First off that ish was wild yes molestation happens all the time hell I was sexually abused as a child but i didnt go and have sex with the abuser for sh*ts and giggles that was traumatic enough for me so much so that I didnt trust guys for years infact I didnt have sex until I was 26 years old… im sorry I would have blamed this ish on dad either way I dont care who started this ish…. this sexual stuff was going on for years. If dad thought I better have sex my son before he tells on me dad shouldve nipped that ish in the bud and told mom our son is f*cked up….. they sat up there and let dude marry an honest women while son was screwing his own dad….Mom aint smart either because mom saw son sucking his fathers d*ck through the fence and she didnt bust through that door… now after husband dies you have questions for your molesting son? too late… Yes I believe ish like this happens because molestation is still happening within families and people are still putting it under the rug…..I dont know any real father thats that scared of their son that they will let their son have sex with them and dont say ish…. dad couldnt talk or something?

  193. @TheGyrlWonder:

    Disturbing but fascinating! It was like the first time I saw a homeless Asian guy…you don't realize you haven't seen it until you see it kind of a deal. I have heard stories about abuse victims falling for their abusers but it was weird, something you'd never expect to see it in a film. Great job by the director but it did take away from it that he intentionally set out to shock and amuse. Kind of cheapens the film and reduces it from something truly groundbreaking into some perverted schoolboy fantasy/prank. Ugh, hate when that happens.

  194. Ann Nonymous:

    Because sexual abuse isn't discussed enough in the black community. We don't talk about it enough and are more likely to ignore the signs :(

  195. JunebugObama:

    If you had said "sexual abuse isn't discussed enough in the black community and we don't talk about it enough" 20-30 years ago, I would have fully agreed with you…but the last several years our cup runneth over with this subject. Here are a few examples:

    1. Karinne Steffans was molested. She wrote about it and talked about it in interviews
    2. Oprah was molested by relatives and she has discussed this many times on her shows and did many shows on the subject.
    3. Not only was Tyler Perry molested and spoke publicly about it, but several of his plays and/or films have dealt with sexual abuse in some form or fashion.
    4. Missy Elliot talked about being abused sexually in her recent Behind the Music episode.
    5. Mary J. Blige talked about being abused sexually in her recent Behind the Music episode.
    6. Don Lemon publicly talked about being molested as a child.
    7. The whole Eddie Long scandal sparked many discussions on the subject of sexual abuse.
    8. Actor Todd Bridges spoke of being molested and wrote about it in his memoirs.
    9. The movie Precious deals with sexual abuse and it's effects.
    10. Many popular "Urban Novels" deal with rape and sexual abuse in the story line.

    …and these are just a few off the top of my head. This subject IS being discussed by African Americans (as it should be). The problem, however, with this short film is this: The director didn't make this film to address sexual abuse in the black community. The film is a work of ART that he is using to further his career in the entertainment industry. In his interview, he said that this is comedy and satire. I just wish he had used white people and left us out of this type of movie, that's all.

  196. TheYelloNegro:

    I tried and tried and tried not to watch it but my curiosity got the best of me. I might need a therapist now. I feel so violated.

  197. @liteskinBF:

    The only strange thing about the Johnsons is that they epitomize the reversed expected role of abuser and abused. Had this short film depicted a boy being abused by his father and mother who ignored it, it would go down as any other abuse story, sad, but true.

  198. LawdHamMercy:

    Let’s be honest here: How many people would have watched this movie if it wasn’t about a Black family?

    Why is everyone so mad it was a Black family? It happens to every race, it’s in every family (whether we like it or not).

    I skimmed thru the movie and had to turn it off when the son put his mama’s hair into the flames. I was nauseating as soon as the mama turned up the TV to block the screams

  199. WAKE UP!!!!!!!:

    Not to tell folks what they should & should not write in their own comment box, BUT with all due respect, I’m getting really sick & irritated w/ certain people trying to make this a homosexual issue, or the usual…A race issue. Not only is this NOT a race issue, but it’s so far from a race issue that it’s not even funny. It’s just an all-American family, who (like so many suburban families) comes across as this “perfect” Ward & June Cleaver type of family, but beneath the surface, lies ugly secrets, like incest, pedophilia, rape & abuse (reversed). And  the actors JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE BLACK! So the f*ck what!!!! We see these type of ugly behaviors portrayed by white actors all the time…Have y’all never seen or heard of “Law & Order: SVU?” If not, then get hip, because on that show 95% of the characters are portrayed by white faces. So yes, as disturbing as this^ particular story is, I really don’t see why the family being black is such a problem, when ethnicity is not even on the fucking radar of this story. “A sick, twisted & disturbing story about reversed pedophilia, rape, abuse & incest.” Where in THAT category does race even factor? EXACTLY! 

