Help Zurana Horton’s Children for the Holidays

By now, I’m sure that most of you have heard of the story of Zurana Horton, a 34 Brooklyn mother of 12 (and pregnant with her 13th), who was killed when she dove in front of several children when a gunman opened fire from a Brownsville rooftop.

Such a horrible tragedy and definitely a lot for Horton’s family to deal with around the holidays. A gracious tweeter (@PatriciaFalona) and her family are trying to do their part in getting some help for the children that Zurana left behind.

I don’t know if any of you guys are familiar with Zurana Horton’s story. She was murdered a couple of days ago, in Brooklyn. She died shielding her children from a sniper. She left behind thirteen children, and was pregnant with her fourteenth. Well my mother and my stepfather decided to contact Zurana’s mother and meet with her and Zurana’s children. My mother, my stepfather and I are going to spend our Christmas, setting up a “winter wonderland” for Zurana’s children. If any of you would like to donate presents, or even come out and participate with us on Christmas day, I will love you forever. If you’re interested, e-mail me – zhortonchildrensxmaswonderland@Gmail.Com. And even if you’re not interested in donating or participating, I would appreciate it if y’all could retweet that for me. Thanks, guys. ♥

Love a person with a big heart! If you’re able and willing, hit her up via email.

And FYI (before any of you get ‘suspicious,’), the family who is agreeing to help Horton’s children will NOT be taking monetary donations.

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  1. Tee:

    I would love to donate money through paypal since Idk what age the children are

  2. Tiffy:

    I wish I could give something… I haven't had a good meal in a few days due to my finances but yet my heart is heavier than my stomach and I rather those kids get what the need than me buying a 5 dollar foot long. Right now I can pray and focus my prayers on that family than praying for my own wants and needs. God cover those children.

  3. asidkisses:

    I'll be donating!

    Wow! Is the unborn baby alright? I wonder why a sniper was sniping at the children….

  4. Winter:

    Oh wow I want to donate. These people are truly giving. Bless Patricia Falona and her family and Zurana Horton family too. Also bless her soul.

  5. Mina:

    Damn that is crazy! I'm definitely interested in helping. I want to know how old her oldest children are, maybe I can send some clothes phones and mp3 players to them. They're just sitting around and I'm not even using them

  6. Kale:

    It was some bad ass kids shooting at other kids in an opposing gang.
    Straight hoodrat foolishness.

  7. Kale:

    I think it should be noted that she died saving other peoples' children, not just her own.
    The media is reluctant to call her one but that's a hero right there and I'd be happy to help her kids.

  8. CherishTheDay:


  9. Wondermatics:

    Thanks for posting this MJ

    Always down to help out a fellow NY'er … peace to Patricia Falona for doing this, Some of my close peoples live in the Ville so I know how bad it can be, I like that shes not asking for monetary donations either ( thanks for mentioning that too MJ)….Im gonna email her today see if I can get a list of things the kids need and presents they would like

    God bless Zurana Horton for being so selfless and thinking of others in a time when many would think of themselves…please God watch over her children,and may
    she Rest In Peace

  10. Ain'tSh*tFunny!:

    Wow, this is the first I’m hearing about this! What a brave heroic Angel. God bless her, her children & everyone willing to open their hearts & wallets to help in anyway that they can.

  11. sotru:

    So sad. My heart goes out to all involved. May God be with them all.

  12. CherishTheDay:

    um why is this comment negative? the site was for collecting donations???? is that not pertinent to the convo & potentially useful????

  13. bknyc:

    As the name implies, I'm from brooklyn. This story was one of the sadder ones in the borough(along with the barber who was gunned down in his own shop and the older gentleman killed in front of a barber shop in my neighborhood). Thank you Miss Jia for posting.

  14. bknyc:

    It was a story well known within the city and in Brooklyn in particular. I don't think it made the rounds outside of the area.

  15. jonesy26:

    I hadn't heard about this.. Omg My eyes are watering.. how horrible

  16. daisy1998:

    God Bless both families. She is def a hero in my book.

  17. Sasamina:

    Sorry she was killed. My heart hurts for her, but I must say, she had WAY too many children and was preggers again. That just turns my stomach. She really didn't believe in birth control, now somebody else gotta try to take care of the mob she created. Geesh. I can't afford to help that many people. As you can tell I don't condone young women who constantly have kids back to back like that. It's not sane. And I don't care who don't like my comment.

    Hope the sniper rots in hell though. Real talk.

  18. Gwendella:

    I love what’s being done. This is a sad story I’d gladly help.

  19. von harding:

    my heart goes out to the family i would love to donate. and i’m very aware of the horton’s family lost.i live in renton,wa. so plz let me know how or who to send a cash donation to help the family

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