Celebri-Quotes: Matt Barnes (on His Split from Gloria Govan)


I’d like to address the rumors surrounding mine and Gloria’s relationship,” Barnes’ statement read. “We have reached the difficult decision of ending our relationship and will be going our separate ways at this time. We will work together to raise our sons and wish each other only the best.

I’ve been faithfully watching the LA installment of Basketball Wives since it started and enjoy the show. However, there was something that seemed a little forced about their relationship. They’ve broken up before and got back together (after rumors surfaced of a split). Their relationship is bipolar; they’ll probably get back together sooner than later.


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  1. @KinaGolightly:

    who are these people? lol

  2. @AliseBanks:

    dont nobody else want neither one of them.

  3. Ehhhh...NO!:

    Somewhere Shaunie and Eveyln are cracking the hell up.

  4. Hrsparks:

    Life happens.

  5. Queen /. Aaliyah:

    I Know All The "Wives" In Miami Just Laughing At This Lol

  6. Nikki:

    Smh. i cant with these reality stars.

  7. Bunny.:

    dayyyyum. Anyways, I thought something was a bit wrong with them, felt forced at times. Gloria tryna make it look like it is all candy corn & kit kats. : DAMN. I wonder if the reunion has already been recorded. because if not…. :]

  8. Eva:

    Hmm…they'll probably be next…we'll see!

  9. MzGoodBadGirl:

    gloria told Royce, all she'll ever be is a baby mama and never get married. UMM, now look at you gloria, you're in the same position. LMAO

  10. Lisa:

    The pic above pretty much sums it up.


    Like you mentioned they will be getting back together sooner and later, its that off and on shit with them . #mess

  12. @ColorMeBougie08:

    Gloria probably should've been saving those words for her sister Chewbacca (Laura), because she's been Gilberts concubine for 10 years…no ring and kicked to the curb several times. #justsaying

  13. @ColorMeBougie08:

    It's all for the "show" and to keep people coming back…not buying these two. He's a bench warmer and she thinks she's LA's version of Shaunie. Bish please!

  14. Nikki:

    Gloria kills me with her whole ride or die for my family attitude because its all fake. Nothing is wrong with riding for your fam but you look stupid defending someone whos in the wrong. She strikes me as the type not to bust a grape in a fruit fight. She just wants people to believe she will. As far as Matt’s ass, I dont believe this. Why do nobodies feel the need to announce break ups and statements? Who cares? We dont. He could go tape some wings on his back and fly his ass to Australia and back and we still wouldnt give a damn. Try again, yall because we dont believe you. Its all for ratings.

  15. WellDamn24:

    Lesson: Don't play wife when you're just the in-house punnani. If you're doing everything but getting married (AND YOU WANT TO BE MARRIED) then your game plan is flawed.

  16. kwan:

    Did anyone watch the show when they went on the Big Boi radio show. PAUSE I knew they were BS before but these two knew each other since they were 12 and 13 and have yet to make it to the aisle but Gloria has the nerve to talk about everyone else bitch bye.

    She was nothing more than a incubator for his seeds with a false promise and always tryna sugarcoat their relationship like people are jealous of what they have. I don't even like Evelyn but I hope she along with all of Miami is laughing themselves to sleep cause Gloria dug this ditch for herself. NOW RIDE OR DIE THAT.

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