    So kindly put your stupid ass race card back in it’s stupid ass deck & wait to pull it out when it’s REALLY necessary (& believe me, it will be). This is why we’re always considered whiny & sensitive, because we continuously whip out the race card at any given moment…Mostly when it’s unnecessary (like now), and then when ish REALLY pops off (like the Don Imus situation 4 instance) that actually wards the race card, muhf*ckas look at us like “AGAIN????” And this is why we’re rarely ever taken seriously! So please, stop it! Stop trynna take this beautifully disturbing piece in a direction it clearly doesn’t belong. It’s cheap & unnecessary. 

    Again, this is about a lot of ugly,  disturbing things, but race is NOT one of’em. So stop it! Ugh!

  200. YEAHYEAH:

    Disturbing subject matter for sure, but the film is well done. Set, styling, cinematography, the story line, acting, etc.

  201. simplyAri:

    I tried to watch it but it keeps telling me that its password protected.

  202. Indigo:

    Disturbing but I get the's like a reverse Oedipus. Boy wants to be intimate with his father and kill his mother. In the most loose definition of the term black comedy, it does fall under that genre.

    In black humour, topics and events that are usually regarded as taboo, specifically those related to death, are treated in an unusually humorous or satirical manner while retaining their seriousness; the intent of black comedy, therefore, is often for the audience to experience both laughter and discomfort, sometimes simultaneously. Popular themes of the genre include murder, suicide, depression, abuse, mutilation, war, barbarism, drug abuse, terminal illness, domestic violence, sexual violence, paedophilia, insanity, nightmare, disease, racism, disability (both physical and mental), chauvinism, corruption, and crime.

    While I didn't laugh at all…I could see several scenes where someone would chuckle. Albeit that this situation may be slightly uncommon in the African American community, I'm sure it happens, more often than people would care to think it would.

  203. KandiC:

    I believe that in keeping with the author's label as satirical or black comedy, using a white family would have been obvious, most people think that this is a situation that would be so uncommon to black families. I think that by using a black family it add's to the disturbing twist and uber shock value.

  204. @VonMone:

    I dont even know what to say about this……. What happened to the father as a child for him to let his son do that to him? Im speechless that was some sick sh*t.

  205. tyra:

    what is the password to watch the video?

  206. tyra:

    what is the passwoed to watch the video

  207. @PikasoArt:

    This movie has everything going for it: great acting, direction, cinematography, costuming, production value overall, and even writing. However, the content of this project is not only disgusting, but implausible and completely ridiculous.

  208. @PikasoArt:

    I know these things actually happen, but the presentation was horrible and almost felt like it was satirizing abuse. Go back and recut this into another story, or something. Just about anything, short of the Human Centipede, would be better. Seriously, props to the skills of everyone involved, but I hope they find something of quality to attach themselves to in the future.

  209. Chuck:

    The movie was really uncomfortable because the subject matter is uncomfortable, but it was really well done. Great acting, and the script told a very detailed story in a short amount of time. The director said it was supposed to be comedic? Well, things don't always turn out how we plan or envision them, but I hope my failures can come out this well.

  210. whoathere:

    I think in the sons mind when his dad walked in on him masturbating and the son ask “so you do it to?” And then they zoomed in on it being a picture of his dad. I think.the son then felt the dad fully understood what he was doing and that was confirmation for him when his dad said it was ok. So at the end of the film when he said his dad is just as guilty as him. That one event from the beginning of the film.triggered everything else and he felt that his behaviour was just influenced from his fathers exception even though his father didn’t know exactly who.he was masturbating too. Sick but, great film!!! I think the director thinks its comedic because its so crazy you chuckle. Like “wtf just happened?”

  211. @iFuqMileena:

    not really sure what i just watched… i have to admit its an interesting twist of pedophilia but man this was out there. i dont see how it was funny or raciest in anyway and sadly im sure this has happen to someone somewhere…. im just like… wow

  212. JunebugObama:

    I agree with you and I understand a director making an artistic decision….but when black people are placed in these extremely sick scenarios on film it confirms and reinforces the negative perception that people around the world have about Black Americans….that we are more dysfunctional than everyone else.

  213. missnee:


    exactly! everyone keeps saying that the dad started this due to what the son said but they must not be paying complete attention if they cannot connect what the son says with the beginning of the film and the talk

  214. huh:

    Now THATS a true horror film!

  215. openup:

    Exactly. its not a race thing. In that case Jason is white, freddy cruger was white (till his face burned off) and a child molester. People have a problem accepting an all black cast in anything. They feel as if the movie is somehow a reflection of their culture/race. But when its a white man walking down the middle of a street with a hatchet killing blondies and the black person first in every movie…. its just a horror film. Exactly… wake up peeps!!

    Now THAT is a TRUE Horror film! The atmosphere around all the abuse was such a creepy calm. I liked it. It kept me on the edge. Made me feel extremely scared and nervous..uncomfortable, my skin is crawling. This does really happen though. I think I was holding my breath the entire time of the movie. I think it should be in horror / suspense genre.

    I like this comment someone made :0 " It's kind of like hearing about molestation for the first time again."

    All of us who watched this movie and felt strange/sad/wanted to turn it off should feel this way about all molestation.. just sayn.

  216. ray:

    Having just seen the movie, I was blown away!! Words cannot describe how twisted the subject matter was. However, I wouldn't put too much thought into why the director/writer would choose African Americans or Whites as the subject matter. It would be just as disturbing. I did not see the comedy part of it; it was a truly twisted drama; well acted, and way better than a large portion of what is being shown on TV or the movies.

  217. AJ87:

    Where did everyone view the movie? Vimeo asked for a password

  218. Dre:

    Where is this a comedy?? This is so damn disturbing! This is the kind of stuff that makes you not want to be apart of this evil vile world! This hurt me to my heart to see this because this is actually happening in the world so there is nothing comedic about it!! I’m still in shock! Lord please protect our elderly and children from any kind of abuse!

  219. Bree:

    This movie was brilliant. I was intrigued the whole time. My mouth was wide open through the whole thing. It was very interesting and disturbing and twisted.

  220. chloe:

    what is the password

  221. J-T:

    No one is mad that it's a black family.

    I, for one, was surprised, then informed, because usually people don't hear this type of story going on in the media, or the news, especially from African-Americans.

  222. PrettyGirl_Neen:

    i wanna watch it , but when i click on it it says the video is protected by a password …? any idea what the password is or another site i can watch it ?

  223. Diem:

    I'm upset at the fact the director said that the concept started off as a "joke". How is sexual abuse funny? Second, the director is the one who mentioned race. If we all agree that abuse happens to every race and class then why did they director mention it? A little suspect if you ask me.

    Another thing that irks me is the emasculation of our black men by white society. This film is a prime example. Black men are suppose to be the heads of the household, stong, etc. Let's be real – what black man do you know of is going to let his son sexually abuse him?? Come on son, unless the father is 5 feet tall and the son is 7 feet tall it's not going to happen. He'd get knock the hell out for even thinking it let alone trying it. If I'm wrong please show me some statistics that specifically mention a son raping his father.

  224. whoathere:

    Black people are overly sensitive and I’M BLACK. EVERYTHING has to be a race issue all the time. Great film regardless of the color I would’ve thought the same if they were white. Blacks need to get out that defensive mentality. Maybe our race would do better if we weren’t always using excuses. Off subject. But, be coo

  225. D843:

    Thank you for your insightful post. After the shock, I had to start thinking about the movie and why it was made. The Director wanted to create a shocking concept and he succeeded but that does not mean this does not happen. Do you folks live in this here place called EARTH? If something bad can be done, believe me, some sick bastard has done it.

    Molestation is molestation. It knows no race (so let us stop the "Director is racist" talk"), gender (women rape men too!) or age!

    For example, let us take the Penn State – Sandusky mess that is going on. Sandusky is the son, the father is those young victims and all the individuals that had knowledge of Sandusky's actions and did nothing are the mother.

    There is a psychological power put upon the victim that is also beyond physical strength of the victim.

    I am glad this movie was made, comedy or not. Especially that he used a black family. If it was a white family, folks would have been like "you know white folks are crazy". He went where Hollywood, Law and Order: SVU and hell, ourselves, refuse to go. People need to wake up and if you or I are in the mother's position, I pray we would stand up and stop it before it reaches the climax it did in the movie! Because it is easier said than done when faced with such depravity, especially in home and amongst your loved ones.

  226. juds:

    Listen i am sooooo fucking confused right now!……. i totally violated my damn self… le fuq?????/?

  227. juds:

    NO better yet let me real Jamaican about this shit right here.. what the BOMBOFUCK?????

  228. aj:

    What’s the password please………..I wanna view……

  229. Jay:

    Im offended because i dont see anything comedic about it… Would it still be comedic if it was a different ethnic race other then an african american family? Not impressed

  230. Candii:

    I am curious to see what all the comments are about! I NEED a password PLEASE :)

  231. Gwendella:

    You could tell how in love and obsessed the Son was from the beginning. My mouth stayed open from begin to end. Great acting and good disturbing story

  232. j nasty:

    omggggg like i wanna laugh at some moments but then i wanna scream then i rootin for the father to hurry up and run lol. the prt that really really doesnt make any sense is if he knew his mother was in the house how can u break a bathroom door down without a care knowin u dnt want your mother to know and why does the family have to be blk and why dooes the mother keep humming this same song and why doesnt his wife catch on when he punches the picture on the wall (which is also funny lol) ok…..well there were a million things i felt didnt make any sense but mannn… sure had my attention good plott though! wayyyy better than tyler perry

  233. @whatisthis2012:



  234. S1MNICITY:

    Yooooooooooo!!! When he raped his father (I can't believe I just typed those words in that sequence) and said "put that in your book"!!! I had the most quintessential WTF moment! What a weird film? It felt completely unnatural to watch as the child initiated the lustful behaviour between them! And how could you be intimidated by your own seed??? Makes no sense whatsoever!!!
    The Moral of the Story… Whoop your kids ass when they are young so you don't have to kill 'em when they are grown!

  235. CocktailsandCognac:

    It may just be me but I am more disturbed at the fact that this WHITE director decided to cast such a sadistic film with an all black cast. To me, the casting is insideous and disturbing and has a racist undertone. Why not choose white people? I mean, you as a director are white. Why leave such a disturbing and suggestive plot to black people. I may be overreacting but I think there is something behind that.

  236. amy:

    What's the password?

  237. ami:

    I SO wish I did not watch this!!!!

  238. bobby b:

    I watched the strange thing about the Johnson's after reading about it here . I then watched another film in and around a similar subject matter- but i found it deeper and better. It can be found on the website vimeo and is called Mr Graham.
    I would love to know you guys thoughts?



  240. v dub:

    That fight scene was award winning…lol

  241. Alexis:

    This film was just to weird for my taste smh in disgust.

  242. Martin:

    He's Reaping what he sowed, this is what happens to homosexual predation on young men.

  243. Martin:

    This is a crazy film Dads a child rapist homosexual predation on his own son, Son grow up to prey on Dad. Mom finds out about it and ignore it until it all blows up with Dad getting kill and Mom killing her son shortly after burying Dad. Just crazy.

  244. AUSET:

    how can you approve of a movie that depicts such bullshit…this movie is a disgrace to our people and our children. your comment just goes to show your true character!! WE DON'T DEAL IS FOOLISHNESS SUCH AS THIS MOVIE. I DON'T KNOW ANYONE WHO CAN RELATE TO THIS STORY…THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED!!!

  245. Markeisha:

    All i can i say is this movie is REALLY distrubing as hell!!!!!! for one thing the son was REALLY messed up in the head for doing that to the father, i feel bad for the father

  246. Martin Ragerson:

    The film can be viewed in superior quality here:

  247. Bill:

    Here is the actor who plays the dad in this film in a different light.

  248. @MsHeartBeat:

    I think you all are taking what you are seeing much too literally. The script is flipped, certainly, but the story remains the same. This is just a much safer way to depict the secretiveness, the hiding, the head in the hole, the shame, confusion, the singling out for special gifts and attention, making up excuses to be alone with the victim, the fear, the power the abuser has over the victim and the denial of the reality they see and hear by witnesses – this is classic stuff. Nothing unusual there. What is unusual is that Black folks are openly discussing child sexual abuse, something which has been hidden in our community for generations.

  249. @MsHeartBeat:

    Several of my colleagues are gathering data for a study on child sexual abuse in the black community. If you or someone you know has been sexually abused in childhood (under the age of 18), please spend 5 minutes and help us with this 100% anonymous survey entitled Child Sexual Abuse in the Black Community. You may find out more information and take the survey at this URL:

  250. GoMoGlo:

    Literally THE most disturbing thing I've ever seen in my entire life. On the other hand, I think it was very well done. Truly riveting. I kept watching, even though I wanted to stop. I was viewing a horror flick. Looked away at certain parts. I'm awestruck. I want to cry after subjecting myself to that. I think I will. What the eff did I just watch and WHY? Father forgive me for that…good heavens.

    SN: Not sure why it's labeled as a "dark comedy."

  251. rheaj:

    you should Google Oedipus complex

  252. Rheaj:

    Google Oedipus complex

  253. Faded:

    This shows how bad habits die hard, and harder when you involve other people…. Great film reminds me of another movie made years before. So if this one got to you that one sure would.

  254. @GeorgiaDawkins:

    Thanks for sharing! I've never seen anything like this in my life. I held my heart the entire time.

  255. GJ Stallings:

    It was a distrubing film, but I loved the twist-the adult becomes the victim and the child is the perpetrator. However the mother played a role as well-she was the co-conspirator in the molestation by allowing to take play to keep her status in society-somewhat in the way the wives of the high profile sports individuals being accused of sexual abuse. However this was a good film.

  256. kAATA:

    I am a Social Worker and this does happen!!!! OMG!! he capture the essence of the sick behavior in reverse. Elder abuse coupled with sex abuse. Somebody "NEED TO SAY IT."

  257. Casey:

    I think one reason he might have made it a black family is because black families have a tendency to keep secrets. It is almost a part of our culture to keep it "in the family." I know from experience that we tend to hide our problems and choose to ignore issues that should be discussed. I think using a black family makes a lot of sense.

  258. Mishy:

    I am speechless! Like…one would NEVER see this reversal of roles coming…the father, unfortunately is typically the one who is the abuser. The way he hated his mom,,,how the mome knew…WOW!! I am at a loss for words!

  259. Keva:

    It says password protected. Any1 have the password?…

  260. Notalittlebitchdad:

    If this really happens in real life, its the dads fault for being a little bitch. seriously, I think all normal dads would beat the shit out of their son if they tried raping them. -__-

  261. Maddi:

    My friend told me about it, i was scared but i was curious ,jus finised watchin it…wow, i wanna know the whole story 29 mins jus aint fair, its weird to see roles reversed n ma face was also like O.O

  262. Miss D:

    I so think this should become a full length movie or a sequel. There are so many unanswered questions and missing pieces. I am shocked yet left wanting to learn more? I want to know what happened to the mom after killing her son? What happened prom night?? why did the father not stop the abuse when it begin??? Did the wife notice anything strange????I know if my husband walked in on one of our sons he would have asked to see what he was masturbating to and went into more detail about the act… I applaud the creator, director, and mainly the actors/actress


    And i thought i saw a little smirk too…WEIRD

  264. li-li:

    The mom new something went wrong the night after the prom, and there were plenty of clues along the way to indicate what was going on. I think that the father did violate the boy that night and it was like he loved his dad, in a deeper way, not the love you have for a parent, but in love. He resented his own mom, like his dad was his man. She may not have known what happened the night of prom, but at his own wedding, she saw with her own EYES her son performing oral sex on his father, as well as when her own son raped him in the bath tub, yet she said nothing, did nothing. If you see something that's wrong and don't say something, try to stop or report an incident, you're just as guilty as the perpetrator.

  265. CALI-NP:

    This movie was well thought out. Child adores father…believes love to be synonomous with what they both agreed made them feel good…masturbation, and the act of giving the GIFT, if you will, sex. The power to satisfy a son and a son who wants to be one with his father overshadowed the blatant molestation, enabling, and outright filth of the actions themselves. The mother enabled this as did the father. These are characteristics of abusive relationships for some families who suffer such issues. I think using a Black family was brilliant. Do you actually know of a Black family that this has happened too? Probably not….aha! Someone would have been outed and gotten an old fashion butt whooping. That's the humor in the story. Using a Black family added shock value that really makes a peron ponder. Now on a really serious note I HOPE AND PRAY THAT BLACK MEN ALL ACROSS THE COUNTRY WILL SEE THEIR DOCTOR AND GET SCREENED FOR PROSTATE CANCER AND EVERYONE GET YOUR HIV TESTING DONE. PEACE OUT! CALI-NP

  266. christian louboutin:

    This film was disturbing however I also looked at it as a BEAUTIFUL piece of work. I'm not offended by it being a black family, I think had it NOT been a black family it wouldn't have been as interesting nd compelling as it was.

    Read More: Short Film: The Strange Thing About the Johnsons + Open Discussion « Miss Jia: She ain’t for everybody…

  267. LEE:


  268. grandma2x:

    …it showed you in the film…when he was caught masterbating his father told him it was okay…i have not seen this in a while but if im not mistaken he was materbating to i think a picture of a boy/guy…and im assuming that when his father said "all men do this" he took that the wrong way…IM PISSED AT THE MOMMA!!!…

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